How to swap Bitcoin for Gold

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Hello steemians,


I hope you enjoy the Bitcoin bullrun , it would probably be wise short term to take some profits off the table as next 2 months we could revive the same kind of drama we had with Bitcoin Cash in July but this time with a real Harf Fork named Segwit X2 and a real risk of Bitcoin chain split.

Activation of Segwit X2 HF is scheduled at Block 494 784 (2months from now)

From crypto trading adage buy rumors and sell the news we know after Segwit activation august the 22th, BTC price could experience a sharp drop in valu.

A lot of profits are sleeping on the table as the price has been multiplied by 2.5X compared to 1800$ July bottom and X6 from the 2017 bottom, January 2017 the 11th (750$).

If you read my last blog post entry , you know centralised money are not a safe heaven at all so it's not really an option to sell our precious Bitcoin for cash and wait severals months. There is some risk to let your cash on exchanges aswell.

Once the next Hard fork drama will be over and bitcoin price will consolidate lower we will want to come back to bitcoin as easy as possible.

The easiest way i found to swap Bitcoin against Gold is Vaultoro, unfortunately Silver is not available yet:

I let you read the Vaultoro Advantages from their website.

I've already tested their services and i've not been disappointed so far.


I have no link with Vaultoro company and you should not follow blindly any trading advice coming from me, take your own decisions, i only share with you what i think to be a good solution to easily swap our bitcoin against Gold.

                             Have a great day.
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Konten yang sangat bermanfaat sekali untuk saya, terima kasih telah berbagi informasi tentang bitcoin kawan

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There are online Coin Dealers accepting Bitcoin, same as cash.


Is is possible to trade bitcoin vs gold 7/7 , own physical gold, assured , audited, low fees trading and stored in swiss bunker?

They were spreading the same panic last time when we had bitcoin cash in the market, I don't know why they are doing so, I think bitcoin will hit 6000 in the end of the year and we don't have to believe people that want to buy it cheaper to sell it after and gain a lot, it's just a dump of bitcoin. I believe in Bitcoin it will just grow, I am almost sure about that.

Thanks to your inspiration, I created this blog about Vaultoro

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If Vaultoro is legit, this is a great service! The fact that they offer physical delivery is the key. I'm no expert, but it doesn't take an expert to advocate diversification. Convert some bitcoin (but certainly not all) to gold, and of that allocation, have some of it physically delivered and leave some of it in their vaults. The old saying that you don't own gold unless you're physically holding it is fairly accurate...but you also don't own it if someone is confiscating it from you. Keeping some in a (hopefully secure) foreign location is a good idea.

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yes sir i read ur last post and really u r right the centrelized is not save way and now this post is really new infromations about btc and its mean now btc will go down in next days or go maybe split sir whats ur opinion about ur whole experience of crypto,, also have a great day to @damarath sir and u post after many days welcome back sir


Thank you very much i've missed time to share with you, still i will continue to share informations as much as i can.


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It's pretty scary how media's arrived to FUD bitcoin in July with Bitcoin Cash and how BTC went down to 1800$. We know how BTC investors can be emotionnal short term, so i agree with you even if BTC might go higher it doesn't look bad to take some profits off. Still waiting with cash on exchanges is not very confortable...
Vaultoro looks to be a good way to protect a part of our portofolio when a storm might be coming on BTC...

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The world of cryptocurrencies have unveiled many opportunities for wealth creation. Knowing when to join the bull run is key as it determines the profit margin. But, in as much as reviews say great things about this new "world of opportunities" the veracity lies in time and chance

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I guess we will be seeing a lot of drama in the following months. Investments will become much more risky.

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Nice topic ... But i want to stay in bitcoin ... Not to swap

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How much do you think the bitcoins price would drop?
Is it possible that miners ignore both forks and focus on BCC?
and if this fork is like the other fork shouldn't we keep our coins to get duplicated on the fork?

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Thank you for the link. I have been wanting to try out buying gold for bitcoin and this will be perfect for that. Just not sure if gold is as profitable as crypto is anymore. How has your experience using vaultero been in trading gold vs just trading crypto? Thanks.

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I also think that there is a going to be a significant drop in the value of bitcoin coming soon. So I would probably take some profit and wait for a good opportunity to buy back in. Don't know if Gold is what I would invest in though, that commodity itself has been pretty volatile itself. I would probably buy some undervalued crypto-cooins or stocks if I could find any, be a bit more aggressive.

An interesting post, good job.