Janet Yellen Stars In A Mainstream Media Advertisement For Bitcoin

4년 전

When we started The Dollar Vigilante in 2010, it was a very different world.

The word “libertarianism” was just becoming known for the first time due to the efforts of a guy named Ron Paul and his rEVOLution. Anarcho-capitalism was still essentially unknown by most. We believed that taxation was theft but trying to find more than a few dozen other people who felt the same was not happening. Many people still hadn’t woken up to 9/11 being an inside job.

And, not even we knew about bitcoin back then… only hearing about it in 2011 when it was at $3 and immediately jumping on the bandwagon as perhaps its loudest promoter.

So, what a nice surprise it is to see how quickly things are changing.

The hashtag #TaxationIsTheft caught fire in the last year.

And then this man made sure “Taxation Is Theft” was front and center… or behind home plate, at a Major League Baseball game.

Back in 2014, this man grabbed the microphone during the Super Bowl post-game press conference and said that 9/11 was an inside job.

And now, the latest hero was today, during Janet Yellen’s testimony in front of CONgress.

It was just a small gesture. A sign saying “Buy Bitcoin” on mainstream television right behind Ol’ Yellen, for just a second before the cameraman quickly pulled away.

And, the cool thing about bitcoin is, that if you can get your QR code on the sign, you can receive immediate payment from people across the world. And, this man has already started to receive bitcoin donations which will likely prompt more people to do the same in the future!

So, while the communist style, central planning Federal Reserve was answering questions by the fascist CONgress (that’s why there are 2 fasces in Congress), the free market was at work right behind Comrade Yellen, pointing out the free market, anarcho-capitalist money bitcoin can be transferred without anyone’s permission, without anyone managing it and without CONgress able to question it.

In that sense, this man holding up the “Buy Bitcoin” sign today made it ever so poignant that CONgress and the Federal Reserve are ridiculous antiquities from a heinous, tyrannical time.

He was even doing it just as Yellen was trying to fight against the Federal Reserve being audited. You know who audits bitcoin? The blockchain. No Soviet-style central planning agency need be involved in money.

The Federal Reserve and Congress are obsolete.

Our grandchildren will one day ask us why we traded pieces of paper with dead criminals printed on them printed up by a communist style planning agency at will and overseen by a violent group of people who get paid with extorted money in a system that funded more than a century of total war.

“Why did you do that?” they’ll ask.

And, we’ll reply, “Bitcoin hadn’t been invented yet, darling.”

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Nice touch 👏


Its really sad, the stuttering old fool, trying to string a proper sentence together and make it look like she actually means it. Yellen along with the 'Transparent' 'Federal' reserve are going the way of the Dodo. #goodRiddance


Yes! Same thoughts.




hahahhahahaha! Thanks a lot @bits4bots


Hah! I'm in love! Saw the photo this morning on the news and wondered if any of us would do this. Fantastic!


I had to! Couldn't resist @crystalize xD


looks like she just pooped


Now THIS is the content that we really want to see!


Thanks @heymattsokol
Will try to make more content like this in the future! :D


He really made a mark :0) so amazing


hahah! upvoted!

This young sign guy is a true HERO. I'm going to send him my hard earned $10 as a tip to this awesome man. I admire at his passion, and braveness to do what he did.

He made this day well noted in the history of humans.

Die FED die !

Hey great post, ha! i cried laughing when I saw this on the bbc news app.

Haha! Excellent!

Hahaha well done by this guy, he's a hero and a patriot.

Lol that's funny!

That was a very good one !


Mad respect!

It's so ironic in such an alternative truth to say that the Federal Reserve is a trans parent organization it is the least trans parent organization in existence that I know of. Thank you for all of your videos in your post I've been following your videos often on since I think about 2011 or 12. Great to see you here on the platform that is the future just like getting it on thick Coin Way ahead of the curve here we are on a platform designing and leading the way for the future. Keep on keeping on and keep it coming @dollarvigalante


Well, it's one thing to make decisions behind closed doors and then publish info after the fact and another thing to actually be transparent.


I have found with most liars and narcissists they are always telling you what they are lying about straight to your face. You just have to know how to translate the lie, and most of the time it is very simple.

Woow amazing videos


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...to bring alt coins onto a paper wallet im planning to use walletgenerator.net
but how does one get them off, i found a video of someone doing that for exodus but they don't have a crap ton of alt coins like siacoin etc on exodus, and theyre newest version doesnt let me do it the way i saw on the video, any advice from people.. thanks

That dude deserves more than just 1 Bitcoin I'm sure he will be receiving plenty 👏

I think I peed a little.

Jeff is really great in writing & putting thoughts together.

Live from Capitol Hill.

Screw government, acquire cryptocurrency.

Hey @dollarvigilante

I have around 10k$ worth of cash ready to purchase coins now that everything is going down. But I keep seeing ETH around 180-190 and other coins are low too.
My question is, do you think now is the bottom, or that we will see much lower prices as we approach the 1st of Aug?
Coz i keep thinking all the time that maybe now is the lowest you know :)

Thank you!

hahahaha....that's was a good try.... :)

Excellent post. It took me a long long time to accept Bitcoin because I was a gold and silver guy. Now, I understand and love it and realize that this is changing the face of society faster than we realize.

Fucking awesome article that more people should read! Keep doing your thing dollarvigilante!
please upvote, reply, resteem and follow , thank you, you're awesome!

If Yellen says to buy bitcoin, then we should buy bitcoin. It's that simple. And the guy holding the buy steem sign in the background is a nice touch.

Hello Jeff, thanks for the post.
Libertarianism is growing day by day thanks to man such as yourself.

Taxation is theft, Citizens need to look up the meaning of the word. In servitude/ which means Slave.

Bitcoin and Litecoin and Ethereaum along with others will same the world.
Regulation will Control Crypto's like Fiat.

ha ha lol!!!!!!!!!!1

Yeah, these people have got some answering to do sometime in the future. And now we have the blockchains to document it all. Oh man, they got it coming.

Wow, this post made me giddy, and that doesn't happen often! Thank you for putting it together!

These examples show that "You can't stop the signal" even from beneath a giant global state.


Mr. Universe = Satoshi?


Could be, perhaps his dying action was uploading bitcoin into the 'verse and that's why he hasn't been heard from since...

paper with dead criminals

nuff said :)

Whoo the tides are turning fast.

you became a whistleblower, had your five seconds of fame and then disappeared into darkness.

You can become a whistleblower and get paid.
Soon we will see the rise of the professional whistleblower.

But for sure we will also not see too many live shows any more...
just go on steemit!

This is so legendary, I can't find the right words... awesome to see something like this. Janet Yellen as the mouthpiece for the Fed Reserve.. stating "The Federal Reserve is one of the most transparent central banks..." BITCH please... GTFO of here with that bullshit. Her day will come...

The bitcoin boom begins!

Me thinks we need more action like the guy holding up the Bitcoin sign ... everyone go do it in public and on camera! I would sponsor that! #awesome

Your post was really informative , Steemit always love such post, really very good content .

I wrote such a super amazing content but it remained unnoticed , what am i supposed to do , i feel upset on steemit community , good content remains unnoticed . I spent 3 hours for completing this post.


Some time steemit just disappoints me :(

Fight the power!

Jeff, when I saw Yellen, I knew it was your post, you just love that bitch so much!

Nice nice! Too much theft going on. They should accept defeat.

Ha, love it. Need more like him. Keep up the good work sir.


Need more like him, you're right! This guy really inspired me and I've started a Buy Bitcoin Challenge and also arranged a contest about it, feel free to join it https://steemit.com/contest/@anikanam/buy-bitcoin-challenge-get-your-10stb-reward-help-btc-survive

haha this is great! good for that guy!

Love it!

I just made a donation of .007 BTC to this guy for his Secret Bitcoin Agent move. Just so amazing and really a reminder of how this movement is so important and FUN!!!

  ·  4년 전

Ha ha ha, LOVE that guy :)


But isn't it obvious that there not gonna let some digital currency compete with the central banking system
even though its failing .Washington is gonna do something violent about it like always i just wonder what are they gonna PULL OUT OF THEIR SLEEVES.

Serious Dude:

Good stuff!

BTCTalks BTCTalks tweeted @ 12 Jul 2017 - 19:30 UTC

Someone sent Bitcoin Sign Brah a whole coin. Nice! #BTCSignBrah https://t.co/avbks8o6Bb

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The guy who did this is my hero!

"...pieces of paper with dead criminals printed on them..."
Hmmm, but didn't Andrew Jackson ($20) fought against the Central Bank of his time? Even Thomas Jefferson ($2) said, "I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies...." On top of that, Benjamin Franklin ($100) stated that we are a Republic, IF, we can keep it, and that democracy is nothing more but MOB rule.
Granted, their faces are on fiat paper 'money,' however, I wouldn't call them, "criminals..."

Just my two cents.


He might soon become a Bitcoin millionaire, good for him!

that guy with the bitcoin sign is the story

The federal reserve is transparent.............

About as transparent as the walls holding up my roof. She's either completely complicit (most likely) or I want what she's smokin'!! She's probably huffing on her own fumes.

That man is a leg-end!! Not only is that free MSM advertising but he's clearly now getting paid after the fact for his heroism, hehe.

Awesome article sir.

well done janet great advertising :P investigate 9/11 too :D and check out my 3d printable ledger cases https://steemit.com/three/@andymh51/free-downloadable-3d-printable-ledger-nano-s-cases

Good info

Par excellence...!!!

  ·  4년 전

Jeff, this could be your best writing yet. Rock on my friend.

In cryptos we trust 🙏🙏🙏

Dude is a pure genius! So brilliant

the image to the moment

haha yea great stuff. They are such a scam, I have been doing some more reading into history, legal system and the monetary system, nothing as it seems, I have always thought that the system was not sustainable, but have been learning so much more in depth I now look at things so differently, I have been listening to you for a while now on this subject and completely understand what you are talking about.Its great to finally come across someone that thinks the same in regards of the system. I have been involved in alternative medicine, which alerted me to the medical system and how toxic,corrupt and full of chemicals it is.

Congratulations @dollarvigilante!
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Wow, the Congress really has Mussolini style fasces on the wall. Didn't know that.

That is too funny.

That was awesome dude! 👍

Amusing. Don't recall a federal reserve being a part of the government when monetary exchange was developed. Wasn't the dollar asked by gold? 🐓🐓

YES!!! This guy is AWESOME! 🙌🏽👏🏽✊🏽🤙🏽

Yellen looks like a deer in the headlights

This young sign guy is a true HERO. I'm going to send him my hard earned $10 as a tip to this awesome man. I admire at his passion, and braveness to do what he

what happened to that guy? he was eliminated? how can you be at that conference show that anti gov sign and get away with it?

I'm sure he was the one who installed a miner in a Fed's server XD


That dude became famous overnight!

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lmao!! this is awesome! way to go people!

We can wait for a few days .Bitcoin can touch 1000 dollar and that would be the best deal.

Yeah, I thought this was fake news for the first part of my morning. It was too cool to believe it happened. I have since then let it soak in.

Bah hahahahah thats the best yet. Actuall the best info from the whole speech hahahahah. Dont eat all the tacos down there.

Buy bitcoins ...buy buy buy ....🤙🏼