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The blockchain capital of Europe

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Hello Paige, sorry for taking you for a he! mistaken give by the missing photo + the fact that i'm italian and I don't perceive Paige as a female name (it's very uncommon here). Resteem is like retweet .. you expose the article you like to more people and it's that arrow icon there on the right, bottom of the article. I did it a lot but honestly I recommend to resteem only the articles that you really like as the basically become part of your blog. Have a good time with your grandaughters!

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lol...Italian is my fave...i got to go Rome, Florence, and Pisa when i was a worries about gender mix up, my energy is rather masculine, anyway ...dang i wish we could have a share without getting on the blog as i am partially writing to build up an audience to buy my book when i write it so i can pay on those damn college loans....40K education and i still cannot get a job using my degrees unless i want to be a don't tell you when you start that a bachelor's in psychology is practically worthless or that you gotta pay 3K for your degree...anyway, more reason to tear down the olde and build new...blah blah blah :P thanx for reading... deeply grateful ... i will definitely share your stuff on fb :) and resteem nothing personal at all


You should consider Venice too, it's charming and mysterious. When your book it's written please tell me and I will sustain you :-) Thanks for your support Paige and keep fighting always!


Venice is amazing, but there is something abt Florence <3 ...i was still waiting on my coffee to hit this AM


Your so cool f3nix :) will be a while still :) but i am believer ... better believe i will keep on fighting & i wish the same for U & all others against the system & glad to be here where people seem more intelligent than in fb...