Gold Man Yells At Cloud Money [VIDEO]


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What happened after Peter Schill predicted Bitcoin would plummet to $1,000 on October 23, 2019?

Within a couple days, BTC skyrocketed in value by over 35%! Nice try, Pete.

Crypto haters scoffed when I started recommending Bitcoin and most of the “economic experts” will still tell you that imaginary fiat money is the most secure investment.

So when Schiff makes some “bold” claim about cryptocurrencies---you may want to consider that the opposite might be true!

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Whenever there’s a significant spike in Bitcoin’s price, people ask me what caused it. As for last week’s jump, part of it probably has to do with the Chinese government’s announcement to “seize [the] opportunity” to adopt blockchain tech.

Of course, state authorities in China are no angels and they’ve likely got their own nefarious motivations.

For one, they’re eager to track currencies---just like the US is already doing---and they’ve openly talked about creating a digital yuan.

Unfortunately, some people tend to conflate digitized government currencies with cryptocurrencies---they’re nothing alike!


A digital, state-sanctioned currency is centralized and traceable, giving government even more control over your life and livelihood than ever before.

On the other hand, a truly decentralized currency like Bitcoin—or perhaps even better, Monero (XMR)—can’t be controlled by any single entity.

Now that is liberating! I break down all of this and more in my recent walk and talk vlog from the British Virgin Islands.

Enjoy the full video:

Actions speak louder than intentions. When you first get some crypto and actually buy something with it---that’s when it fully clicks for most people—seeing how easy it all is.

Some of the older generations will never understand it, like how email felt to elderly folks back in the late 90’s.

Fortunately, innovation always wins in the end, and TDV is here to help as many people as possible be part of this peaceful and prosperous future.


You may have heard about how back in 2011 when we first featured Bitcoin in The Dollar Vigilante (SUBSCRIBE), BTC was only $3.

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