The significant development process of blockchain technology based TraXion platform

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Now the cryptocurrency is the important element in the online digital ecosystem. The Bitcoin is a digital currency. It is the first application of the distributed public ledger technology known as blockchain technology. The blockchain technology is a significant invention in the online digital ecosystem of cryptocurrency industry which is invented b the Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. Science than, the cryptocurrency industry developed and developing more day by day. The Bitcoin mining is a beneficial business in the online digital ecosystem of the cryptocurrency industry. The Bitcoin is a blockchain technological digital currency which is eliminating the need for an third-party mediator. It is creating a trustless as well as decentralized that is distributed to many network nodes. This Bitcoin can be mined by the computer or CPUs. But this processing is taking power and generating heat. There has many Bitcoin mining platform in the digital ecosystem of cryptocurrency industry. The TraXion is a transaction based platform by removing businesses and bank in the crypto trading society.

The TraXion is a blockchain driven environment to be a better bank which is enabling its community to load, send, save, spend, lend and Borrow cryptocurrency by using a secure, simplified yet compliant application. This platform is a decentralized transaction-based platform which is replacing banks and businesses from the transaction ecosystem. This platform is creating an ecosystem of decentralized environment where profit meets non-profit sectors. This platform is developing a synergy towards corruption free social impact activities. This platform was built with the aim to offer traditional financial products in a blockchain driven environment. This platform is offering the crypto economy for payments, peer to peer (P2P) lending, remittance, investments as well as philanthropy. This platform has a mission to prepare itself for the exciting event of involving the crowd by launching several products as well as services. The TraXion platform is a tokenize cryptocurrency based platform in the online digital ecosystem of the cryptocurrency industry. They have created TraXion token for the public interest by their smart contract technology of the blockchain. We can purchase TraXion token form this platform’s website. The website link for this platform is We can know the TraXion ICO information from the white paper of this platform which is already released. The whitepaper link of this platform is

The development history of Traxion platform:

TraXion is a blockchain technology-based transaction and payment platform in the online digital ecosystem of the cryptocurrency industry. They are developing this platform as a world best cryptocurrency marketplace. They have completed many developments, some are going on and some will be complete soon. The development history of this platform is given below:

Development completed:

• In the early year 2017: The TraXion platform has completed the formation of blockchain Dev Hub. The is manila’s developer hub for this platform which focuses on using Hyperledger Fabric to create blockchain solution for financial institutions. The blockchain Dev Hub is serving as a source of revenue for the company. It will work as fuel for the proliferation of blockchain applications in the Philippines.

• In the mid-year 2017: The have completed the launch of payment platform. The is a digital unified payment system for this platform. It is giving services for merchants as well as businesses. This platform’s all payment gateways for both online as well as offline are shamelessly consolidated in one platform with the Traxion Wallet. The payment platform will be giving flexible integration of the channels, advanced fraud protection for security, recurring billing for convenient payment as well as mobile optimization.

• In the mid-year 2017: The Traxion platform has completed the launch of Fund-raising platform. This platform is offering which is an end to end fundraising platform. it is providing a quick as well as a convenient way for donors to support charitable social causes. This platform is giving over 20 payment options for donors to deliver aid. It has an automated management dashboard with analytics accessible for fun-raisers’ use. It will be supporting charitable as well as social causes. It is also creating a complete tool for non-profit organizations, NGOs, and foundations to raise funds. The website link for this platform is

• May 2018: The TraXion platform ICO (Initial Coin Offering) will launch. They will launch 250, 000, 000 TraXion tokens for sale in the ICO. They have divided their ICO of token sale into three parts such as a Private sale or seed sale, pre-sale and crowd sale. On the ICO event of this platform, they will be giving various bonuses. Their target amount to rise in US dollars.

• In Quarter 02, 2018: At this time, this platform will be completing TraXion Wallet capability as well as SMARTER fundraising. This platform’s TraXion Wallet is using a disbursement gateway to support fund transfers as well as peer to peer (P2P) transfers. This platform will be enabling customers to remit. It will be making payments as well as donates to anyone in the world. This platform is using reputation scoring as well as blockchain analytics by enhancing with smart contracts to automate performance evaluations of non-profit organizations. The organizations that related with this platform will be able to build their credibility for bigger fundraising as well as more successful charitable campaigns moving forward.

Will be developing:

• At the end of 2018: This platform will be completing crypto trading on the wallet. This platform’s TraXion wallet will launch a crypto trading feature for remittance as well as donation capabilities aside from payment. It will be supporting major cryptocurrencies such as ERC20, Bitcoin, Ripple, NEM and more. This platform will be making all feature possible by licensing in the system.

• In early 2019: They will be completing white-label remittance portal during this time. This platform will give an offer to existing agencies and brokers to make transactions faster, cheaper as well as more secure. For this purpose, this platform will be using Hyper-ledger technology, a white-label and enterprise-grade remittance solution.

• In late 2019: The TraXion platform will be completing Peer to Peer (P2P) lending. This platform user is using KYC registration as well as credit score as security assurance. This platform’s TraXion Wallet customers will be able to lend money to other users. The Peer to peer lending feature is allowing the facility to gain resources to build enterprise, avail insurances, gain assets as well as so much more. The website link for this platform is


At the end of the above discussion about the TraXion platform, I can say that the cryptocurrency will be changing the baking and business system using smart contract technology for this platform. This platform is filling up the gap between the existing financial system as well as emerging non-user friendly technologies by presenting a secure and simple way. This platform was built with the aim to last a crypto-economy by focusing on the scale, elimination of middlemen as well as decentralized legacy systems. We can trust this platform’s blockchain technological service in the financial sector of our daily life.

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