Cryptocurrencies Hit New All-Time High To Ring In 2018!

4년 전

Cryptocurrencies have blasted off to new all-time highs at the start of 2018.

Cryptocurrencies have just rocketed through $700 billion easily surpassing the last all-time high near $640 billion in mid-December before the last “crash”.

Most cryptocurrencies have been soaring with the exception of bitcoin which continues to wallow near $15,000 as its transaction speeds and fees render it nearly unusable.

Bitcoin’s “dominance” which stood over 60% in early December, is no longer dominant as it hits all-time lows near 37%.

Some of the big winners have been quasi-cryptocurrency, bankercoin Ripple (XRP) which skyrocketed 1,000% in the last month and surpassed Ethereum for second place on the cryptocurrency market capitalization chart.

Not that Ethereum has been a laggard having risen more than 100% in the last month.

STEEM, which I’ve been a fan of since its inception, has also skyrocketed and is up 600% in the last month to over $8.

In fact, this is just the continuation of an incredible rise in most cryptocurrencies.

Here are the top 10 cryptocurrency gainers in the last year:

1.) Verge (XVG) 1,156,605%
2.)Triggers (TRIG) 105,924%
3.)ReddCoin (RDD) 69,460.19%
4.)NEO (NEO) 53,875.38%
5.)MonaCoin (MONA) 41,940.99%
6.)Blocknet (BLOCK) 40,134.96%
7.)Ripple (XRP) 31,328.57%
8.)NEM (XEM) 29,932.71%
9.)DigiByte (DGB) 28,159.99%
10.)ZCoin (XZC) 21,331.11%

While many wave their arms and say that this is all clearly just a bubble, one thing gets lost in the mix.

We now, all in the span of 2-3 years, have billions of dollars traded worldwide daily completely outside of the central bank and governmental controlled money and banking system!

This is absolutely massive. This is the game changer.

The total amount of bitcoin alone that trades daily is around 150,000… or about $2 billion worth.

When you add up Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash and hundreds of others the numbers likely easily get into the tens of billions of dollars trading outside the system daily.

And the total value of all cryptocurrencies continues to surge closer to $1 trillion. That’s real money.

Sooner or later crypto will humble you by its greatness.

Its vastness is accompanied by a madness that is breathtaking because you quickly realize that there is no stopping crypto from taking over the world. The moment you think you have everything figured out, is the moment the market will surprise you.

We are for the first time living and witnessing the birth of the first worldwide free market.

Throughout this rampage of innovation, we all are implicitly aiming for the best means of harnessing consensus. As we enter 2018, it is important for us to meditate and appreciate the progress we have made in transforming the world through the decentralization of consensus. It is also important to reflect on the changes in consensus building we have partaken in and those yet to come.

Consensus is the agreement that states “this is what has occurred, and this is what hasn’t happened.”

Throughout the vastness of history, we humans have only really had access to centralized means for consensus building.

In the centralized world, consensus has been determined by banks, states, and all kinds of central planners. As our readers know, any centralized party can misuse their power, and their consensus ruling can become unfair. In spite of this, many individuals still praise the effectiveness of consensus building of centralized systems.

People from antiquity have had no other option but to trust these central planners.

These systems of control have created still-water markets where only a few are allowed to compete. This lack of competition resulted in what we now can objectively view as slow innovation.

For many, centralized consensus building is preferred under the pretense of security and comfort. Unfortunately, these same individuals are in for a whole lot of discomfort now that the world is innovating on top of the first decentralized consensus building technology, the blockchain.

Everything that has occurred since the inception of bitcoin has shocked central planners because for the first time in history they are lost; they no longer hold power. We now vote with our money. That’s true democracy. We choose what we find best as different technologies compete for our money.

What we are witnessing when we see the volatility in crypto is nothing more than natural human motion through price. The innovation and volatility of the crypto market may seem unorthodox to some because it is.

You may hear some analysts, like Peter Schill, say that cryptocurrency is too volatile to be a real currency.

You’re damn right it is! This is next level shit. Where we’re going, we’ve never been before.

For the first time in history we are in a true free market. The true free market connects you to everybody and for this reason alone the market shouldn’t surprise us for feeling “crazy.” Volatility is a sign of your connection to a market that is alive. Radical innovation is a sign of a market that is in its infancy still discovering itself.

We are entering a brand new world as we enter into 2018. Stick with us here at The Dollar Vigilante where we cover every facet of perhaps the greatest paradigm shift in world history.

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2018 surely that of the alts. As people become more familiar with coins, they will buy more variety of coins which will lead to an increase in demand of various alts!


No because of people with 100k followers advicing them to buy whatever the buyfollowers are willing to buy without investigation.
But yes fear of missing out.
BTC at 20kusd again maybe triggers this.


The fomo is insane

Some of these gains are madness lol 1,156,605% i thought bitcoin was crazy and then ethereum and litecoin but these are just freakin unreal percents!


And one of the biggest ones (bitconnect) is a scam according to most lol. I love it!


crazy though that EVEN with these massive gains we dont even compare to the market valuation of the dot com bubble yet and that was and american market....not a global market!!! 100x from here!!!


I think the year of the "coin" focusing on just price was 2017. I think looking into the actual blockchain and its technology will be the focus this year. One blockchain I am really focusing on is NEM Smart Asset Blockchain. Here is my take on it at my blog:

Share with your thoughts. NEM blockchain is represented by the XEM coin and it just went up recently as well and it is just 3 days into the new year. NEM is for more than just coin, it is API-driven for easy integration into business applications, and it can hold anything from coin, documents, messages, inventory. It is for all industries and economies. absolute ease and performance. Its a real use case, and not just for show.

Thanks for your post. Up voted all the way and following.


Bitcoin has gone up over 11 million percent since 2011 ! I am not surprised as crypto and the blockchain are so revolutionary! We are in the early stages of how both will be used in the future. :)


They are crazy. Pretty overwhelming down votes to current financial systems in my opinion.

  ·  4년 전

Yes that I agree with, Brexit and Trump are also votes against the current system (My view)


Very possible sound reasoning.


Crypto crossed 840billion few days back but dropped a bit now. Will be trillion very soon.


i just reduced your selfupvote...

we are seeing unbelievable numbers


it’s a whole new world

Waiting for the cryptomarket to crash to put more money in is a sad, sad time.


60 shares of XRP at 1.11 I'm a HOLDI


Go big or go home! Kidding. Nice work.


Pls don remind me of the crash!


Lol ;) it's what I have after bills! :)


There will be dips along the way but Its unlikely to crash if it keeps up like this for 5 more years. There will be other markets that crash as money flows into crypto.


Stock market crash is coming. I'm ready with my crypto and silver bullion.


I have to agree. The technology is unparallel all by itself.


your going to wait and it will never come...


Oh I'm not waiting. Just crying for the people who


Oh ahhaah that's funny yea! Totally i hear people "i am going to wait" i am like cool ... good luck lol


Yeah. I don't convince people of anything and don't even talk about crypto with people unless they ask me about it first. Can't force people to make money.


that's a really good motto


Today is the day to invest.

what about the bitcoin fork coming up called bitcoin private? you get 1:1 ratio for bitcoin AND/OR zclassic...zclassic has exploded in December and can easily hit $1,000 prefork if theres some good news

Well said @dollarvigilante, thanks for the in-depth analysis. Steem has doubled in just 24 hours! I'm just loving this crypto cruise.

2018 will undoubtedly be the year of cryptocurrency, a comprehensive, clear, optimistic and motivating analysis, thank you @dollarvigilante

This has been an amazing year. I always value your newsletters because your perspective is an example and a guide for me - how I "should" be looking at things. It helps to deprogram me from the lifetime of B.S. I have been indoctrinated into. Keep on offering up those Red Pills!
I was expecting, even made a call about 6 months ago, that Steem would go up to $4.00 by the end of this year. I am not surprised to see my expectations have been outdone by double. Cryptos are still just getting started. So glad I got into Steem earlier in the year! Upvoted and Resteemed.

Bitcoin will go through many booms and busts but ultimately in the long run, a Bitcoin will be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, maybe millions. Cheers.

Jeff , thank you for all that you do and we did upvote and resteem for all to see


Do you think @dollarvigilante needs your upvote and resteem? @newschannle

I know that with the vast amount of messages you receive it must be difficult to reach you Jeff @dollarvigilante ! But I am going to keep trying...Just wanted to thank you for everything you are doing for real freedom and for awakening and de-programming so many people like myself! I discovered STEEMIT thanks to you and I recently dedicated an entire post talking about the upcoming dollar collapse (most likely in the middle of 2018) and your person as a freedom fighter. I'd be really honored if you could read it and give me your honest opinion! Un fuerte abrazo desde España amigo! PEACE, LOVE & ANARCHY!

Kesinlikle yeni dünya düzenidir bu gelişme, merkezi otarite devre dışı kalıyor. Kıyamet yaklaşıyor mu? Ayrıca bu ilki yaşıyoruz fakat bilmeyen çok insan var.

We will all be rich this year guys don't worry huh lol
thank you @dollarvigilante for sharing
i'm waiting next posts

Great post, Jeff. Looking forward to a fantastic 2018 in crypto! I have been following your investment advice since early 2017 and I have been extremely happy with the outcome. I am still hodling most of the coins, but I also took out some profit and bought a Harley-Davidson. I have shared my story here:

There is really no other way to put it. You have hit it right on the head. I now feel even more synergized than ever. Cryptoworld for life.......

  ·  4년 전

2017 was warm up ! Game starts in 2018!

This is really good news. reseemed

Excellent overview of the growth of Cryptocurrencies. It’s al;l well and good but I feel that there is bound to be a downturn at some point. Cryptocurrenty is very volatile too.

Crypto is scary but in a good way LOL

Crypto is my New Religion =)

2018 is going to be really big for crypto. market is exploding right now. i cant wait...
really looking forward to the things to come!

The credit union I use (R.B.F.C.U.) recently put a ban on transactions with crypto exchanges. I've been calling everyday & giving them hell over it. I need help on this. Can some one help me put a BitCoin A.T.M. in my house for people to use?

  ·  4년 전

Ripple is not outside the system!

Just got into crypto a couple weeks ago and I love the potential and freedom it can provide.

Fantastic article. And I'm going to echo a lot of what I've been reading....2018 has to be the year of adoption. I think for these markets to continue to rise and deliver great returns there has to be some mass adoption and actual uses for every day people with the currencies. No matter what, this is an awesome time to be alive :) Have a fantastic 2018 everyone!

A lot of important news is very important because it is very important because we have won many competitions on the currency. It is very good that we can remember the words together. What to do for us. Please do not hesitate to tell me what to do in the competition. Competition can be practiced

thank you for the update

To the moon 🚀💹

Wow..its really insane what is happening right now.Am so overjoyed when I realize the freedom that so many people are going to experience. Not even our great grand fathers could have dreamed of a time like this. Happy new year 2018 all dollarvigilante subscribers- we are rich-finally :)


I like to be independent.

Amazing articel

2018 is gonna be an epic year for alt coins! I just invested into ripple today just before the monstrous climb :D

Jeff what's your recommendation for the next year? What coins you holding on too what are you selling and buying?


  ·  4년 전

wallowing around 15000 lol thats still really high:-)

I made a bitcoin transaction yesterday. worked quiet well. Took some profits during "first sell off". I dont check your post after mistakes now.
But i remember that 1 info in your last posts or newsletters was wrong. You recommended Dash at 17usd not at 3usd.

This wrong info will lead people to do bad decicions.

Dash-"team" was mining around 2m coins in the start. Maybe the creators exitscam sooner or later.

"Here are the top 10 cryptocurrency gainers in the last year:"
This are just shitcoins.
But took a screenshot only for me. Can not proof that my view was real.

Awesome! Looking forward to more in 2018 after a promising start with TDV in 2017! Thanks a lot!

finally we can crawl out of the dark ages and bring in an advanced currency for the human family.

Sometimes percent distorts. My boss (when I was greenhorn worker) said oh you got 5% raise due to your performance. I have 3% only. His salary. Ten thousand. Mine two thousand. Learnt a lot that day.

  ·  4년 전

My wife and I got into the market just before the new year, and boy am I glad we did. The % of gains has been unbelievable!
I can't express how happy I am to be part of something outside of any central government!

I'm really excited to see this! I joined Steemit not long after it first opened, but life through a few hurdles my way and I lost contact for a while. Now for 2018 I just returned to see that this platform has MASSIVELY expanded.

It makes me smile to see that a free platform and crypto currency like this is doing so well. I'm amazed at how much things are growing, both on the Steemit platform and with the crypto market ... looking forward to exploring this more in 2018!!!

bticoin have shoot up more than 1000 percent in the last few years, and the trend keep continues.hope it will touch 50000 dollars in 2018.cryptocurrency market is in a bullish trend.Ur post having a quality stuff.I will shall follow your more posts.thanks

Ripple has acquired a great position in the banking sector. Neo has received support from the Chinese state and Two new coin Tron (TRX) and Poet (POE) that are not on the list have fast rising trends.

Let’s bring it in!

Happy New Year and thank you for your amazing information work.

LBRY credits now rating at $ 1.12 , when I signed up to LBRY in August 2016, it was less than a quarter of the above value.

I just woke up to 8 dollar steem, I was like why is my account worth so much today? Oh 8 dollar steem!

I can barely even make sense of all this anymore. I believe the block chain technology will revolutionize finance and banking but at what point do these private Cryptos get destroyed by always overreaching governments?

Out with the old money, in with the new ...

Bitcoin itself is a limited currency. If you consider the thousands of other cryptocurrencies, then this whole market combined becomes really nothing more than a fiat system with no limit to how many trillions of units can be produced. It seems that many of these other units (especially the lower priced units) are being purchased by many to attempt to hit the big score. How long can this really last? What are people really buying?

We need steem #2 instead of ripple.

Thanks again

Really exciting times! The biggest wealth transfer in modern age

Oh man, I held NONE of the top ten gainers for 2017. Still, I’m up more than if I had the same amount of cash in shares.. :)