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In a global environment where privacy is constantly under threat, the purchase of crypto coins is no exception. In the initial phase of this market, as the number of users and exchanges was not significant, the formalities surrounding the identification of users were not very widespread. However, over the years, the situation changed.

For some years now, the way we conceive of money has been transformed. The appearance of Bitcoin almost ten years ago transformed all the experiences known until then. Its transactions range from 400 to 500 per minute and it has a market capitalization of approximately 160 trillion dollars.

But all this incredibly encouraging scenario, and we say this because its rapid evolution has stunned the markets, is due to the technology on which virtual currencies in general have been created: the blockchain.

To advance in this analysis, it is important to understand the meaning on the one hand of the word "privacy" and on the other, of "anonymity", since at first glance both concepts may seem similar, but there are important differences.

When we refer to anonymity, we emphasize the possibility of carrying out untraceable transactions, in which neither the sender nor the recipient needs to identify themselves or provide some kind of personal information. In another order, privacy refers to the eventuality of leaving in total ignorance, what and how much we have purchased during an operation.

The decentralization of information and, therefore, the distribution of trust are aspects that make it a very useful technology (even outside the world of crypto currencies).

Many people prefer their transactions to be anonymous because they feel more secure at the moment of doing some exchange.

What is OnePageX?

It is a platform for exchanging crypto coins in a simple, fast and reliable way.
The aim of OnePageX is to simplify the exchange transactions of crypto coins so that the user can perform them easily and the user does not need to be registered on the platform to use it.

The exchange pages offer us many benefits but also many limitations and that is why OnePageX was born to complement this need, some exchange pages have little selection of crypto currencies making the changes are difficult and take time because you have to go through different currencies to get to the one you want.

That's why OnePageX has a wide selection of crypto currencies to make the changes of the pairs quickly, and thus also avoid the volatility of the currencies.


  • You can make different exchanges of coins in the same place
  • higher transaction speed
  • Optimizes the change process being the simplest interface
  • How does it work?

    The operation is very easy through integration with the different exhanges, have an estimate of between 90 and 140 crypto currencies available, the transactions can last a maximum of 25 minutes to be performed, and depends on the currency you choose.

    1.Pick an asset to convert to.


    2.Enter a withdrawal address.

    3.Click “Start Exchange”
    4.A card will appear with a deposit address. Simply deposit to that address and you are done.



    OnePageX has a widget called OneBoX and works as a subgroup within OnePageX, plus you can put the URL that the page provides you on your business sites so users can make their exchanges quickly.

    Use Cases

    The company CryptoExchange is an organization dedicated to currency exchange in Venezuela, and its means of payment is by crypto currencies.
    So they decide to implement the widget OnePageX ONEBOX in their official website so that their users can change their payment for the currency they choose, so the company avoids having to work with multiple portfolios and users feel more comfortable when working with them.

    In conclusion, OnePageX is a new tool that helps users to manage better in the world of crypto currencies having an easy, fast and simple interface.


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