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Exchange wallet, peer to peer payments.
Daxico is a powerful application, a three in one application. It provides the opportunity for users to exchange cryptocurrencies, store various digital assets in a secure wallet, and also send a peer to peer payments seamlessly. This overwhelming problem-solving potential has made it a one-stop destination for all cryptocurrency needs. A reputable platform like daxico who has her attention targeted towards crypto-novices and professional users alike, has an intuitive user interface, thereby making its features familiar especially to those who are used to online banking. In short, it has the features/highlight of a bank, an exchange and a peer to peer exchange.

Incredible Exchange:
With the same send/receive interface, over 100 digital assets can be traded. The power of Daxico Exchange could be felt in its features, including the low commissions and free trading for the first three months. It features low spreads, high volume, and lightning-fast execution speed.

Flexible/Adaptable Wallet:
With a wallet as flexible as daxico, users could spare more with less. That is, daxico provides an “abstraction layer” for various underlying blockchains. Let me give a brief explanation of an abstraction layer. An abstraction layer is an API (set of functions) which is hiding the underlying implementation/complexity. The purpose is to provide a clear and easier-to-use interface over an existing set of functionality. In other words, the complexity of the interface has been simplified, such that, a user does not need to learn differences between Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital assets to use all of them.
- Multiple Assets:
To store multiple assets, accounts are to be created and like earlier mentioned, Daxico supports over 100 accounts. The asset could be used in exactly the same intuitive way as online banking, with send and receive functionality.
- Multiple Accounts:
Here, multiple different types of accounts could be created e.g. savings account, trading account, or any type of account of the users choice, even an account for extreme personal use, or for sharing with family, spouse or loved ones, or for solely business sake. So, for whatever purpose a user might decide to create an account, the user can still decide to have multiple accounts and have a type of asset distributed into these multiple accounts.
- Multiple Users:
More than one user is permitted to use a single account. This is a feature that can be likened to the joint or corporate accounts at banks. If it’s a trading account, the user can grant access to a professional trader who can rightly manage his digital asset investment. Also, a family member or trusted employee can be granted access to an account. There are different access levels and it’s based on the user’s digression.

State of Art Security
Daxico implores one of the best protective measures. It supports popular code generators e.g Google Authenticator and Authy. Unlike the email or the SMS authentication, the two-factor authentication with a code generator is more secure and it protects all asset withdrawals and important account changes. This wallet also permits setting up trusted withdrawal addresses, such that, users can send funds without the 2-factor authentications but up to a specified limit.

Users are advised to take proper care of their mnemonics recovery seed by storing in a secure place. The mnemonics recovery seed is very important because access to an account can only be restored with the recovery seed. Also, Daxico won’t ever request for the user's email or phone number _ for security sake and will never send any promotions, spam or anything of any sort.

Free peer to peer payment.
Users can always carry out any transaction for free.
Payments to;
i. Companies, employees or contractors.
ii. Family, friends or loved ones.
iii. Miners or blockchain confirmations are all free.
Transfer funds are instant and free.

Daxico overwhelming features can be further read via the following links;
website: https://daxico.com/
Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5084070
Twitter: https://twitter.com/daxicoex
Telegram: https://t.me/daxicoex
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