The Dollar Vigilante Is Live Now Giving Away Bitcoin & Steem

5년 전

Stay tuned to this page on Steemit because we'll be giving away Steem in the comments section below!

Make sure to upvote this article to be eligible to win and stay tuned to the live stream as we give away Steem!

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Jeff is the man!



gravitas recording ...intersting LOGO ... ;)

Thank you Jeff, for everything you do for the anarcho-capitalist and libertarian movements. You're a great guy, and I love your work Jeff! This competition is a great way to promote crypto and steem to the youtube masses!


All the Way Up!!!!


Love you Jeff--one of the early pioneers of Bitcoin. You have been vindicated. Lets continue to decentralize take the Banksters down.

Watching live! Thanks for all the useful information!!
We appreciate it!!

Kind Regards


Yes seeing the video too


Great video Jeff


Will flaming that person give me extra STEEM? :P


and unexisting?

  ·  5년 전

hey there stuck up stick :) I wasn't going to say dick but it's more poetic :) ahhah livestream is epic get ya bitcons :D are you going to throw phones out of a limo :) with hard wallets :D


throwing phones sounds dangerous, especially considering Samsung battery explosion issues.

woo hoo!! absolutely huge fan here, you have inspired me pre steemit and I was so freakin excited when you jumped onboard and gave it a thumbs up, you have inspired some of my music over the years and I see a mad load of people swarming to steemit cause of your support... woo


He's a Cunt. But you are sexy. Gorgeous

Jeff, your April Fools video is still king. I've shown it to everybody I know.

Thanks for getting me on Steem to start with @dollarvigilante!

The post I wrote about it sharing your video intro on Steem was a pretty good success too :D


Make It Rain Like A Celebrity

STEEM To The Moon!

still cant believe it hit $3k!!! to have gotten in @ $3USD is truly a blessing, makes my paltry $600 re-entrance look weak!!


In case you are also giving BTC to STEEMIT users!!


I resteemed this post hope it helps!


Peter Schiff sucks? Have you ever listened to him? He got the housing crash right while everyone was laughing at him and he will eventually be right about precious metals. The reason gold hasn't done what Bitcoin and other crypto's are doing is because of the PM manipulation by the banksters. They haven't figured out how to manipulate crypto' least not yet.


Peter is like every prognosticator. He gets some things right and misses big on others. I think the people who make money with any investment figure out what others are thinking and then act on it. It doesn't really matter who is "right" or who is "wrong." What matters is what others are doing with a particular asset class.

Isn't it funny to hear about how the "FANGs" have insane volatility when they are down 2%? It's barely worth noting BTC swinging 10%, that's how bullish it's been lately!


Ethereum been quite big lately, too.


Yes and @dollarvigilante recommended ETH around $12 that I remember. :)

Can't wait till your next crypto interview

It will be rather interesting how far BTC pulls back since it broke the threshold. Generally a good time to buy-in, but definitely keeps risk/reward in mind. @dollarvigilante, how far do seeing this pullback? Fullblown correction??

Otherwise, the comments here seem to be a feeding frenzy for free stuff. [sigh]

Wow, super awesome @dollarvigilante! Good luck everyone!! Let me know if you guys are re-steeming and sharing this on social media!


I resteemed!


Just shared on Twitter to my followers there @dylanhobalart


Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Its very insightful

Run, fools! He will take your souls! :)

Hello all please if possible can you support my post. I posted yesterday I have not had any feedback. Figured I would drop it here as I am sure this post will get tons of good exposure. I promise I am trying to do a good thing. Much appreciated!


clearly cgi... probably RT propoganda!!!


whahaha this is brilliant!

Well; i'm here to blow some Steem, because it is just to bad I can't follow the livecast on my mobile phone from near the waterside 😁

@dollarvigilante resteemed and waiting for the steem to flow!!

@Dollarvigilante - I appreciate you bringing your content over here to Steemit. It helps this new platform because it helps set the foundation by educating the community

All of us minnows will be whales next year. We're the foundation.

  • Keep up with the great content
  ·  5년 전

I say jump you say how high, high five me at well high five thousands :)

  ·  5년 전

I made sure to upvote you so I'd like at least 0.02$ worth of steem but I'd accept as much 6000 :) everything past 2000 will go for good causes here :) and the first 2000 will go towards me getting a beast pc and :) helping science, hahah by making money gaming :D while I use 8 cores on the Gridcoins :D

  ·  5년 전

Fuck your spam people, is this the best you can leave behind, trash :D great show :)

I am surprised coinbase is as popular as it is. Doesn't have that many great features that other exchanges have, and barely any coins.

The interface is great though, I do hope they become more like the other exchanges.

Yay another video!!

@nba05 Steemit's 13 Year Old blogger

This post will rock steemit.... I'll wait eagerly for the steem hehe ;)

Thanks for helping the community by doing this! And up-voted.

Giveaway? What do we have to do? :)

thanks man started following a couple weeks ago


@dollarvigilante help us minnows grow please

Hopefully I'm not just a dollar hunter. But I want this community to be more developed


when does it end ?

Steemit decentralized blogging. SingularDTV is going to decentralize the entertainment industry. I even saw a DAPP on Ethereum for decentralized online poker. It seems the internet is heading in this direction. Glad I was able to be apart of it. Thanks for the free offerings Jeff.

I'm only coming if there is free beer and cake :-p

love everything your doing DVA

This is getting exciting...Steemy in here atm

Hi Jeff it's because of you that I'm on Steem.

The progress of crypto currency is amazing. I wish I had discovered them sooner. I feel I really missed out.

Thanks jeff for this great give away

Very cool, up-voted and up-voting all good comments on this post!

Really hungry for some steem and bitcoin. Where do you need me😜

I used to avoid the dollar vig (years ago) but slowly he wore on me. Guys like luke and some silver circles just yeah. Tremendous insight. thanks for the never ending info!

Thanks Jeff for being such a huge STEEM supporter!

Why are you doing this @dollarvigilante? What's the goal?

Lol... Let's see how much the price of Steem rises, now that the DV is pumping it up some more....

It's a mad, mad world and I love this shit...

Congratulations @dollarvigilante!
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Thanks for giving away bitcoin and steem that is very generous of you

trying to type as fast as I can is Giving me a panic attack haha.


Thank you for the Steem!!!

I would be happy to find or make a random selector for you guys to help spread the good word.

STEEMIT is the BEST! I just started last month and it's addicting!

xxx 13UNiJPqqRw9YhkhDBVCRmNisd4aPqVetq

Interesting way to promote Crypto Currency, and to do marketing to your account, very clever,!! :) thats the way to do business. I like it. upvoted!

This is truly fascinating that Steem enables something like this. Your contest pays for itself. :)

when ever i buy it goes down

sure....always support your posts.....your great advice on monetary comments...deserve my upvote and resteem,.....

Just say what to do chief .... in any case here is my BTC number in case you, as I would imagine, want to get started early ....


looking forward to receiving your gifts ..... many thanks.


  ·  5년 전

I am featured in as being a musician on Steemit. The article talks about Steemit being the Facebook killer, I am featured on page 2! If you agree that Steemit is the Facebook killer upvote the post! Help spread the word of Steemit by spreading this article and post around!


Just logged into my new account and hit my second post clicking through the trending section and lo and behold! I find myself a fellow AnCap. I am thrilled to discover this by happy accident, as I am also extremely AnCap myself. So this is just super cool to find right away. You're up voted, followed, locked in and loaded on my feed as my first follow after the steem ones they recommend when you join. Looking forward to digging into your content. And naturally, it's also pretty nice that discovering you comes with a lottery here in the comments!

Hilarious. Nice work.

See you in my feed.

1P9UWEYU3vPmUzb3cudVKRsBrSnqkRhwom Thanks a lot buddy :)

I'm new to Steemit. I just got in today, but you already have my attention.

For me Bitcoin is not the solution, its a first try, but in some time if not already it'll be no longer decentralised.
We have to create or promote a coin who can stay decentralized for ever. Much work but i think we can do it

I've first saw your smitha video on youtube, and it totally blow my mind. I was still naive back then, should have took your advice and look into bitcoin sooner. Hope i'm still not too late, since i've missed a lot of trains >< keep up the good work jeff! you're dope!

Thanks for running this contest and I hope there are lots of winners! :)

Thanks Jeff. Dollar Vigilante at it again.

You are a good guy! Thanks.

Thank you, Jeff. Love what you're doing.
A suggestion... you should ctrl+scroll-up (Zoom) your webbrowser. So we can actually read what you are showing. It would greatly improve your shows. Now most of the screen is often empty.

Darn it, I missed the live stream. Would have been interested I am sure. It's my first day finding my way around steem today.

Hey dude some steem would be great my balance is 0 thx x

Hi Jeff, i was watching your youtube chanel and thats how i got here hoping get some of your giveaway. Thanks

I joined because I saw your Youtube stream. I'm just catching up with crypto currencies and stuff but your stuff is helpful !

Loved the show yesterday. Dollar Vigilante was a new find for me. Learned about Steem finally and now I have an account. :) cheers.

Ascribing to the "Taxation is Theft" belief what would the potential tax implications be for receiving said bitcoin? Or donating said bitcoin? An accounting nightmare I don't even want to think about. If the rules are constantly changing with this new economic climate then who do we turn to for reliable sources for legal concerns especially when it comes to transacting in large amounts or earning large amounts through trading? Can a worms question but interesting to ponder...

stop sending bitcoins send STEEM

Thanks for your YouTube vids I follow you there then I saw you here good info 👍


How do i become an Anarchast?

i am waiting to get my share

CHAMPAGNE !!!!!!! lets buy that one .... 490 000euros the 30 liters bottle :)))))



it is a champagne with fake meteorits ..
so is it over ?

Thank you for all the great information you share and work you do, Mr. Vigilante. ♥♥♥

Big up !!!! WE live .......

Jeff, you're the reason I am on here, you're a fucking awesome guy! No one give Jeff shit or you won't have me to deal with lmao.


I said won't have me to deal with lol, I was making a joke. But I do love Jeff. Even His free info has completely opened my mind!

I appreciate all the info you put out. I have learned quite a bit from your YouTube videos! Thank you!

This should be fun! Thanks for uploading this dollarvigilante :)

Hi there. Haven't been here for a while, but checking in :)

Hey, watching your live stream right now. I appreciate that you are giving BTC etc away (even though i didn't win might i add). P.S Nice office :)

  ·  5년 전

You should be aware of this new law about to be passed by CONGRESS on BITCOIN! This is SERIOUS!

1 year anniversary as a Dollar Vigilante subscriber. Best year ever!

Cheers To many more years ahead.

Diversifying my portfolio and buying all I can with lots of research in mind.

joined late but never mind..

How sweet is that :)

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You Doing Great Job Jeff Thank You :)

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She is nice, she's wonderful.

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Watching live too

watching you live i resteemed this video live

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No, surprise that bitcoin is correcting after hitting $3000, just a power of chart
Thanks @jimmyrai28

I cant join the chat on youtube:(

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Every little thing goin be alright

Who thinks steem will join the snap,twt, fb, ig mainstream acceptance?

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any new comments from the vitamin guy?

I cant join the live chat on youtube for some reason :(

How to get free steem here.tell me i am new here.

Free steem :)

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Also watching live great video

Watching live! What's up people :)



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