The ENTRY offering all services of traditional banks and allow the users to use cryptocurrency for everyday life payments

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Introduction: Nowadays, the blockchain and cryptocurrency are the most important topic around the digital financial market. Almost every business runs their overall activities based on the blockchain, cryptocurrency and other additional technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, smart contracts and so on. The global financial system faced crisis due to many reasons. Transferring money and money lending process still complicated as this system still running by the centralized systems. The ENTRY brings unique solution in the field of financial system that revolutionizes the global banking system with introducing cryptocurrency. They will enhance the cryptocurrency using sectors and allow people use their crypto assets in their everyday needs. The ENTRY is famous worldwide because of their strategic and transparent services. They consider their investors as the heart of the platform and provide them the best services based on their demands. They will provide 24/7 nonstop services and the participants can ask for services at any time. They have proof of their success and provide every evidence of their overall activities to their users. The token base service helps to enhance the acceptances globally.

If you want to introduce with their services and tokens, you should visit their website. Click here to get direct access on their website.
Company roadmap: The ENTRY is a strategic platform and they have unique techniques to run their platform smoothly and swiftly. They have pre-plan of their activities and set their goals in several steps. They have launched their roadmap recently. Here, I am giving you a short description about the ENTRY roadmap.

• 2015: The Company has started their mission in 2015. They obtained Money Institution license and signed agreement with central bank to get SWIFT and IBAN numbers in 2015.

• 2017: They had no ordinary for 2016. During the first quarter of 2017, they developed their payment gateway with credit card or debit card, bank links and with other sectors in order to collect funds for online shops. At the same time, they started peer to peer payment payments method to all European banks and started to build infrastructure for international payments.

• 2018: They launched their mobile apps both in App store and Google play and expanded their ENTRY.MONEY services with including business account throughout the world during the first quarter of this year. In recent time, they have planned to start crypto exchange with the ICO campaign and issued the MasterCard and Visa credits to the ENTRY users and investors through conducting meetings with the card issuers. During the third quarter they will invest 1 million Euro for the continuous development of the platform. During the 4th quarter, they will place the money institution license to Electronic Money License and European Bank License. At the same time they will start to collect licenses outside EU.

• 2019: They will start their developing Pre-ICO and ICO campaign during the first quarter of 2019. At the same time they will launch payment gateway ENTRY.MONEY with bank accounts and crypto exchange ENTRY.EXCHANGE. During the 3rd quarter of 2019, they will implement blockchain into the platform and will release their ENTRY.NETWORK wallet to store the transferring crypto from the ICO. They will start peer to peer lending with ENTRY.BANK by the end of 2019.

• 2020-2021: They will publish ATM system with ENTRY.CASH and put their cash machines for beta testing in 2020. Then, they will provide deposits and withdrawal services with cash by developing partnership with agents. Other additional features such as loans and other banking and finance services will be implemented globally in 2021.
I would like to suggest you for reading through their informative whitepaper to get detailed information about their roadmap and other features. Here the link:

Use of funds: The ENTRY is one of the most lucrative platforms throughout the world because of having multiple income sources. They have set an attractive hard cap target based on their ICO business. They also make a nice distribution for the future using of their funds. The funds will be used for legal frameworks, business development, researching, marketing operations and bounty campaign. Here, I am giving you a short description about their funds allocation.

• Business is the core purpose for any organizations. So, its development is mandatory. The ENTRY will use 40 percent of their funds for the business development where 30 percent will be used for facilitating the token adoption, technological development like financial services, supply chain management, social media, Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence for selected industries. Another 10 percent tokens will be used for coin swaps in several blockchain open source ecosystem.
• They will use 5 percent of their funds for researching for the technical development of academic research and education for the developers and also for marketing expansion.
• 22 percent ENTRY funds will be used for legal and compliance in order to enhance the liquidity for ENTRY.EXCHANGE and License to run their services in a fair way.
• Marketing sector is one of the main sectors for any business organization. They will use 20 percent of their funds for marketing development and expansion to assure the participants to make their payments for everyday purchase with using cryptocurrency.
• 10 percent assets will be distributed for the operational costs in order to run the platform in a strategic way and smoothly.
• This platform will allow you to earn easy tokens through participating on their bounty campaigns. Another 3 percent funds will be used for bounty program to advertise their platform into the digital financial market.

When you will visit their official website, you will see multiple gateways to get access on their services and you will able to learn about their servicing strategy. Here the link:

Conclusion: The ENTRY platform is combined with multiple features such as ENTRY.EXCHANGE for exchanging services, ENTRY.MONEY for providing payment gateway, ENTRY.BANK with banking features and ENTRY.CASH for implementing ATM to assure the withdrawal facilities. This platform is powered by the blockchain technology and governed by the smart contracts that ensure the best services with ensuring transparency and security. They will provide numerous facilities to their investors. The investors will get multiple gateways for enhancing their profits. This platform has brought a big chance to peoples from all over the world to take part on their community. They have multiple income sources and they will provide equal distribution of their assets to the investors. You do not need get worried about your investment in this platform. It is high time for investing in this platform, because the token sale event will take place for a limited time.

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