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Facebook is a wonderful resource for any type of business. Whether you are promoting your business products, multi-level marketing, affiliate marketing, or anything else, the opportunities on Facebook are endless.
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I know 100s of people who make a good pocket money to a full -time living from their social media. They are called micro-influencers. They have a decent follower base on any specific area and then monetize that by advertising.

So the process to make money is 2 step process. (1) Get a Facebook group/page with a big following, (2) Monetize your following.

Monetize your Facebook page

Your FB page is an asset that can be used to profit from if you know how.

Here are a few ways you can use that asset to make money.

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  1. Sell stuff on Facebook’s Marketplace

When looking for an online marketplace to sell stuff, people immediately think of eBay and Craigslist.

But you can also sell a variety of items, from books and baby products to clothing and even furniture, on Facebook’s Marketplace.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

You can promote products as an affiliate on Facebook as well.

This can be a little tricky. You don’t want to spam your friends and family by dumping affiliate links every time you post on Facebook. You have to strike a balance.

More importantly, you have to find and promote something that is relevant. For example, around the Halloween, you could promote Halloween customs for an online store.

Here is how you can get this started:

Sign up (it’s always free) for an affiliate marketing site like CommissionJunction or Shareasale.
Search their marketplace for a product/service to promote
Grab your unique affiliate link (They’ll give you a unique link that identifies you as the source whenever someone uses it to buy that product/service.)
Post on Facebook periodically about the product while including your unique affiliate link in it.
Every time someone clicks that link and buys the product, you earn a commission.
The best part about this whole thing is that once that post/link is up, it can generate commission for you for as long as that product is available. It becomes a sort of passive income source.

Other options

Here are a few other ways you can earn extra cash with the help of your Facebook account.

  1. Publish a Facebook Kindle eBook

It’s a new and very unfamiliar landscape for grandma. She wants to keep in touch with the kids. They all seem to be on that Facebook thingy all day long. Only if grandma knew how to use the damn thing!

If you know a lot about using Facebook and all its functions, you can help grandma by creating a simple Facebook guide eBook.

To those of us who use Facebook every day, it may seem crazy that anyone would need (and pay for) a guide for using it.

But people do. Think of the elderly and the less tech savvy folks. Amazon’s Kindle library is full of eBooks with Facebook guides for seniors.

  1. Blog about it

Just like creating an eBook, blogging about Facebook could also make you money.

Think of it as an eBook with new chapters published daily or weekly.

And to make money, you could display ads, sell sponsored posts, and even offer Facebook related services (setting up fan pages, custom profile page designs, etc.)

  1. Develop your own Facebook related app

If you can code, creating a Facebook related app is a great way to not only make money but also help users with various functions.

But what if you don’t know how to make apps?

There is another way. Although it requires a little investment. You can hire freelance developers on just about any freelancing site to design and develop the app for you.

You come up with the idea (what the app will do) and the rest is done by the developer.

If you need inspirations, check out the story of Facebook app student millionaires who after being encouraged by their Stanford professor, B.J. Fogg, to create apps for homework assignments, created apps that were making them thousands of dollars a day!

  1. Do Sponsored Likes & Shares

Although I am not particularly fond of this one, hundreds of thousands of people do use this method for extra money.

Basically, if you have a large number of friends on Facebook you could go on micro job sites like Fiverr offering to like or share a page, website, picture, etc for a fee.

Obviously, the bigger is the number of friends you have, the more people are willing to pay you to essentially advertise their stuff on your Facebook page.

Some people are actually making a living with this on Fiverr.

  1. Become a Facebook marketing expert

Some marketers are still trying to catch up on how to effectively use social networks as a marketing tool.

If you know the ins and outs of marketing tactics and strategies on Facebook like the back of your hand, you could sell your services as a Facebook marketing specialist.

Help small business promote and grow their Facebook pages so they can reach more potential customers.

Just like Google revolutionized search advertising, Facebook has a similar effect on social media advertising, so use your knowledge to help companies make use of this potential.

  1. Sell Likes & Shares

This is another method I don’t particularly like, but it’s out there.

Some people, on sites like Fiverr, offer a service where they get thousands of likes or shares for a Facebook page you specify. There are even some companies now that specialize in doing that.

While usually people selling on Fiverr seem to be using a bot to generate thousands of fake accounts, thus getting you thousands of fake likes and shares, there are a few companies that insist they deliver shares and likes from real accounts with real individuals behind them.

People pay for these fake (or real, but useless since they are not genuine) likes because it’s much easier to get new customers/visitors to like you when they see a big number of people who’ve already liked you. It’s the herd mentality.

  1. Sell Fan Pages

You can actually make good money by offering customized fan pages to businesses.

Depending on the customer and their needs, it can be as simple as writing a few sentence about the company and putting a nice header picture together, or as specialized as creating custom graphics and images to create a truly amazing Facebook page.

HubSpot has a great list of 15 beautiful Facebook fan pages that can give you some ideas and inspirations on how to create great looking fan pages.

Again, take a look at Fiverr. There are tons of people who make money doing exactly that.

What I personally like about Facebook marketing in general is that there are options for everybody. There are some methods that will help you earn a little pocket change, while others will enable you to actually make decent money from Facebook.

$ Grow your friends to grow your income.$
With over a billion users, Facebook offers an unlimited amount of people to talk to if you take the time to build relationships. Facebook's Graph Search solves the new prospect obstacle by opening up their entire database to you. All you need to do is take the time to reach out and build relationships.

  1. Create a group for support and inspiring sales teams.
    Whether you're a manager motivating a team, or have a group of industry peers who want to support each other, Facebook Groups are the answer. You can move mountains when you belong to a group of passionate people working toward the same goals, supporting each other every day.

Once you start your group, post at least a few times a week. It could be a question, words of motivation, pictures, or videos. Always like and comment on what others are posting as well. Groups are like live events happening 24 hours a day. When run correctly, it will become the cornerstone of your success.

  1. Remember, Facebook is part of the strategy, not the whole strategy.
    Facebook connects you to new people and helps you develop relationships. However, you still need to talk with people face to face, over the phone, and at events. They also need to experience a "taste" of your offering.

I hope this helps \thank you and check back for more
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