ANOTHER Bitcoin Ransomware Attack!?

3년 전


What!? Another one?
This is quite a shocking headline, I found this article at about a new ransomware virus called Petya. From what I can gather it's very similar to #WannaCry locking up computers via encryption and asking for the same $300 ransom for the keys to recover your data.

How many users are affected?
From cointelegraph article: "The attack exposed antiquated equipment and lax security commonplace in many major corporate and public sector computer networks, with victims such as the UK National Health Service particularly vulnerable due to the extensive use of unsupported Windows XP software. Even India’s ATM network was feared to be a likely target. Petya has already claimed major Russian prizes such as gas giants, as well as Ukrainian postal service Novaya Pochta."

Stopping the virus
If you recall someone put an end to #WannaCry by activating the killswitch the creator implemented in the code by registering the domain name which #WannaCry pinged to know when it would be time to stop. Hopefully there is a similar mechanism built into the Petya virus.


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