Where is Bitcoin and all the altcoins heading in 2020??

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Where is Bitcoin and all the altcoins heading in 2020?

This is the fascination for 2020, is it all time high or consolidation into 2021 when it really puts on a show. For those who have stomach the harsh reality of a brutal Bear market, its nice to see Bitcoin and altcoins heading North for a change. For me personally, I hope it goes beyond the moon but only time would tell. 2020 has been an unprecedented year, from CovID-19 to mind bending monetary policies to riots and social unrest. Its been a pack year, we just getting into the second part of year and its already shaping up to be theater of events.

First off, what the heck really happen in Beirut, Lebanon? The videos coming out of Lebanon has left much of the world seeking answers. It look like a explosion you typically see in movies, I am no expert in explosive, so I would leave much of the speculation to those with an understanding in that field. I wish the family and those involve a speedy recovery.

Secondly, we have the China vs USA trade tension, I typically see it, as Washington trying to get China under its umbrella of control. This could get a lot uglier before we have any clear picture of where the dust settles. China has been an economic miracle, partly engineered by American capitalist who saw China cheap and skilled labor as positive for their bottom-line profit seeking goals. Nonetheless, China has been able to mix, much of what America capitalist offered with their own version of State sponsored/ communist centered policies and achieved what many saw as impossible. Now American 'politicians' seem united in destroying China economic miracle as it threatens their dominance on a global scale. Lets see how that plays out, I intend to blog more about this in the future.

Thirdly, the failed Latin America policies continue with more revelation of America regime change efforts in Venezuela. President Maduro has been able to withstand a relentless attack on his government and even compounded with CovID-19 is among the best performing Latin America country dealing with the virus. I kind of get the sense that President Trump would change his tone toward Venezuela in the coming weeks. The Democrats has been crafty in painting that regime change failure as incompetence on the part of the Trump administration in a rare public rebuke in Senate hearing and popular social media Twitter. In all honesty, its been an embarrassing turn of events from the beginning, the initial narrative of Gauido winning an election he never took part in and then declaring himself President with the likes of Elliot Abrams and John Bolton in the background was never going to sell to Venezuelans. Now with upcoming Parliamentary election taking place in Venezuela and Gauido again refusing to take part seals that operation as a complete failure. Then we Bolivia, another regime change operation that experience phases of success but now with a government that so unpopular, its only standing because it has the support of USA. The growing anti-America sentiment is just building, part of the problem, is the struggle to sell a good narrative. Enough with Latin America, on the more exciting part, data coming from popular peer to peer trading platforms from Latin America, Bitcoin trading and adoption is on the rise. Whether you socialist leaning, communist leaning or right/ left, there one thing, that excites and unites them all, Bitcoin.

We experiencing a perfect storm, with precious metals like Gold and Silver hitting all time high, the opportunities are there for Bitcoin and altcoins to take its place. Decentralized Finance is now the buzz word, and with interest on deposit going negative in some places around the world and others practically getting nothing, this trend would only grow stronger. Lets see how it plays out, I am here, watching and taking notes, 2020 could lead Bitcoin beyond the moon, but who knows, lets see what happens. Stay tune, more exciting blogs coming your way

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