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There is a say, “Health is wealth”. The health is one of the important subjects in our life as the main influencing factors of the quality of human’s life as well as human’s economic activity. A healthy person can perspire in his life for the healthy mind and body. A healthy mind can provide creative and effective work, as a result, the healthy person will succeed in his every work. The HiHealth is a health care based platform in the online digital ecosystem of the cryptocurrency industry.

The HiHealth platform is a blockchain technology-based healthcare platform. This platform is implementing AI (Artificial Intelligence) to provide health service and health care data provide. This platform is creating a global medical ecosystem based on artificial intelligence (AI) language for complex personalized diagnostics of the human organism in real time. This platform is giving the opportunity of data sharing and downloading system about the medical treatment of the individuals. This platform is using the data of medical examinations of a large number of patients. They are collecting data with the help of health monitoring gadgets. This platform will be training AI to conduct early diagnosis of various diseases. We can know more about this platform for their whitepaper which is already released by the HiHealth platform on the website. The Whitepaper link of this platform is We can visit their website to know their recent activities in detail.

Problems solution by the HiHealth platform:

The HiHealth is a blockchain technology-based healthcare platform in the online digital ecosystem of the cryptocurrency industry. This platform is using advanced technology and expertise to solve the health care problem for the people from all over the world. They are giving complex personalized diagnostics of the human organism in real-time. This platform is giving blockchain technology used AI (Artificial Intelligence), decentralized, medical data provided healthcare ecosystem. There is a different problem in the healthcare system all over the world. The HiHealth platform is solving this problem and serving healthcare with their technology and expertise. The problem's solution of this platform is given below:

There are different types of problems and issues are facing by us in the healthcare industry. The misdiagnoses of doctors hundreds of thousands of patients die annually in the USA and EU. The people of all over the world are losing more than $ 100 billion per year for the wrong prescription. On the existing system, there are specialized doctors for certain organs or organism’s system where they can’t see the overall picture. There was an absence of experience as well as doctors knowledge problems which often lead to a situation that the rare diseases can be not diagnosed. At the present time, doctor’s has high workload as well as they are spending the significant amount of time for documentation. As a result, doctors are facing analyzing anamnesis for the lack of time. The doctors are facing complexity in the definition of the disease according to X-ray, CT, MRI, studies, histological examination on the time of non-standard course of a disease. Now the doctors are highly dependence on the subjective experience of the expert. This platform will be allowed radically change the situation in the field of the medical diagnostics based on neural networks artificial intelligence. There has la ack of qualified medical staff in the regions of the world. Now a day’s, people need medical care in the growing population of the earth where there has la ack of qualified medical staff in the regions of the world. At the present time, the asthma prevalence is increasing. According to the WHO, There are 235 millions of people suffer from asthma which is the most common chronic disease among the children of all over the world. Now a day’s cardiovascular diseases are reason for increased mortality. The HiHealth platform is solving this problems and challenges with their service of advanced technology and expertise.

The HiHealth is a blockchain technology-based global analytical ecosystem of personal medical data based on artificial intelligence (AI) platform. This platform is training artificial intelligence using the data of medical examinations of a large number of patients and health monitoring gadgets. The artificial intelligence of this platform will conduct early diagnosis of various diseases as well as it will find the previously uncovered cause-effect relationship between the functioning of the system and organs of the body. This platform will give more accurate survey results with help of the AI alightest deviations. This platform will provide early detection diseases primarily. This platform is implementing gadgets as well as mobile application to conduct a similar to ECG survey in real-time for the cardiovascular diseases including ischemic heart diseases as well as hypertension. This platform is creating a complete diagnostic picture using gadgets and mobile applications. This platform will be collecting data on DNA analysis which will allow conduct early diagnosis of potential parents by including their compatibility. This platform will undertake more detail by planning towards pregnancy, recognizing the possibility of manifesting genetic and hereditary diseases. This platform is providing medical secrecy in order to verify users. This platform is giving secure storage of data to transfer of information between the doctor and the patient. This platform is using blockchain technology of Ethereum and decentralized file sharing service Ehtereum swam for testing the authenticity of diagnostic gadgets. This platform is managing personal medical data by downloading and anonymously storing personal data. The user of this platform can earn platform tokens by selling own data anonymously. This platform is giving early diagnosis of diseases by the data analysis with AI (Artificial Intelligence). This platform is giving telemedicine opportunity by video and audio consultations. This platform is giving database of approved doctors from all over the world. This platform is helping to make appointments for undergoing a medical examination and helping to purchase as well as connect tested devices or gadgets for express diagnosing of the organism. This platform will help to search as well as purchase certified drugs by complete control of treatment plan. We can visit their website to know their recent activities in detail.
We can join this platform for advanced healthcare service by the cryptocurrency and online ecosystem.

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