Why I Think Bitcoin Won't Last Forever

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When I first started in the world of crypto I started with Bitcoin. Eventually I discovered Ethereum, then from there I worked my way down the altcoin totem pole. I realized that with smaller market cap coins the quicker it takes for them to grow in comparison to Bitcoin.
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In the long run I believe we will see Bitcoin hit more all time highs but eventually it will fall down the coinmarketcap ranks.
If we take a look at Stellar Lumens for example. If the price reached 150b we would need to see it grow 21x the price it is now. But if Bitcoin grew another 150b it would only grow 2x.

Although market cap is not everything I believe that there is also use case that comes into play. Other coins do the exact same thing as bitcoin. They do it faster, and even cheaper. My argument is that if they do it better what is stopping them from dominating Bitcoin in the future?

Legal Disclaimer: This post contains only my opinions and should only be used for entertainment purposes. I am not a financial advisor. This post should not be used as financial advice.


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