Bitcoin (BTC) Evening Update: Not Out of Correction Woods Yet....

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IF the recent decline was circled blue wave 2; then it could be complete as shown in below chart. The MACD is also curling up. However, we are not out of the woods yet. What is needed? Higher highs are rquired. If the MACD does still rising; then price could get the support to start upwards towards higher highs and initiate the wave 3 pathway. Bear in mind that there are many ways to label these and I am aware of just about every possible variation. However, Technical Analysis is no more than a process of identifying as many possibilities and narrowing them down to a primary and an alternate price pathway. It's a game of probability and not certainty. So, let's see how the overnight price action rolls in.

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I could not help myself and took a little bit of profits off the table. Not too much, mind you, but just enough to be able to sleep well if this tanks any further.


I don't recall hearing of anyone ever going broke taking profits.

Thanks for update!!

Could you please do an update on Ripple?


Yes, an update on Ripple will be greatly appreciated. I sold all my ripple some time back, do you think it is worth getting in again, if yes for what price.


just realized ripple is a fidget spinner


Yeah, I wouldn't mind this one! :-)


Yes i need the next dip to rebuy

buy BTC when not too late, but if someone did not buy it for $ 1 never late to repeat the success and buy XRP and BTS they will make millionaires many more people !!!


I totally agree with you, that is the reason I got into cryptos with whatever small savings I have.

Excellent work as always.

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I rather learn from Haejin and trade off my own charts. Maybe not always so profitable, but still most rewarding.

Thanks for the update, @haejin. I have bought some at these dips, and looking to hold in the medium-term.

I would like to know your views on Bytecent. Is there something in it that interests you?

this is a good news, I hope that it goes up all the way bitcoin carry steem and sbd along with it.

Bitcoin will reach higher price this 2018 if the predicyions are true.

@haejin's asshole smells like whale dick.


Yes plz @Haejin ! DGB!! update plz


Nothing has changed...on a path to 0.00006600 BTC...patience....

Thanks for this analysis, buddy. It's very helpful. Greetings from Venezuela :) @haejin

  ·  4년 전

thanks! updates are always nice

Can you please update Bitcoin Cash BCH:BTC? It looking bullish but I want to see your TA please

Thank goodness you are active again :-) I know everyone asks for different analyzes, unfortunately I too. EOS would be great. 1000 thanks :-)

Thanks Haejin! What do you think of SALT?


He did a post on salt -- if I remember correctly wave 5 is $27 is level.


Eating too much salt is the biggest cause of high blood pressure...

Great post @haejin... i thinks bitcoin will go record high now and i request you to please share your valuable feedback on other coins also.

hello haejin

Any possibilities to be x2 price in February-March?

Thank you Haejin!

personally i think we will see a lot of buying come the new year

@haejin - higher highs, as in how how would we need to get to be out of the corrective zone? above the ~14,500, or the ~16,000 (this would be the obvious one)?

Great post, I actaully made a post about Sphere. It is a new cyrtocurrency. I would love it if you guys check it out and comment what I can do better. That was my first post.

good job dear @haejin

Thanks for the update.

Thanks for update !
When you say that higher highs are needed to confirm an uptrend, does it means that it's better to wait for it before buying ? Is laddering when probabilities are for an uptrend wise or just gambling ? Have we just to wait for an higher high, maybe a correction of it, and then ladder ?
What about daily MACD ? Is it worth looking at it or maybe not in crypto because of some exponential behaviour of the price that make MACD really big anyway ?

업데이트 감사합니다!
혹시 MCO 업데이트도 부탁드려도 될까요?
이전 포스팅 보고 매수했는데 지금 -22%가 됐네요.. 해진님 분석은 항상 들어맞아서 오를거라고 믿지만, 조금 걱정이 되네요..
항상 좋은 정보 감사드립니다.


저도 에베렉스 반토막 났는데...
이건 전체 시장 하락때문인듯도 하네요.
문재인 정부의 국민과에 소통방법에 처음으로 화가 나더군요.


@ haejin
Why do you not count the wave up in between Wave 5 of C and Wave 1?


That is wave 1 of blue 1.

Glad to see you are back!

Master what is next XRP dip to rebuy? Also can you update lasts posts over ANT, MCO, EXP, ZRX

Yep...I see head and shoulders there....

Thanks for your updates Professor Haejin.
I had question about the 5 downward waves inside the A or C corrective waves. Do the rules where 1) W1 cannot overlap with W4 apply and 2) W3 is often the longest and never the shortest still apply?

  ·  4년 전

Haejin, Could you please do TA about CVC

Thank you for the update!

Great post there, keep up good work !

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항상 감사합니다.

Thx for valuable post while on vacation!

thanks for update.