No Exchange Is Safe!

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Well generally speaking if you don't hold the private keys to the crypto wallet you are using to store your tokens then you don't own it. We remember this everytime we encounter a hack news.

Earlier today Binance was hacked. It was arguably considered one of the safest cryptocurrency exchanges. It would be a good time for everyone especially new users to change their passwords, refresh their keys, use a password manager and a 2FA app like Authy or Google Authenticator.

It's also true that it's never a great idea to store cryptos on exchange for too long but you can't time a hack scenario. In the last few weeks markets have been moving up so many including myself have had our cryptos on the exchanges for trading in and out of Bitcoin.

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It's good to keep it a device like Ledger in other times but it's hard to say when an exchange will be hacked. I'm glad that Binance is in a position to ensure customer funds are not lost. But one can't say the same about other exchanges. So do you due diligence and use an exchange that you consider to be safe.

I look forward to moving my coins out of Binance once they resume withdrawals but I will continue using them until a better solution comes along which offers similar features, and trading volumes as Binance.

You can read about Binance hack here

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Earlier today Binance was hacked.

I'm wondering why Binance is hacked every now and then.

But still people wants to use it. *smh

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It's so sad to know Binance can be hacked too.
I mean, we considered it to be the safest exchange out there.

you are absolutely right but the peoples are still using this

Better keep a cold storage for your cryptos as hackers are getting smarter everyday. Exchange also need to up their security protocols to combat these hackers.

Wondering, does the Chinese Government has anything to do with these Binance hacks every now and then?

You are 100% right.Thanks for shareing and I am going to resteem your post so that everyone could have the knowledge.

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Amr mone ase jokhon Kew r voy pae

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Agree with you. Too much worried about this matter.