Roger Ver Took Open Phone Calls on National Radio for Two Hours Tonight

3년 전

Just days before the historic forking of Bitcoin into at least two brands of Bitcoin, Roger Ver, aka "Bitcoin Jesus" joined us for two full hours on over 100 radio stations coast-to-coast. Not a one of his haters called in to challenge him, interestingly. Here's the full interview of @rogerkver from tonight's Free Talk Live:

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And a half dozen Blockstream members are were in Tokyo this last week and all of them refused to have any sort of discussion of the issues with me. They hide behind the censorship and troll armies.


At this point, the only thing you can do is keep moving toward your vision and wait for the future to unfold. Bitcoin isn't going anywhere and you will arrive at the destination along with it. Keep the faith, Roger.


So much for honest debate. BTW, if it hadn't been for Roger Ver and Free Talk Live advertising Bitcoin five years ago, I wouldn't have bought it as early as I did. Really glad he's still working toward keeping bitcoin peer to peer and affordable.


listen mate.. from a "new" member in bitcoin community since 2014.. you and jihan never had the public persona thats likeable, and they way you treat bitcoin and the other developers is terrible.. Jihans twitter should be taken from him.. and for why nobody is discussing you cause its pigeon chess

nice work about this talk live rogerkevr interview.have a good day ftlian

Pretty cool. this is gonna be interesting

Very great comrade :-)

Definitely worth an upvote and a resteem :)

Great :(

Bitcoin Jesus lmao, I gotta see this!