Last chance to purchase at around $4000 USD, as Bitcoin begins to grow in pricing.


In the past 2-3 days Bitcoin has risen from $3200 USD to just above $4000 USD, many investors are grabbing some more BTC to add to their portfolio's. If you want to pick some up below $5000 USD, it is time to take action, as it will only remain at this low level for a matter of hours. Of course those who trade using technical analysis will argue, that we will hit a lower low, but they are generally proved wrong. Trading takes gut feel and insight, to find the low point, and I claimed it at $3300 around 3 days ago.

It will take days to prove we are in the start of a bull market, and we may not be, but I know we are at least trading in the range of the bottom. If it does drop again, simply buy more and dollar price average your purchases, we may be in a position to keep adding to our portfolio's for another 2-4 weeks. Everyone is starting to position themselves for the start of Nasdaq, BAKKT and Fidelity trading platforms in Feb 2019. so even institutions are buying bi right now.

Of course do your own analysis, I am only sharing my own trades and opinions, and do not borrow to trade crypto. I expect we will look back at this week, and say of course it was an obvious bottom point, but the technical traders, all claim we are going lower still. So we can only wait it out, and buy more while it is cheap, soon we will know the truth.

I bought 0.2 BTC 3 days ago and 5 Etherium 2 days ago, and have been buying a lot over the past 3-4 weeks, on the dips.

Please comment with your point of view.

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It could be the bottom. But historical patterns would suggest that while BTC might rally over the next 2 weeks, it's likely to retest the lows to confirm that it was the bottom... or break to new lows as this wasn't the bottom.

Bottoms in crypto tend to form on lack of interest, lack of big moves, lack of scariness (historically). Meaning, a big break below 6k where it was a big move on the chart... historically unlikely to be the bottom. May be a good buy-in price but may not be the bottom.

That said, historical references fail at various times. Especially when considering a unique new thing such as crypto.


thanks for sharing your point of view - of course you may be right - of course I may be right - it is only speculation unless we talk about the past. Merry Christmas and wishing you a great new year too.

@daydreams4rock, thank you for the insight.

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thanks man

Last chance

Duddddde 🤣