When Smart People Get Stupid, and When Stupid People Seem Smart❕❕

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Ok, So...in my last article I talked about 'finding a  voice' and how we all need to contribute in our own unique way. So how  do we do that? As a writer, I feel lucky to have this outlet, aside from the fact that writing is something I enjoy doing, I feel like I have something to contribute.


This week, I want to  talk about how someone who I have a lot of respect for, did something very stupid. Do you know who Mohamed El-Erian is? Yep, the economist who  used to run the largest bond fund with the famous bond king, Bill  Gross. Anyway, point being Mohamed is a super smart economist, and knows financial markets inside and out. BUT like many of his peers, he knows jack shit about bitcoin, or more accurately, what bitcoin stands for. You see, all the Mohamed El-Erian's and Jamie Diamons of the world are  going to refuse the acceptance of bitcoin as a mainstream currency- and rightfully so, I mean they are the ones losing their power. 

So some, like Jamie Diamon, just come out and call it a sham, and by the way Jamie, if you're reading this, it will "end badly" for you that is.  Then we have my friend Mohamed who comes out and says "bitcoins true value is about $5,000 and should stabalize" around there. 

Here's the article if you feel inclined:


Point being, Mohamed is CLUELESS. People, this guy has no idea what he's talking about when it comes to bitcoin, why do I say that? Because he spends his days entrenched in the old economy. He doesn't see the innovation being created from the same perspective as we do. Bitcoin is not just a currency, it's a symbol; a symbol of a new era of wealth creation and innovation. A symbol that people are sick and tired of being sick and tired. A symbol that guys in suits who use big words and  still say nothing, and worse do nothing, are not welcome anymore. It's  also a symbol for young and ambitious people to change the game, to grab  life by the balls again and say I can do this, or I can create that, and actually have fun doing it. 

I don't want  to be rude to Mr. El-Erian, I respect him in many ways, but Mohamed,  when it comes to bitcoin, sit down and shut up. 

Want more stupidity? Take a look at this article by a Wall St. Journal writer. 


Sorry, I get anxiety when I talk about stupidity for too long so I'm not gonna re-hash this article for you, but basically the writer talks about why bitcoin is going to zero, and how it's not an efficient form of money. Ok Mr. Author, can you please sit next to Mohamed while we watch bitcoin  break to new highs. I think Elon musk should role a joint for these guys. 

Listen, if you're new to crypto just  please remember that the blockchain and bitcoin is not exactly something the system wants. Regulators are regulating it because they have to, Wall St. is getting in on the game because they have to, the rich are  starting to buy it because they have to. None of these groups would  choose to have bitcoin or the blockchain if it was up to them. They would be smug to maintain the same status quo and entrench themselves deeper into their own wealth and power. 

So  again, really take a rock of salt when you hear someone "smart" or  "famous" talking about bitcoin. Whatever you do, don't take any advice  from Warren or Charlie when it comes to this stuff. 

Now, on a totally different front, did you hear Jihan Wu's speach this last week at the mining summit? Check it out here:

Here's the most important thing he said: 

"Mining  bitcoin in bear markets is a smart thing to do. I remember the last  bear market of 2014, the miners who bought miners from us then made a fortune(paraphrase)". 

So I have to say, I have  been telling people that for the last few weeks. We even ran a special pricing on all miners for the month of September at our mining farm just  because I wanted to encourage people to take advantage of this market.  In my last article, I called the low on bitcoin, I said it was going to  get volatile, but we are done going down and the move up has started. Well, for all of the elevate group (elevategroup.io) investors who have been mining or began mining several months ago, good on you- you're about to see your ROI skyrocket. 

Mining is about accumulating wealth, it's about having a long term view on the blockchain and bitcoin and positioning yourself to capture that wealth. Whatever you do, hold your mining profits, never sell unless you really have to. The ROI will be incredible. Oh and remember, I'm not an investment advisor (even though I used to be) and this is not investment advice. Do your own due diligence, but do yourself a favor and stay away from stupid people:) 

Would love to see you in our community telegram, join here: 


Thank you, 

Amir Ness
Founder of Elevate Group 

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smart people getting ignorant, stupid people learn to be smart.


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