is NOT Bitcoin, its Bitcoin Cash! (Dont get fooled!)

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This has been coming up more frequently than it should, but I figured I would give a quick write up to help educate any of the community that this isnt clear with or newer people to the crypto space!

Most people know what Bitcoin is, but if you start to search anything Bitcoin related (twitter, website, reddit) you wont actually land on anything Bitcoin related, you will find Bitcoin Cash. To make a long story short, Roger Ver (creator of Bitcoin Cash) forked Bitcoin and made Bitcoin cash and has somehow got his hands on all of the original Bitcoin handles. This causes a lot of confusion for a lot of people in the space and I think it does more harm than what most people think as it could turn them away quickly.

BCH=Bitcoin Cash (fork of BTC aka Bcash)

r/bitcoin is a BTC subreddit
r/btc is a BCH subreddit

@bitcoin is a BCH twitter
@btc is a BTC twitter is a BCH site is a BTC site

Im usually not one to share this kind of toxic video, but just to give some backstory to the type of person Roger Ver is and who runs Bitcoin cash, check this video out when confronted about the Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash topics.



If you introduce any of your friends to the crypto space make sure they are aware of this and understand the differences and how forks happen all the time but the forks dont usually try and act like the real thing!



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