Why Bitcoin May Be On The Verge Of A Powerful Move


Bitcoin has been in a long, decending triangle for a number of months. It is not getting to the apex meaning that the largest cryptocurrency is about to make a move.

The key support level is $6,000. A break below this would be very bearish especially on volume.

Equally as true is an upside break. Normally a descending triangle that reverses is a very powreful sign.

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Agreed, descending triangles and triangles in general tend to "coil" power for an asset. This will spring the asset in either direction. my bets say it may be to the downside since we are in a downtrending market, but I have no crystal ball.

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Looks like to me it broke the trend with the last push up! We are going to see some major moves in the coming months.


hope it is as you say.

The Bulls are coming...


They all kept saying this...

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The question is when?
Nobody can tell
So much going in the background but no sign of pull up.
May be good from the volatility aspect but I thought I would see a steady rise, not happening yet.
I’m waiting eagerly but patiently.
It’s hard to digest there is blockchain technology out there which is great in every way of the existing system apart from scalability and security, I know these are key issues but the technology should be adopted to address these issues.

I think bitcoin is going to take off


De acuerdo con tu apreciación

A mi juicio, el Bitcoin podría alcanzar nuevamente niveles parecidos y superiores a los de diciembre de 2.017, que sea o no este diciembre es otra cosa, pero cuando lo haga superará los históricos, quedan menos de 4MM de BTC por minar, luego un BTC será una de los artículos digitales mas preciados para coleccionar, les invito a ver mi artículo

Buy buy buy! :D

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Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!


when is the bull run coming bro..................

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Thanks finprep

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Now is stretched, all is ready

ho are bitcoin at year 2019??

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Fiat and real estate are about to crash. Fed is going to raise rates till global collapse. Buy silver, gold, and crypto!

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That is a lot of pressure built up in the wedge. I’m guessing your first target is around 13k adding the difference between the top and the bottom of the wedge to the current price?

buy the rumor sell the news...

its about to breakout and moon :D

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I hope it really does make a move this is getting insane!

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