This is Why Trump Looks Like a Shameless Fool [VIDEO]



When a US “president” publicly decries something, most would assume it’s only a matter of time before that thing plummets in value.

However, it’s been four days since the Orange Führer---president Trump himself---took to Twitter to spew his misguided thoughts on… Bitcoin and crypto.

“I am not a fan of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which are not money, and whose value is highly volatile and based on thin air…”

…so reads the first sentence in Old Yeller’s incoherent stream of nonsense.


Ironically, there is some truth sprinkled into his smear, so let’s break it down.

The Twitter addict was quick to assert that Bitcoin and other crypto assets are “not money”---which is actually technically true, since “money” specifically refers to the most commonly used currency in a particular region.

Yet, while cryptos are undeniably growing in popularity (so much that Trump felt the need to attack it), they haven’t reached that level just yet.

Going on to mention crypto’s volatility, the Conman-in-Chief is not incorrect here, either---it would be silly to deny this, but in all fairness, it’s typical due to the novelty of this burgeoning market.

Of course, this is where the facts abruptly come to an end---the simple assertion that cryptocurrency is “based on thin air” is beyond laughable given its competition, the fiat hoax known as the US dollar.

So, Donny Debt loves those freely-printed paper notes---stemming from the same banks that repeatedly bailed out him and his buddies---just look at the inflationary rate of the US dollar over the last 100 years…

Lost purchasing power of the dollar.png

“Unregulated crypto assets can facilitate unlawful behavior, including drug trade and other illegal activity.”

Again, the ignorance (willful or otherwise) is embarrassing---the US dollar is notoriously dirty, used in the drug trade and for fueling endless bloody wars.

With Don the Con dedicating three whole tweets to how “bad and scary” cryptos are, I go into more detail about where things are headed after his tirade in my latest vlog.

You can watch it here:

Let’s be real: Trump probably doesn’t know much about Bitcoin and likely posted the tweets under his handlers’ orders.

Naturally, pullback is expected, but either way, the fear mongering backfired: some cryptos even spiked in price immediately after the tweets---Bitcoin is definitely not going away any time soon.

They want you to operate out of fear---because fear is a scarcity mindset.

Back in 2011 when we featured Bitcoin in The Dollar Vigilante, BTC was only $3, and I was not operating from a place of fear.

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The emperor has no clothes.

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Trump will say what he has to say to make the United States look strong in front of global leaders but everyone knows Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will overtake traditional fiat currencies.

I love your enlightened perspective and understanding about this world- a breath of fresh air. Thanks for sharing such helpful and important information with us. Keep up the amazing work :)

This steemit platform only has a few awakened people, as we can see by you making $1.47 off your post from 241 people. This place is not composed on like-minded people and I believe we need our own space, another blockchain perhaps, where we can start a revolution, where we share strategies together. I hardly see anything helpful here from users and those who post the most important information are making penny's and that is very backward.

Then we get people posting a bunch on nonsense, and they make lots of money. I guess that is a reflection of the world we live in- ignorance.

When I try and talk to people about what is going on, they get upset and they are brushing their teeth with fluoride and not my type of people, but i am forced to be around them.

Could we not create our own place of awakened people, who come together to lift each other up.

I can't stand living with these people, they drive me to feel very frustrated.

Berwick, I totally agree with where are going at. The clandestine markets which the US Dollar creates is un imagineable. In Latin America, there are houses (brick and mortar) houses filled with cartel dollars. This is a huge amount of liquidity that is floating around unaccounted for. So yes, the US Dollar is the firsr currency used in criminal affairs (almost exclusively).
When you mention that the US Dollar is based on thin air, I do not totally agree. It is printed out of thin air through fractional reserve banking, but it does have a backing (a base of user in public confidence). The US Dollar is backed by most importantly by the weight of the US defense forces. They will defend the dollar until death. So in a way, the US dollar is backed by VIOLENCE. ASSURED VIOLENCE.