Hug your Machines - Yes we have to secure the router as well

4년 전


In the past it was easy. Computers were offline.

Now we have to take care of computers, phones, and you heard it correct: even routers.

And if there is a modem between your router and the internet, think about having a good relationship with your modem also.


I found this website and I am shocked! We are all dealing with crypto currencies now and we'll be in trouble if we select poor modems/routers.

A compromised router can trick you and show you an attacker's crafted website while you are thinking you are interacting the good old website that you were visiting for a while.

What can happen? Bad things.

I'll quote his "What can go wrong" webpage.

Every bad thing you can imagine happening to a computing device, can happen to one that sits behind a hacked router. The only limit is the imagination of the bad guys."

I'll leave it to the expert:

I'll also shoot my own hyper paranoiac delusion. A hacked router can provide you an ISO for your brand new OS. You are thinking nothing can go wrong. Brand new OS. I won't install any crappy software. Guess what. It was hacked already from day 0.

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Everyone who is dealing with the online world has take care of the security of the device also. Never use public wifi and visit only https site which security features. Nice post and thanks for sharing.

Interesting deaddy today there are thieves everywhere

Wow I didn't realise the huge threats that can come with having an unsecured router.
I've been planning to get a VPN router for some time.
I may invest into it now.

Good info, and thanks for the reminder :)

That's true @deaddy. Windows or Mac OS, it is hacked from the start with backdoors. What about linux os ubuntu? would that be a safer option for all crypto exchanges?