Crypto Debit Cards TenX and MonaCo

5년 전

TenX and MonaCo are two of the upcoming debit cards in the market. This two are making good move in the market by focusing in the European and Asia markets. Where the use of cryptocurrencies is better taking. This article bring some info in way this two cards will make a lot of wade in the market and compete with other cards coming out like Ethereum and Dash cards. In my opinion projects like this debit card will advance in a great matter the publicity of cryptocurrenices to the general public.


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Apart from these two, there is another company: Tokencard I can't advice people to put money in Monaco and tokencard for now. The devs are not active to the community lately, some are even guessing it's a scam. The worst of them all is the tokencard. It's been long the dev posted update. The best time to invest with 100% gain is when their devs starts to respond to the community

Tenx is a good move, they are organized.