0.1 Bitcoin (+/-$1800) give a way: reflecting back at 2017

4년 전

As promised whenever I hit $1000 subscribers I am giving away 0.1 Bitcoin whenever I would hit $5000 subscribers.

I have been away for 3 weeks, since I needed some rest. Today I will tell you the story what the reason is behind it and what 2017 has brought me in a positive way and negative way in terms of cryptocurrency and life.

Please watch and read carefully how you can participate to this lucky draw of 0.1 Bitcoin.

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Congratulations! Levi.
Great story!
All the very best. @dafamousdj

All done:

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nigelmarkdias Nigel Mark Dias tweeted @ 20 Dec 2017 - 06:15 UTC

Great story @dafamousdj
All the very best.
Bitcoin 0.1 BTC give away: reflecting back at 2017 youtu.be/tUnr_uJC3IY via @YouTube

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You’re welcome. @dafamousdj

It's great to have a positive mindset, don't let the divorce hold you back! And great decision to choose to be an entrepreuner and continuing to invest in crypto before it got big, I am trying to do the same to achieve financial freedom.

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Welcome back Hope you have recovered from Polkadot loss, Hope you have made huge profit in Iota which you believed and bought a lot, All the best for the Bright Future in Crypto World.
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@kal21 I luckily was not affected with Polkadot I found out later :) yes I have made great profits with IOTA and still expect it will have a lot of upside. Thanks man you to!

I'm a huge fan and I just want to say thank you for everything that you have done. Thank You for always delivering us crypto news and always smile when things are tough.



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I really hope I type that right haha! I have the same dream and I think I could do it by investing in crypto. I hope you have a good day!

Thanks for doing this giveaway!

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Hi Levi,
You did a great job, Your videos are nice to watch.
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Hey Levi,

Keep up the good work! Educating us lesser folk ;-)

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Heeello:) so finally made it to steemit (what a cool site!)

So let's do the last step :)

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Thank you Levi :)

thanks for all the videos. you are the only youtuber who predicted many things right! whenever I didn't listen to what you said, I did regret! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.
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@sonnyp you're welcome. And thank you very much for your kind words. A well I am just speculating ;)

Hi Levi! Congrats!!!
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Great video. I did everything you asked :) Liked and shared.

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Please choose me. :o)

Thank you for all your efforts.


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Thanks brother

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Love your info, and this is one awesome giveaway. Good luck to all entrants!


@brokeasscrypto thanks AJ happy to see that you are still following me

I'm gonna have a go with this! Thanks for the advice.

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I'm gonna have a go with this! Thanks for the advice!

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Thanks for the wonderful giveaway, sir! And I hope you find the happiness in the things you enjoy doing. Blessings and regards to you!

Always followed you from the beginning! Great to have you!

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Thank you Levi! For all your lessons and for showing yourself as a person and sharing your thoughts with others for us to learn more. This has been a inspirational video for me. There is great teacher in you! Keep on keeping on!

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@alexleehamilton thank you man really appreciate it. Great to hear this is an insiprational video for you.

Hey Levi,

Thanks for make me notice&invest in crypto at a really early stage. I missed the last giveaway... I will not this time :d


Thank you!

That's some solid info on your Youtube channel. Thanks for the effort! Gonna spin the wheel on this one :) And congrats on the 5K subscribers.

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Merry Christmas!

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Motivation, good luck.

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It was the best video you ever made

I'm joining 2, thanks for your interesting vlogs! :-)

YouTube username: Mick Roovers

Just started with crypto and could use some funds :-)

Hey Levi
So participating on your give away and learning about new platforms 2x1 deal!

Lets see:
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Hi! Thanks for doing this giveaway!

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Hi Man,
I am a real fan of your videos ... i hope soon everything will get much better for you. I made this steemit account to be able to write here for you, because I only had twitter.


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Hey Bro,

Sky is the limit.
Wish you the best.


I started trading after watching your video's. Thanks for making things clear.

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Greets Freek

Been watching you since this summer :) really great videos, I've gotten plenty educated from all the great videos on various cryptos.
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Keep on making great content :)


@gustavcoin great to hear that you are following me since summer already and the video's are helpful!

Hi..hope I win the BTC. Thanks for the informative posts too!


im currently trying to set up twitter but having problems verifying my phone number hopefully i can get it sorted :) congrats on 5k!

A very positive attitude in the face of a difficult year. I didn't know about you before. I am following now. I am sorry that I am not a youtwitterface! But I wish you continued success on your personal journey.


that is the way to live life (at least for me :) ) thanks @ceciastor!

Greetings from the Netherlands!
Keep up the good work. And take your time to relax.


Happy Holidays!

Ik doe mee ; )

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Sorry to hear about your divorce man, I know that's got to be tough. You'll make it through though even stronger. Keep feeling better and keep yourself busy! All the best brother!

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Thanks for the opportunity !!

Congrats! all done!

Shared, liked, retweet, upvoted.

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Good analydis

Hey, love your channel keep it up. We all have rough patches in life but the important thing is to keep on moving.
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Note: Cannot resteem the video at the moment since it requires a post to be more than a week old to be able to resteem. Once it becomes 7 days old I will resteem it.

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Thank you for the opportunity to win 0.1 Bitcoin :)

Hi Levi,

Steemit heeft mij binnengelaten, finally!
Up to you of ik nog mee kan doen. :)

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Happy holidays!

You're doing a great job mate.. Keep it up. Thanks a lot for this giveaway. Means a lot.
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Merry Christmas!!