It Seems Like Steem Is Sustaining Itself Kudos To The Steem Community!!!!


It's been a while now since steem has been in the Crypto Spotlight (about a month or two) but things are looking well for the community and bloggers are persevering. This shows that the platforms and the main currency are in good health. I guess people have to come to a grips that decentralization is still here and Steem is really not fading away. If you look at the price it shows low volatility and high demand for this I guess you could say "lightning fast coin". The transactional speed is very high so with that feature alone a lot can be done. I just wonder if Steem can facilitate some sort of financial system like Ripple. Is it possible? I don't know much about the technical side but that would be a good look if it were. I'm sure though it only facilitates social media and games (basically Dapps) but you never know in this suprising world. I really like the platform and wish it the best as I use it. Please leave a reply if you can thanks @durianwalker.

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