Mexico wow beautiful but not welcome if mature white male, justified though with white dominated corporate capture leaving third world countries behind.

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I am now just laying around like this dude below in Costa Rica, San Jose:

Arrived here in Costa Rica with much more welcome and will try to find somewhere to donate your money soon. For my new followers learn about the 100% steemit blockchain transparent charity clicking this link.

Here are some pictures and money give-a-way shots from my time in Acapulco. Thanks @maxg for audit update of wallet transactions in comment section on most posts:

The next two shots are Acapulco main beach shots:


The color and art in Mexico are incredible zoom in and look around in the next two pictures:

A 12 piece Mariachi band in Guadalajara Mexico below if you zoom in you will find it and look at the color around:


For my followers that want more on my Corporate Capture rant the clip below has an extremely smart and well respected analyst Danielle Park, that tells it like it is in my opinion:

This lady below also is very smart and I like her message:

And this next clip below, early adopter of bitcoin has a great story and information for those wanting to learn about what I call the most important innovation to business as the computer, calculator and internet - blockchain (validation/notarizing via processing power):

Bookmark my page or follow me. In fact, sign up and start blogging on steemit - it's fun, post your pictures or creativity! Follow donations in my transparent wallet. Donate by transferring a steem from your wallet to mine and see your money in folks hands that hopefully will pass it forward or use it productively.


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@greenman said,

I think Reich is really smart and has great policies for employees. He just does not get the monopoly the world is in or thinks it is better for the world. I don't like the deceptive nature of our corporate capture so am not a big fan and when he endorsed H Clinton he became an ass in my eyes.

i am with are so great man thank you

for charity prject


Great work my friend...


Well done job

Donate and resteem...Thanks for ur support


Great work

  ·  4년 전

Total Raised: $1,477.45
Total Distributed $1,385.88

Website updated


Thx @maxg for update. Make sure when you use the market price of steem you use the steem price that was realized (on the following power down in my wallet) as that is the true value when converted to money that is given out. Don't worry about back dating the ledger not enough to make a difference yet. As if someone donates steem worth $10 and market crashes before I sell it to $5, only $5 was realized for donation.


G@greenman I chak your All post
Your steemit platform works is so well done excilent


Well done @greenman I hope you are greatest porsan


Excellent work...... Upvoted and I just sent some more Steem for the Direct to Vendor Project.


Upvoted.... I can’t wait to see the photos from Costa Rica.


Great summary. UpVoted.


Thanks for the update. Upvoted

You are my hero because now a days its very rear to find a kind hearted people like you.You have got a pure soul thats why i salute you and expect you to continue the noble work.Some art work for you sirU5dsppcNJMM2rn9aoXkiw43DvanrzzY.gif

Hello Paul, it is clear that they dont know you in every country so far. But that will change, you leave a good impression and you are kind for every human on this planet.
And Costa Rica... Amazing beautiful country, sure you make friends there.

Did you also saw those animals? The nature is also the large number of animals is also super.


This all are astounding pictures of Mexico delightful spots... what's more, recordings you had share I had seen them the expectation about in 2018 market will crash have turned out to be valid and now advertise is smashing this is the best time and huge chance to put resources into cryptocuereny ,gold and silver which will be gainful for the future so continue contributing more @greenman


You are my hero because now a days its very rear to find a kind hearted people like you.You have got a pure soul thats why i salute you and expect you to continue the noble work.Some art work for you sir Donate and resteem...Thanks for ur support

9 seconds ago Transfer 0.500 SBD to greenman Direct to Vendor

Continued support, will get more again next week. Thanks for your efforts! Also resteeming the post to help spread the word.

i love your work dear friend @greenman

Check out this place while you are down in Costa Rica
..... You can live in a Tree house in the Jungle.

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 3.10.00 PM.png


That looks amazing.

Thank you for having donated and visited my country


If Steem ever reaches $1,000 we will all be billionaires. Thanks to @greenman ... let’s hope we can all be as generous.


Ha ha, .... you made the cover of Forbes..... It will soon be the Bitcoin Trillionaire Club.


I am sure he is on that list somewhere. Probably under the crypto name Otomakan Ihsatos ........

Wow fantastic photography and great work.

((((((( Resteem Service))))

Wow what a amazing videos sir just outstanding videos sir. Thanks for sharing with us

Dear sir @Greenman :)

@Upvote // @Resteem done



I love the quality of the image.


really sir :)

Magnificent post dear sir @greenman :):) keep it up sir, i'll be waited for next post sir :):0



For charity my friend.....
Nothing is small @greenman

Greenman, are you leaving Steemit?


Just powering down some of my investment, I think it is an addictive platform and I am staying somewhat invested in it. I will continue to blog on it and do charity with it.


Thanks Greenman! All the best! Yea lol, it's addictive but some of us aren't where we wanna be yet so we use the opportunity to grind

costa rica is very beautiful country .Visit La Fortuna, a tiny town near the base of the volcano and you will not regret the sheer beauty. While here don’t forget to check out the marvelous Hot Springs, a tropical paradise where you can relax both your mind and body. Enjoy the travelling sir and Keep donating money it is very helpful for the poor.

once again i just checked you topped the charts of engagement ratio on steemit you are going awesomely well wish you all the best and success :)

people don't even read post and comment useless gifs sir such a good post but can't even comment or resteem


Sad eh, but some of the gifs are crazy cool.

#Resteem and #donation for charity

Cool that you are from my area in BC and traveling spreading the message of steemit! I am following you now and look forward to more posts about your adventures ^_^

Maxico's Top 10 facts

exico Facts
1 The nominal GDP of Mexico is $1.177 trillion, making it th
richest country in the world. Its nominal per capita GDP i
which is the 66th highest in the world.
2 Mexico follows a federal presidential constitutional repub
President each term along with a President of the Senate,
the Chamber of Deputies, Supreme Court President and S
the Interior.
3 Mexico has trade agreements with 40 countries, includin
States and many countries in the European Union.
4 Mexico’s main exports include manufactured goods, oil,
food products. Its main imports include agricultural mac
parts, aircraft parts and electrical equipment.
5 The country imports 48% of its goods from the United Sta
part of the North American Free Trade Agreement.
6 Mexico’s history has been filled with economic instability,
today it is considered a regional and middle power. It is k
newly industrious country and is slowly finding its place i
7 Mexico City sinks between 0.2 and 1.3 feet each year. Th
slowly sinking into the ocean, due to over extraction of gr
throughout the country.
8 Stone tools were recently found in parts of the country th
that a civilization thrived approximately 23,000 years ago.
9 Mexico is the most populous Spanish speaking country i
10 Mexican foods encompass a wide variety of spices and h
Common foods that can be found in the country include
enchiladas and tacos.

Top 10 things to know about the
Mexican economy

  1. Mexico has a $1.26 trillion economy, making it the 15 largest
    economy in the world, and the 11 taking into account power
    purchasing parity. This makes Mexico a so-called “middle power”:
    falling just short of being a G7 economy, it is nevertheless an
    economic power to be reckoned with.
  2. With its 122 million inhabitants, the GDP per capita currently
    stands at about $10,000, placing it firmly in the “upper middle
    income” countries. Adjusted for purchasing power, the GDP per
    capita is about 60% higher, at roughly $16,000. That puts it in the
    same league with countries like Turkey, Romania, and Brazil, but
    still far below countries like the U.S. ($55,000) or Switzerland
  3. Economic growth is forecasted to rebound to 3.5% in 2015,
    more or less in line with compounded average annual growth in the
    years following the global financial crisis of 2008-2009. Before
    that, growth averaged about 4-5% per year. The country faced its
    last severe economic crisis in 1994.
  4. Despite the positive forecasts, the Mexican economy faced a
    number of challenges in recent years. Growth was under 2% in
    2013, and under 3% in 2014. The price of commodities, important
    for Mexico’s income from exports, has been falling in what has
    been called “the end of the commodity super cycle”.
  5. The government of Enrique Peña Nieto, which came to power in
    December 2012, has been pressing ahead with what has been
    seen by many as an “ambitious reform agenda.” This includes an
    overhaul of the taxing system, cuts in government spending, and
    the liberalisation of certain economic sectors such as energy and
  6. Mexico is traditionally seen as a commodities and
    manufacturing giant. It has the largest proven silver reserves in
    the world, and the tenth largest oil reserves. PEMEX, the state-
    owned oil company, is one of the largest oil producers in the
    world, with revenues of about $130 billion.
  7. Due to rising wages and less favourable trade terms, Mexico
    recently gained competitiveness as a automobile exporter. Large
    automotive companies such as Volkswagen, Toyota, Nissan, Ford,
    General Motors and Fiat Chrysler have increased their production
    in Mexico recently, or have announced their intentions to do so.
  8. Thanks to its membership of the North American Free Trade
    Association (NAFTA), Mexico has been able to become one of the
    United States’ largest trade partners. It exports mostly
    manufactured goods, industrial goods, and automobiles. It has a
    positive trade balance with the United States, and as a
    consequence, has become one of the largest holders of U.S.
    treasury bonds.
  9. Mexico became the first Latin American country to enter the
    Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
    in 1994. It was later joined by Chile. Colombia is in talks to join the
    OECD as well. The current president of the OECD is a Mexican,
    Jose Angel Gurria.
  10. Mexico is the OECD country with the second highest degree of
    economic disparity between the rich and the poor, behind Chile.
    The bottom 10% on the income rung disposes of 1.36% of the
    country’s resources, whereas the upper 10% dispose of almost
    36%. Twenty-six percent of GDP comes from the informal
    economy, a part of the economy in which almost 60% of the
    workforce is active.

Hi @greenman, Another episode of awesomeness. I'm pleased to read it today. Also contribute through upvote so that this journey never stops. Also, thanks a lot for sharing this video:

This is a great interview! Steem On!

Wonderful travel experience and perfect donation work @greenman.
Professional photography in Costa-Rica. It's really beautiful location around the world. Most travelers come to this and enjoy very well.
Go ahead with charity project.
Resteemed your post.


Wow amazing place & best country. wonderful post.
For your post propagation.

I love your photograph, thats amazing cycleDQme38Xs2ZhNvCCic1evvRKixBWRsA7TXnSfjBE2VsvMA66.jpg

verry nice post sir..
you are a relly great you..
i love you..

lovely post sir..
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i have a charity project @greenman.there are 11 orphanage.itake care of to stay with them.they are my smile


you are a great soul my dear @greenman:-) I will
follow you

Pretty flowers. If I have to pick a rose I'd have to say yellow is my favorite shade. All are pretty to look at though. Have a happy Valentine's Day.
images (25).jpg


happy valentine day PAUL.wish you an amazing loving time for you and your family .lots of love............................

And you were not embarrassed by the recent strong drop in the price of bitcoin?

You live on earnings from crypto currency, and it allows you to make donations. But what about the fall in prices, they do not undermine the entire budget?


No not at all I am a holder not a trader. I am still up 1,000% and expect another 2-3,000 percent over next few years. I have diversified my cryptos and hold physical gold, silver, land and condo with no debt and have small pension. I am not worried at all even if it went back down to under $1,000 per BTC.

Excellent post sir. i like this work. amazing photography

100% like and resteem

This all are amazing pictures of Mexico beautiful places... and videos you had share i had seen them the prediction about in 2018 market will crash have become true and now market is crashing this is the best time and big opportunity to invest in cryptocuereny ,gold and silver which will be beneficial for the future so keep investing more @greenman

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some digital art work ...........

Much of Mexico is mountainous and rugged. Three mountain
chains trend southward from the U.S. border for hundreds of miles.
The Peninsular Ranges, which arise in southern California, run
down the spine of Baja California. The Sierra Madre Occidental run
along the western edge of the main Mexican landmass east of the
Gulf of California, while the Sierra Madre Oriental, which begin
south of the Big Bend country of extreme southwest Texas, occupy
the eastern part of northern and central Mexico. These two great
mountain chains are separated by a system of plateaus called the
Altiplano Central, which has an average elevation of about 6,000
feet but which trends to around 8,000 feet at its southern end, in
the vicinity of Mexico City. A belt of high volcanoes runs west to
east across central and southern Mexico, binding the southerly
fringes of the Sierra Madre Occidental and Sierra Madre Oriental.
This chain includes Mexico's highest summits, which are solitary
stratovolcanoes like the 18,404-foot Pico de Orizaba. Far southern
and southeastern Mexico includes tropical ranges and plateaus,
while the narrow coastal plains abut the Pacific and Gulf of Mexico.78517583.jpg

What a work! Salute you boss. I am a newbie here and try to participate with very small amount.

that bike looks like it was pulled up from a shipwreck in the atlantic ocean . art that cant be replicated following now to learn more about your projects and ambittions

  ·  4년 전

Yeah, I watched financial survivor network interview with Daniell Park a couple days ago.
She has a great point about extreme overvaluation and overhype on the markets and accident from over than ten years ago can happen again at any time in the next years.

That is great work and good travel experience, this is wonderful photography.

Costa Rica looks amazing. I need to visit now. Great work Paul.

you traveled a lot today and grabbed some awesome shots so nice to see bitcoin president :)
those videos were very useful to know more about the happenings thanks for sharing them too

  ·  4년 전

happy Valentine's Day.

SO BEAUTIFUL! I am about to watch the videos! Thank you SO VERY MUCH for sharing! I cannot wait to listen to Lynette Zang! I heard of her before! I absolutely love the pics! Thank you for sharing and all that you do! You make the Steemit Community so VERY special and GREAT! I'm typing as fast as I could! I'm trying to be the first to comment! It would be such an honor! I'm proudly commenting, following and resteeming! YOUR THE ABSOLUTE BEST @greenman :) Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

Wow thats child looking so happy.great photography and post @greenmanDQmX28F9QXckCyhmp75ikS4oxRSusAqDk5HbHaPS6pMzTZt_1680x8400.jpg

What white people, and what about Mexicans?

I’m a white person. Here are some of my thoughts that come to mind on the subject of Mexicans:

Mexican food is delicious. So is fake Mexican food. I love taco night.
The Mexicans at the resort I went to were lovely people. Sure they were being paid and I’m not a local.. but you know.
Mexico is a beautiful place from what I’ve seen.. but I was always in a resort or a touristy place, not in the same places that locals go.
I have no idea if I have met Mexican people outside of Mexico. I probably have and just didn’t think twice about it.
Do Mexican people who cross the border into America illegally then try to cross into Canada? Will this be a bigger thing once Trump is in office and they face deportation? Come to think of it, will he even be able to deport illegal immigrants? He can’t find them all.. can he? And not all of them are even from Mexico..
Sombreros are great. They’re like mega sunhats. But do Mexican people actually wear them all over the place? No clue but probably not. They look more formal.. well tourists buy them.
I loved Speedy Gonzales as a kid and had a VHS tape of him. And even though people worried about Speedy being racist, he had great reception from the Mexican comminity if I’m not mistaken. That’s pretty cool of them, I think.
I don’t know much about Mexican people. So yeah, a lot of stereotypes here. Yup.

Absolutely best donation task you did and will do in future sir @greenman. Charity project successful of you and other steemians. I'll hopefully wait help them. I already done and will do my best.
Best photography in Mexico. Totally beautiful. This is gift for you.


Up-Voted & Re-Steemed.

Acapulco main beach is amazing place to chill
Thanks for sharing your travel experinece with us.
Keep travelling and keep doing your charity work
God bless
Upvoted and resteemed.

really great work @greenman thank ou for this beautifull photography


I absolutely love the bike beads, thats just artistic.


Monumento al primer jefe de Estado de Costa Rica, Juan Mora Fernández, en San José.

This article is about the capital city of Costa Rica. For other uses, see San José.
San José
City and municipality
San Jose under construction.jpg
Edificio Correos. Edificio Herdocia. San Jose. Costa Rica.JPG Interiorcatedralsanjosecr.JPG
Juan Mora Fernandez statue in San Jose.JPG
National Theatre of Costa Rica - 3.jpg Museo de los Niños, San José, Costa Rica.JPG
Images, from top down, left to right: San José skyline, Chinatown, Central Avenue, Herdocia Building, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese, the Juan Mora Fernández statue, the Garabito, inside view of the National Theatre of Costa Rica, the Costa Rican Center of Science and Culture.
Flag of San José
Flag Coat of arms of San José
Coat of arms
Nickname(s): Chepe
Motto(s): Ad Meliora (Latin)
"Towards better things"
San José and surrounding area
San José and surrounding area
San José is located in Costa Rica San JoséSan JoséLocation of San José within Costa Rica
Coordinates: 9°56′N 84°5′WCoordinates: 9°56′N 84°5′W
Country Costa Rica
Province San José
Canton San José
Founded ca. 1739
Capital as of 16 May 1823
Boroughs 8 districts
• Mayor Johnny Araya Monge (PASJ
• City and municipality 44.62 km2 (17.23 sq mi)
• Metro 2,044 km2 (789 sq mi)
Elevation 1,172 m (3,845 ft)
Population (2015)
• City and municipality 333,288
• Density 6,455.71/km2 (16,720.2/sq mi)
• Urban 1,543,000 (March 2,013)[1]
• Metro 2,158,898
• Metro density 1,056.2/km2 (2,736/sq mi)
• Demonym Josefino/a
Time zone Central Standard Time (UTC-6)
Postal Code 10101
Area code(s) + 506
HDI (2011) 0.756 – high[2]
Climate Aw

Stone sphere created by the Diquis culture in the courtyard of the National Museum of Costa Rica. The sphere is the icon of the country's cultural identity.

San José from the International Space Station
San José (literally meaning "Saint Joseph", pronounced [saŋ hoˈse]) is the capital and largest city of Costa Rica. Located in the Central Valley, in the western part of the country, San José is the seat of national government, the focal point of political and economic activity, and the major transportation hub of this Central American nation.

Wow amazing place & best country. wonderful post.for charity prject..

Wow what a amazing videos sir just outstanding videos sir. Thanks for sharing with us

Dear sir @Greenman :)

@Upvote // @Resteem done

Upvote and resteem done.

Costa Rica is great place especially for surfing . While you're there must visit Quepos it's great place too. I hope you enjoyed your day @greenman and i love your this capture, Details are amazing ♥ Good day..! :)

We finally found a big foot...i thought they were extinct... :)

Good post thanks for sharing. I will upvote and reestem

I have never been to Mexico. Let us know if you think it is better to travel to Costa Rica. I have heard that alot of Canadians choose to retire there...

wow, travel is very nice, i really like travel @greenman, upvote and resteem.

@greenman you made a lot of smiles on people face that it really great job keep up for doing that and i will support you all the time thank for showing us the good side you don in this life


Great work sir
Ian diluting you
Upvote and resteem your post

amazing place wonderful sea beach mexico is beautiful thanks for sharing upvoted and resteemed

I really love your humanity. so i want to support for this

#Resteem and #donation for charity

you are a great sir...@greenman
love you..i like your post..i see your video...verry interesting & helpful....resteem

your charity work of donation is so great.i analysis this post .


upvote and resteemed done


hello, @greenman sir this is amazing photography.I also love my life and you and travel, you are great I am a proud member of esteem.

I really love this photo.

sir you are a subtle photographer.
I really love travel and photography, I hope you also love travel, If I get a chance, I shall go mexico.

I am your regular follower and fan. You are actually signing great things. You have created an awareness within Steemit and become an example to people. Thanks @grennman
I'm sending you some sbd in hopes of helping more people. Thanks big man. Thank you, Robin Hood. Thank you, King of Steemit.

A great thing to benefit even the poor of technological development and in particular the Baluchin technique, has been a wonderful initiative of you I still hope that I can contribute with you in this good initiative accept my greetings to you .Indeed, buying bitcoin is a very safe way to keep your wealth if something horrible happens to FIAT currencies. Bitcoin can go up and down all the time, but I don't care, because it's going to be huge in the future. Whatever happens now, is only a temporary setback...

Thats a nice looking old city, i bet you can find some good ancient history or even artifacts in that place. I would love to go there.

Its very sad to know that all the rich countries had always used others countries resources in order to be rich...Pheriphary countries had always dominated by core countries making them poor and helpless...This is why mexican don't like white people as they had discriminated them on the name of race and color..Capitalist is ruling developing countries...I hope world will change soon and people will not suffer from poverty and will live with equality and full rights...My prayers as always!!beautiful pictures @greenman

for charity prjectDQmViQYoiBSNFpT4ZqwXgZ2WUt6aY39N43DwUGtEu1aT9RU.jpg

Generous is the key of success. You made that success via your habits. Simply excellent idea~

Nice to see you again with lots of kindness and humanity. You photography skill is still great, as usual.
You are making the world more beautiful by your kindness. Just keep doing. Resteemed for wide reach :)

Astounding post sir. I like this work. astonishing photography

100% like and resteem

Wow amazing place & best country. wonderful post.
For your post propagation.

excellent photography..


i like this post sir..
wonderful post..
thanks for sharing..
upvot & resteemDQmPNvmpfuvKHB6hjGGw1fGVT7ySoGtgw9H1eYUVfUvbocV.png

Upvoted and resteeemed.You are my hero because now a days its very rear to find a kind hearted people like you.You have got a pure soul thats why i salute you and expect you to continue the noble work.Some art work for you sir

wow nice post...Upvoted and resteeemed.

This is the best country in the whole world, very facinating and marvlous photography of this beautiful land heavon on earth. Yo doing a great job, ll the best for your work. Blessing😇

Resteemd and Upvote

for charity

Amazing post @greenman Blockchain is awesome RESTEEMED and shared in the youtube

Wow what a amazing videos sir just outstanding videos sir. Thanks for sharing with us

Dear sir @Greenman :)

@Upvote // @Resteem donecover.gif

There is nothing in this earth more to be prized than true friendship .

What matters is making pictures that make people feel and react to them,and trust me people will feel these.
love you sir,@resteem.

art work from your post.

Wow fantastic photography and great work. resteem your post.

Thanks for your valuable and informative post.
We can gather a lot of information by your post.
By dint of, we can increase our skill that is beneficial for all steemians.
I will always visit your site & wait for your upcoming post.
Thanks. restm done

retemm @uovote sir

resteemed your post

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With a 3,000 factor drop inside the Dow during the last 4 days, margin calls upon margin calls and margin calls will must be made to traders to anty up the quantity of money to help lost price in fairness. I accept as true with their likely motel to fulfill the margin name, would be to promote their own shares. consequently I believe, in the next 2 to 3 days, as they promote their shares there may be going to be a persevered downturn within the inventory market.

You are doing an excellent work by distributing the contributions. Really appreciate your effort. And the snaps taken are very beautiful..So nice to see the kids happy with it.


Costa Rica, hope you will go to visit Dino islands! Amazing photography of their smiles! I will send you another STEEM donation today! Hope you will share it with these people next time as you do always!


@greenman wow nice post and great article & nice photography thank great work. a thumbs up and a resteem from my side and a very best of luck

your work is very good ...i love this....Thank you for charity project....people in this world need your help...

Nice Sir, I'm keying into this good deeds as well and taking to IDP camps here in Nigeria some supplies on Valentine's Day , you can read about it Here Keep the good work up and may the good lord keep blessing you.

Upvote and resteem @greenman

For the charity project


Thanks for your .15 USD donation.

Good photo taken , videos also good. Great work , keep posting , stay blessed.

The photos are beautiful Paul! The kids were tickled pink! I am excited to hear you are in a new country. I have a friend who wants to visit Costa Rica, but a lot of stuff I've read makes it sound scary and dangerous. You will have to let me know what you think, since this is a trip we considered doing.

Nice shots, you captured each moment perfectly. I'm always very inspired by your good deeds.

Done and resteemed to be shown by every one

Safe travels @greenman. Beautiful photos.

Great effort and action, nice place of Mexico.


decent blog writing depends on every human's mind.i think that you have. @upvoted @resteemit


Wow excellent photography and great post
Thanks @greenman
Have a great day

hmm bravo well said

@greenman, Wow excellent photography in Costa-Rica.
First photography really important coz look at both kids smile. You giving donate money to them. They have very appreciate and salute you coz those donation gives them valuable gift. Of course if we can donate world wide desolate peoples they all thanks giving to us. Your attention highly appreciated sir.

waww .... a very pleasant trip accompanied by the beauty of the sea captivate hearts.
I'm sorry can not donate, but I take pride in the expert like you guys that still gives it to them.
Thanks @greenman. keep working and success

Wo nice photography
Nice travel Keep it up
Enjoy your life I wish you all the best
God bless you
Waiting for your upcoming post

Great post sir... its so informative video. I saw the full video that you published in this post . Jeremy Gardner said that bitcoin is open source money. i agree with him. that's a lot of news in this video. thanks for sharing.
Actually you are doing respectful working. I am really proud of you.
You proved man for man..

You are a very helpful person. Always keep going. I will be like you when I get stronger and make more money. and help people @greenman

wish a lot's for your charity work @greenman daisys_flowers_rain_219708.jpg

mexico is a great place for visit amazing place beautiful sea beach thanks for sharing upvoted and resteemed

@greenman, I appreciate your all of charity donation projects every-time. Outstanding photography you posted there with architecture looking. Fund direct to vendors. Salute you sir.
Resteemed your post.

Excellent interview...Welldone... Do more of these with venture capitalists...
Thanks For share @greenman

Mexico beautiful beaches

Really a beautiful place Mexico Costa rica seems you are so relaxing there.. amazing pictures and you did help even market is going down that's so appreciatable great work @greenman

This is a great work. I respect you sir from Bangladesh.

You are an inspiration but I can't donate you right now. I will surely donate when I will have some steem. Right now we are rewarding Nepali Steemians and rewarding them and it's difficult for us to give any donation.

Great interview..nice post sir.. I really like your post..thanks for sharing ..@greenman

a very beautiful place and so amazing. I like the beauty of the tourist attractions. I am upvote and resteem this very interesting post

What an amazing man you are @greenman your act of generosity is beyond reasoning, i really can't wait for you to visit my country, keep up the good work sir, I've upvoted and resteemed this post

good videos that could be a benefit for all of us, and beautiful towns, nice photography my friends resteem yes.

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""I am sorry if there are some mistakes because I do not know English very well""

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