A Letter To The IRS: Go Fuck Yourselves You Bunch Of Criminals

2년 전

Many people will tell you that the IRS and income tax in the US are unconstitutional.

That is totally true… but the CONstitution is also a scam to enslave people while telling them they are free… so who cares.

In any case, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies pose the biggest threat to central banks and governments in their entire, evil history.

“Taxes”, which is just another word for extortion, are not voluntary and the only way to “collect” them is to use violence or threats of violence.

This worked fairly well for many decades as most transactions were not easy to conceal and governments could easily waltz in and take whatever they like out of your bank account by threatening violence against the bank.

Enter bitcoin.

Now it is quite easy to conceal most transactions AND it is impossible for any government to seize your funds.

This is a big problem for their worldwide extortion racket and they know it.

On top of that, less than 80,000 people work for the IRS. That means that there is only one communist extortionist for every 4,000 tax slaves.

Of course, there are also the repugnant order following policemen who dole out violence against anyone who does not bow down to the extortion racket, but they are a tiny minority as well.

This video shows how ludicrous the whole operation is… and if enough people woke up to it, the entire extortion racket would disappear overnight and any valuable services it did offer would be quickly offered by competing entrepreneurial enterprises for much cheaper and with a far superior quality of service.

Because the extortionists have such a tiny minority, they have to use lies, propaganda, threats of violence and violence in order to try to scare tax slaves into being extorted.

We saw that again today when the IRS announced that, under threat of violence, Coinbase has submitted to giving the extortion racket information on 14,000 of its accounts.

This is all to put fear into the tax slaves to give the IRS information and actually, voluntarily (but under duress) give the IRS money it has no right to.

They need to do this because, between 2013-2015 less than two thousand people voluntarily told the IRS about their gains on bitcoin.

Those two thousand people, by the way, are spineless, pathetic zombies who are helping to destroy the world and should be ashamed of themselves.

The IRS hopes that by making it look like their few thousand agents are scouring through Coinbase’s records that they can scare people to voluntarily file their capital gains and send money to them. It’s a bigger scam than any Nigerian prince email… it actually nets trillions of dollars from suckers every year!

I would never voluntarily submit my information to any criminal organization! Never provide extortion rackets and terrorist agencies like the IRS with ANY information it does not already have. Doing so is like inviting the vampire into your own home. By voluntarily giving them information they don’t have, you are actually, on a spiritual level, consenting to their aggression.

Instead, I would never file anything with them. If, by chance, you are one of a few people who gets targeted, and they do look through some transaction records and can show that you bought bitcoin at lower levels and want to force you to pay them, here is what I would do.

Transfer that bitcoin from one account to another account and then tell them you lost your bitcoin due to theft. And then tell them you’d like to file a Capital Loss for the year.

And then tell them to fuck off and get a real job.

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so i can make a video to tell them to fuckoff :)) no tax country

It's a good thing @dan is making EOS. Decentralized solutions in all areas of life will maintain our freedom.

I file my taxes every year. I find ways within the system to minimize them as much as possible. Just because I report certain capital gains taxes doesn't mean that I'm spiritually on their side or approve of their use of violence. I prefer to stay out of jail or tied up in their courts. I prefer to stay as free as possible and offer myself the opportunity to keep building freedom.

lmao the title almost made me spit out my drink. Perfect rythm

Hi dollarvigilante,
Nice work sir

for the coinbase fact? yep it sucks

What an amazing idea....I had a similar thought albeit fleeting.

You really summed it up well.

I was wondering if Charlie Lee actually gave a license to everyone who wants to thumb their nose to the IRS. With atomic swaps, people can simply change from one blockchain to another. What is interesting is going from BTC to LTC, for instance, means that the trail of BTC can be followed, right up the point it is converted to LTC...then poof, you are gone.

And kudos for telling people to volunteer nothing to the IRS. It is sad that people think it patriotic and their duty to pay their "fair share" of taxes.


Some people enjoy their servitude.

https://steemit.com/dtube/@modemser/ab1gymv2 ive got my girlfriend on steemit for you man for @dollarvigilante


@dollarvigilante thanks for your vote i'm all around the house i'm happy


actually..the constitution as it was written
is a restraining order on GOVERNMENT.


The Constitution pretended to CREATE a ruling class, and then pretended to put limits on it. The second part was a total fail.

tax slaves

Coinbase should not never send any information or the user accounts!
The small dot has a plan and organisation, but masses do not have anything like that.
Masses do not have the unity needed to fight aganist the small dot...
This is why this can happen
I hope blockchain and cryptos can act like a wheapon to defeat the tiny dot..


I would consider to stop using Coinbase and use an overseas exchange.


how about a decentralized exchange? who is IRS going to ask for customers info at that point?


Bitshares, EOS, NAGA, and any other decentralised exange will be the solution, sure

This a great explanation!

Who will put out the fire if your house catches on fire?


Firemen. You just pay them like you pay for everything else. Yeesh.


I thought the standard rebuttal was "But, who will build the roads?" ;)


Removing government means going back to tribes and honor law. And all that is so out of fashion atm with the latte sipping unknown gender crowd with globalism beliefs. I'm happy in the middle with firemen and roads for now.


These things will still exist without centralized authority. Take Dale Brown's Detroit Threat Management Center for example - he managed to do what the Detroit Police Department couldn't do, more efficiently and without having to murder anybody. Being ignorant of these alternatives does not mean they don't exist.


local/city taxes should pay for firemen, not federal income tax

F.U.C.K The S.Y.S.T.E.M !

The title alone was enough to make me laugh 😂


The title alone was enough to make me resteem! 👹💥🔫

brilliant as always Jeff, you are a genius ! @dollarvigilante

Favourite : “Taxes”, which is just another word for extortion, are not voluntary and the only way to “collect” them is to use violence or threats of violence.

Even the most cautious taxpayer should only have to pay taxes on a gain if you cashed out for dollars and spent it on goods and services. If you bought other investments or if you keep your bitcoin, you should not pay taxes. If you sold your bitcoin on coinbase and sent profits to a bank account, you might be at risk. If they are actually saying you need to pay because you bought low and they think you're holding, I would do what Jeff suggests. Say you lost it or that it was stolen and file a loss, but you can only file a loss for what you bought it for.

Great clip:
IRS & US Legislature Vs. The People of the US.

The Keiser Report had an interview this Tuesday in the second half about tax reform, and it was proposed to have a 1% transaction fee on everything instead of the mass loopholes in the complicated US tax book. Companies would not bother to dispute this and a lot of financial trades which are not taxed would be for the first time.

The 'lobby system' in the US politics is probably the worst corruption in plain sight, anywhere. The clip shows that the Democrats and Republicans are just as bad regarding taxation.

"Decentralized Libertarians"
This could be a movement to fund candidates at all levels of office in the US, with a 'White Paper' detailing the principles that the candidates must adhere to in office. The political leaning would be neutral and not contradict certified cognitive biases, ensure environmental sustainability and tolerance of everyone.

Could a Decentralized Libertarian US Presidental candidate make the Democratic and Republican candidates look silly, by spending a fraction of their budgets on a successful campaign?

I would apply for US citizenship if Jeff and Max Keiser ran a Presidential campaign, so I could vote!

That evil witch (call me senator) Diane Frankenfeinstein and Chuck Grassly are sponsoring a bill to make nondisclosure of Bitcoin illegal. PHUCK them!!

wow great news ever..best of luck..

They are part of the biggest organised crime outfit out there

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This is sort of a moot point since I agree with you that the Constitution is really a document that claims ownership of all that reside within its arbitrary lines, but I will continue; It is completely lost on people that the IRS and other government agencies having full power to access your financial records in any form is a Fourth Amendment violation, and a violation of natural law.

The government has rules that force banks to send YOUR financial information to them, and banks have automated processes that can even send your details to FINCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network). For example, a deposit of $10k cash into your account would issues a SARS event (Suspicious Activity Report), notifying FINCEN. No person needs to get involved... the banks have software that does this. Se each time these reports are provided to the government, your inalienable rights are being violated! Think about that. Even worse, they can confiscate your money with NO DUE PROCESS! Now that is the best scam on the planet.

So, this Coinbase debacle, regardless of how it affects you personally, was an affront to all of us. I do predict that many will be caught up in this mess since there are a lot of people making sums that are of interest to the psychopath thieves.

u know Ludwig von Mises?
state intervention entails more state intervention. Only a few people the called "conspiracists" most wrong things state ideology inherent;)

The income tax is actually a constitutional amendment, so it is definitely constitutional. That doesn't mean it's not complete horseshit that goes against everything the USA was founded upon, but it's legit.


it's legit as far as their rules are concerned.

Well put

Regarding the Nigerian Prince email.. I'm Nigerian and you are absolutely right 😭😭 Nigerians typically have traces of scamming in their DNA. Over here it's called 419 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

Haha. “Fuck off and get a real job”… love it. The IRS has been in our pocket for a few years now. It’s total bullshit how they extort every citizen of the US.

Good attitude but I think the law is constitutional because it doesn't make Americans liable for it. It is enforced by regulation alone, not a statute. The thieves simply misapply the law and the courts enable the theft.