Crypto Investing Week 12


The updates are progressing nicely. Most of the coding is done, now I have to run and analyse data for some time. I hope I will be able to make an updated forecast next week.

Last Week

Rather boring week. The shorts are good but not amazing.

Prices and Funds

BTC = 7555.09 -> 7365.47
ETH = 152.75 -> 146.78

Strategy I: Full $
10125 -> 10134
Strategy II: Full BTC
8076.34 -> 7873.64
Strategy III: Mixed
12572 -> 12921
Strategy IV: Mixed with Ethereum
8626.36 -> 8728.38


We are getting slightly more positive. While we remain short, we reduce those positions. The mixed ETH and BTC strategy is almost net neutral, but still betting on the chance that ETH will surge compared to BTC. We further see defi interest rates falling sharply, which makes it less profitable to hoard usd.
Please note that this is not financial advice. I am just testing some statistical methods and documenting them here. Everyone has their own situation that prefers more or less risk. Everyone has their own goals. Without knowing these there is no way to find the right investment plan for YOU.

My test strategies for the week are:

Strategy I: Full $ @ 2.7% annual interest
Strategy II: Full BTC @ 0.79% annual interest
Strategy III: Mixed Short -60.2% Bitcoin @ 6.24% annual fees
Strategy IV: Mixed with Ethereum
Long ETH 140% @ 0.02% annual interest
Short BTC -165% @ 6.24% annual fees

This is the investment plane with long and short positions. The x-axis is ETH and y is BTC, 0 means neutral, 1 is long 100% and -1 is short 100%. Yellow are good choices and black are bad choices.
download - 2019-12-05T114837.851.png

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