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Looks cool Haejin will resteem.


Much obliged for the resteem! Upvoted comment!

Haejin, this is AWESOME. Nice look with the best info. Love how the free analysis button brings the clicker to STEEMIT. Well done.

Shared with my followers.


Thanks! Upvotes your comment!




Neo just had some price action, analysis please


Here is NEO update, please use only to augment your due diligence

Amazing work. Congratulations!


Another exciting Crypto day!

Thanks Haejin for what you do!


My Pleasure! Please consider resteeming or even promoting a blog post you find very helpful!

Nice Website. I follow you now.


Thank you! Please request analysis of any coins you might have.


Haejin, I have a question about new coins and ICO's. I am holding some tokens for a company that will start trading on exchanges October 1st. I see that EW and chart pattern analysis use past performance to predict future performance. My question; is there some type of analysis for the first day of trading on a new coin? I realize there is no history so is it just a wait and see to build a history or is there a different indicator to show which direction a new coin might take? Thanks!


Yeah, that kind of analysis tool is called a crystal one has it. Alas, yes, price data is needed.

If you happen to have price data on what might be set at as this set price projection changes often, it could potentially be helpful.

MOST ICOs go up and crash into a long and lethargic correction.


Hahaha, nice! Thant's what I thought, just wanted to check. I am in the market for a crystal ball, I'll let you know if I find one! :)
The ICO up & crash is what I have noticed with a lot of other coins. I hope to watch it go up, get my investment back and let the rest ride through the correction. Have a great day.

  ·  4년 전

@haejin, your posts are very informative, thanks! I followed you here on Steemit. I'm interested in this Elliot Wave technique you use. I'm trying to learn by example... I haven't read any books about Elliot Waves so I don't know anything about it. Can you give me some beginner tips on Elliot Waves?

Here are some charts I made @ ~13:00 CT (please remember: I dont know anything! hehe :)
Chart #1 (1 day):
Chart #2 (15m):

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Hi Haejin, can you take a look at NXT please. Thank you very much!