Bitcoin (BTC) Morning Update: Alternate Count was Executed Precisely!

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First, my objective in this blog is to help and do no harm and I have been doing my utmost to execute that since June of this year. I provide FREE Technical Analysis and FREE Tutorials on Steemit for the benefit of anyone who wants it. MANY have profited MASSIVELY from my Analysis!! However, when I get randomly DOWNVOTED multiple times by someone like @grumpycat with $600k in SteemPower without ANY given reason....then Steemit community is not being well served!! I truly wish this blog will make it to the TOP of the Trend list so ALL RESPONSIBLE WHALES can see DOWN VOTE ABUSE in ACTION!!

I would truly like to know why @grumpycat is downvoting my blogs. I am very open to feedback but NOT random acts of DOWNVOTE! Please provide an explanation to my 5,100 followers and 100k+ in the Steemit.KR community where my blogs are Korean translated, why you are taking such unwarranted negative actions? What exactly about my blog is prompting you to consecutively DownVote? What is your beef? Why don't you go after the plagiarists who copy my content and downvote them? I will be appealing to have your downvotes REVERSED!!


Overnight price action fully executed, with precision, my alternate count. The below was shown last night as my alternate:

And this morning we see this precision hit. Awareness of this alternate price pathway keeps the panic away. That's key to maintanining calm emotional perspective.

The below is my projection. The a,b,c is a regular flat correction which means there must be 3 subwaves for A and three subwaves for B and five for the C wave. I've marked the subwaves and so that means wave 4 and 5 of C are still due. The bottom could be in already but I believe $16,984 is more likely!

Please consider reviewing these Tutorials on:
Elliott Wave Counting Tutorial #1
Elliott Wave Counting Tutorial #2
Elliott Wave Counting Tutorial #3
Laddering and Buy/Sell Setups.
Laddering Example with EOS
Tutorial on the use of Fibonacci & Elliott Waves
These Technical Analysis Books: Elliott Wave Priniciple & Technical Analysis of Stock Trends are highly recommended
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Awesome stuff man, I am following you from few days and you are tempting me to put big orders and I can blow my risk management ;)
I am a disciplined forex trader and crypto trading was added this year to my portfolio. Still a lots to learn and you are doing a great job here.


Your comment is really amazing.The way you comment is really wonderful.I like it and I wanna follow you if you allow me@cryptokraze.


No need to ask. You are free to follow anyone


also i am trader btc and i making very good i can help you iff you want thx you have my upvote gl


Thanks mate but I am a very good trader myself. It is just I want to learn more and more so heijin blogs attracts me


You've come to the right place for minimal risk and maximum reward!


In a bull market, great risk to reward imo

This grumpy cat scumbag is suspicious...Joined last month, follows nobody, and has half a million Steem in the wallet - sits around and downvotes. I’m calling scumbag government agent. I can’t prove it but I followed grumpy cat just to begin policing this fucktard


The same thing happened to and several other by different people with similar actions. Their F-ed up logic is "Reward Pool Rape". Basically the amount of STEEM in the reward pool is allocated based on the voting weight. There are some who think they know how to objectively value content and flag posts to make sure that the posts get "The correct amount of rewards"

Take a look at the activity
Majority of the voting power is used on flags.

I've expressed my opinion on the matter extensively and that was weeks ago. I didn't think @haejin will have to face this garbage but it has reached here here too. I don't want to re-type what I've said weeks ago taking hours to explain. It's already permanently stored in the blockchain.


@grumpycat is ' NWO ' related to ' cryptokitty ' i.e. cats vs the dogs conspiracy covert attacks on public blockchains. futures on btc is the same.. clog-congest destroy .. introduce their (insert x)(ripple xrp) solution.


yeah very strange i quess you have right thx for youre attention i follow you and i upvote all youre post you look nice


where i come from they call 'em socialists..

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@Haejin, there are people who are paid shills out there. I am afraid this @grumpycat may be one of them...There are people who have an interest in downvoting something that is so helpful to humanity. I am glad you spoke up to make us aware. It will be interesting to see how @grumpycat is actually making money with his votes. I hope @steemcleaners does investigate -Are they on behalf of the Steem Platform itself?

Jealousy is not a good enough excuse, he is taking hundreds to thousands of dollars in payouts for no reason.


can making thousands here in this social media ?really me cant get 4-5$ lol


@ionutciobanu keep walking with steem soon you will in the list


It's more sinister than that. It comes from the grumpy and haughty assumption that they actually know how to objectively value posts. That's what's really going on.


Been there , seen that, saw this coming and I feel exhausted than surprised. The very first day @haejin made 200+ I was a little afraid and was relieved when it was only some stupid grumpycat with about -86 flag. Then I woke upto the OG scum going at it for like the 50th time in my ~5 months in steemit.

Been there-seen that and this is all just a single little incident. I'm glad @haejin has enough support because some people left steemit because of this and some reduced frequency of posting because of these commies.

Plz read the above response. I saw many who got damaged for speaking up for @haejin. Please consider upvoting them and spread my message and if possible, contact other people who had to go through the same ordeal. (one of them was called writer's block I think.)


lets all go and down vote grumpycat post; all of them.


He makes no posts and has a $600,000 Steem in the wallet. It’s probably george soros 😀. Grumpy cat would be a perfect name


it has to be an insider


really how you read him have 600k?it is real money?


Click any username, then click the Wallet menu link. Steemit is an open platform. Enjoy!


Check the posts of the guy you are replying to and read his/her comments. It's borderline spamer/ Plaigarist (He certainly didn't take all thost photos which he is posting few mins apart) and he's trashing @haejin.

It's always the moochers that support commie redistribution and jealousy towards people who earn a buck by taking what's voluntarily given for a service better than what a $3000 a year gets you.


Yep some jealous Fudder!


who is jelous here ?


Read @haejin's post :)


Check the posts of the guy you are replying to and read his/her comments. It's borderline spamer/ Plaigarist (He certainly didn't take all thost photos which he is posting few mins apart) and he's trashing @haejin.


Thankyou, @vimukthi.
I am grateful to you for advising me to buy XVG - :)
Because of your advice, I feel confident in buying good quality blockchain ideas :) with ethical standards.


Thank you. BTS is getting ready for something like what NEO had few days ago. XVG was something I was positive about. But it truly exceeded my expectations. It's just nuts. Hcash, Bytom, SONM, XEM, Sia, BAT, Substratum..... they were all expected. But Verge just went far beyond.


Thank you for all your tips and perspectives :) also for Ayn Rand :) and Happy New Year for 2018


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

I believe it's needless to say the majority of Steemians is truly grateful for your work. To take advantage of this post, I would like to sincerely thank you for your posts and trading advice! 👍😀 sadly, there is always some percent of people with negative mindset.we should simply ignore the likes of grumpycat...keep on rocking with your analysis!

Well done!!


@Haejin : I don't know what kind of experience you have with blogging or "putting yourself out there" but let me tell you this:

There will always be haters when you go public, no matter the domain....You shouldn't even notice ONE shouldn't even care about it long as 80% of your votes are up ....

Accept the fact that there will always be haters.

As for this post & your new chart : yet again great job! Keep it up! :)

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Grumpy cat living up to his name, feelsbadman. We got your back Baejin-sensei.

Thank you @Haejin !!!!
Like others said.... grumpycat is just jealous of your success.

Thank You Bro. @haejin

For this information.

Love you Bro.

Current time of the best a coins the Bitcoin. Of the price of the day on the day of going up, and your post and many beautiful. This post that information to the each crypto lover others for many important. So beautiful a posts to thank you

Bitcoin is just being updated day by day You're helping a lot with our new updates. thanks for sharing @haejin

I am very glad to see your post.
very helpful post
Thanks dear @haejin for share this topic

this is unfortunately exactly why steemit is not the ideal social media, even though we are learning and profiting greatly from your technical excellence and generosity.

too much power in the hands of the few , how is it any different to the mega-corporate internet giants, or the deep state-owned mass media?

don't worry about it, keep posting, we'll keep appreciating, word-of-mouth works, but don't rely on any single channel.

with peace & love xxx


Not really. As I've said more than 100 times what we need is a constitution or else other platforms like ALIS or TRON would do better because steemit has no code of conduct. Problem isn't power. It's just anybody can use it in any way without thinking about the Non-Aggression-Principle

Bitcoin will be a good site, we will get something better from Bitcoin in the future.
thanks for @haejin

Dear @haejin,
The reason you are getting downvoted is related to a concept called "Reward Pool Rape". Some people know how to objectively value posts and they know better than us upvoters to negate the effects of our tiny minnow/dolphin upvotes.

You are not the first to face this and won't be the last. Fortunately you have a lot of whales backing you. So keep up the good work. Thousands of us have your back.

Long live the Non-Aggression Principle!

It has to do with greed. Greedy people - or those who don't like you showing the world how it's done - will always downvote your posts. Don't mind them. Keep up the great work. My portfolio is doing very well since I started following you. Especially the recommendation on BTS - golden!

You've already helped me make $300 in two days. So thankyou.


You should thank all the pumpers around the world too!


I actually think this blog is starting to create some movement :>

I guess @grumpycat is simply being grumpy. You're doing great and MUCH appreciated work haejin! Don't let this kind of actions affect Your mood too much.

I guess You need to expect more of grumpycats along the way. It's only natural that success (in this case recognition and number of followers) attracts grumpy cats of all sorts.

Just know You have a strong community to support You.

Thanks for this kind of post.Can you help me by one sentence .I think this is a challenge for you.And Please allow me to resteem your post. Because I like it and I wanna do it.Once again thanks

Mr. Lee has done great things for this community. He's incredibly knowledgeable and open about his thoughts. We appreciate you Sir.

Haejin, you are doing a fantastic job, that’s why you followers growing exponentially. Please ignore those people who would do harm to others. They are just weak, pathetic & trying to get attention. Keep up the good work!

  ·  3년 전

EOS 4.618 extension to $23

Nice read my friend!

For the first time I've traded all my AltCoins for Bitcoin and now I'm waiting. I had too many AltCoins, so this will also give me the chance to realign. Thanks, man!

Hello @haejin I appreciate your posts and all the hard work that your are doing. There are very few people in the world who would share their knowledge freely with everyone you are one such good person. It is sad that someone is down voting you. Yet you continue the good work undeterred I am new with very little power but I upvote you sir. I would request to allwhom I know to upvote . Eventually the good must win.

Hopefully all the weak hands have gone.

Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 23.14.07.png

Dont loose faith Haejin. Your helping thousands of people throught the fog.. Good always overcomes Dickheads.. :)

Thank you.... hope people don't start to panic before the five wave complete.... I am new to steemit, I don't know if there is a report button on steemit, like facebook.. if there is, please let me know..I will be happy to report against grumpycat

haejin YOU NAILED this one!!! I know we are not 100% out of the woods yet, but because of this update I sold all my positions this morning even at a loss which hurts a bit expecting the wave 4 and 5 on leg B. I have been updating my charts all day waiting a watching with Buy orders spread out above and below $17,000. Last time I saw it drop like this I did not understand what was going on and is scared the crap out of me for fear of being liquidated which has happened to me. This time ARMED with your excellent analysis and clear explanation and coaching I was calm and looking forward to the drop to about 17,000 so that I can jump in and buy up the bottom which is exactly what I did! Here is my Chart all based on your analysis and teaching today. Thank you soooo much! God Bless you for making these timely posts you are helping so many people create wealth and financial independence. You have not heard the last from me. Blessings to you and your family. My chart:


Same here. At a loss, but at ease.

  ·  3년 전

lol lol lol
be seeing you @grumpycat

BTC looks set to test the rising trendline support of $17,500 in the next 12 hours. However, the support might hold, since the dips below the upward sloping 10-day MA ($17,756) are likely to be short-lived. Furthermore, a pullback in alternative currencies could take the pressure off bitcoin.

However, a close (as per UTC) below $17,500 would add confirm the bearish hanging-man reversal and bearish RSI divergence. As history shows, bitcoin has suffered major corrections following confirmation of the bearish RSI divergence.

Hence, a close below $17,500 could potentially yield a decline to $13,500 (Dec. 12 low).

On the other hand, a move above the 5-day MA ($18,822) in the next few hours could put a return to $20,000 back on the table.

Nowdays, after ups and downs, the history, circumstancies, Bitcoin is going through a specific leriod of its existence. Today, it is supraevaluated, slows down transactiin it is becomi g '' unsure'' and is not very likely to become adopted by mass population. @tuhin201

made this analysis on DOGE long term. Just getting into Elliot waves, anyone has any feedback? Kindly appreciated!

Awesome stuff, already following you @haejin. I hope to learn a lot from you. Sorry about the beef.

The Grinch(Grumpycat) is depicted as a furry green recluse living in seclusion on a cliff overlooking the cheerful and optimistic town of Whoville. He scorns the Christmas season and the boisterous and rambunctious festivities customarily celebrated during the holiday; apparently irritated by the happiness of others and deriving pleasure from spoiling other people's merriment. Aided by his pet dog, Max,(600,000 steem) he disguises himself as Santa Claus and breaks into the Whos' homes to steal their holiday decorations and gifts. Although his plan works, he is infuriated on Christmas morning to find the Whos singing cheerfully despite his actions. Convinced that the holiday must carry a meaning distinct from its decorations and gifts,

Im new to site. And thank Haejin for all he does for the community. Negative votes are the ones who don't want this information getting out because of the positive results and the greed people try to keep for themselves!

thanks for sharing . you can follow me for news about current crypt money

haters will hate...we are with the master till the end!

Thank you for always.

NEO's first ICO, REDPULSE (RPX) is on the rise every day.
The REDPULSE team has officially announced that it will list at least two and up to eight exchanges within December,
May I ask your TA how much to rise?


I say we all go to grumpy cats profile and down vote him and anything he does.

@Haejin Sorry I wanted to ask you a question about the voting power, which is: If I increase my Steem Power will increase my power to vote and stay there? I wait for your answer ^^


Steem power & Voting Power are 2 different things. Steem Power increases reward amount. Voting power is expressed in % (e.g.100%). It will decrease after each vote, and will recover slowly. Vote $ amount=steem power * voting power %. U can check voting power info at

Steem blockchain is a well designed system. Feel free to search useful guides in

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Abuse of power, that's the right expression, but we are the peace squad...count with the support of a minnow...#lol

Thank you so much Mr Haejin for all your insight and valuble advices. Im truly happy for finding your post and truly grateful that there is people in the world, like you, helping people like me to grow in wealth and you do that all for free! Thats just amazing and I just want you to know that you are helping alot of people by doing so. I keep you and your family in my prayers and im eagerly looking forward to all your upcoming posts. Stay blessed and thank you again.

Why would anyone want ot down vote a person that helps others?

Mainly because they dont like what your doing, they dont want others getting ahead. grumpcats steem power is gone. He/she is probably some goverment person that doesnt like crypto in general.

Is there no way you can block him/her?

Sorry to hear there is a grumpy cat in the alley. I clicked on the account and see that they do not have any posts. How can they have so much power and no contributions?

Haejin, I appreciate your posts very much. I can only see the need for praise. I am truely amazed.

really very good post

Congratulations @haejin!
Your post was mentioned in the hit parade in the following categories:

  • Upvotes - Ranked 6 with 660 upvotes
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  ·  3년 전

@haejin I am so thankful that you are giving analysis every time.
I don't know how to say it as I wish.
Hope you be well and you know, 항상 감사합니다.



This is only my point of view. Your decisions are your own. It could be like this;

Thank you. Hope we are at or near the bottom but the destination as you say remains the same.

@haejin greate work man i up vote you keep it up thanks for sharing useful information to steemitians

Great post! Thank you so much for posting! I more than appreciate all your help! It means the world to me! Two thumbs up my Friend! Steem to the moon! :)

Thank you bro Good Post :)
Çok güzel içerik teşekkür ederim

Love your work man!

Awesome chart! I been practicing daily and seen to be getting the grasp. Thanks for teaching me how to fish!

Very useful sharing. I keep following your questions, so please continue. :) I follow your Twitter address with ghoststeemit username.

These alternative pathways are so important to know! Thank you teacher.

@Haejin, Appreciate all that you do, especially for us inexperienced crypto enthusiasts. You are a breathe of fresh air in a crypto world where it seems like everybody is using hype and fake news to try and take your money. There needs to be more people like you. Your philosophy and analysis are terrific. I look forward to every blog post that you do and your tutorial videos have helped tremendously....
Thank you!!!!

You are teaching people to make better decisions, and not losing money.

So maybe some whale is trying to sabotage your work, as they want people to lose money.

Thanks for the insights and learnings as always!

Your posts are quite informative. Good to read them here.

Btw if you like playing indie video games, feel free to check out my blog and also upvote for support if you like the content. Cheers!

BiTCoiN Trading Signals (US Session)

Undoubtfully, the long-term techs and fundamentals are obviously bullish . My proprietary studies point out that we are in overwhealmingly overbought territory and the only way to avoid any major correction to the downside is that bulls manage to defend this support level .
In such case the upper line of this bullish channel is the next objective.
In the other hand if bulls fail to defend this support levels, risks are that such breakout to the downside plus any poisoning combination with the 4H and 1H 20MA might open a path for futher correction to the downside, down to the next support level.

Alberto Alvarado

thank you :)

Ubiq (UBQ) seriously breaking out now...long way up to go
Ty for that one Haejin! Great investment!

Dear Haejin, firstly thank you for helping me profit from your predictions, I can now look @ charts & see patterns more clearly. Do you feel that your projections for MCO and BTG Vs Bitcoin could co-inside with the projected falls in BTC? that would be a lot of patterns making events form. Are you using some sort of cyber / alchemical Majick? Lol Many thanks I will always up-vote :) that is the LEAST I can do to thank you.

Thank you!
Bitcoin (BTC) Evening Update??? Bitcoin (BTC) morning Update :)

great video, thank you heajin for all you do and all the time you invest to help others.

about to go AGAIN...

Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 13.30.05.png

excellent overview

thanks for the info


thanking him twice is nice


'Tis the season for double-checking! :)

You are dark night of crypto well done

@haejin, this post is on Trending page!!! You are a super star now! Your high quality work is paying off! congrats!!!

Excellent analysis. Thanks for your insight!

Plenty of support on here for your good work Haejiin, keep it up mate!! Grumpycat can E.A.D!!

Very good call on the alternate on this one too!! Excellent work !!

This would be so significant to see; double head&shoulders combo, WOOOOH!

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thanks for the info

trust~ thanks!!!

Grumpy cat needs to be served justice! What can we do to help?

Nice content! =D Thank You!

Thank you Haejin, you do an amazing job I have followe you since you had around 300 followers... and a few months later you have more than 10X which shows how good are your analysis, and teachings.

Could you update ripple if u got time please.

GRUMPY CAT IS A TWAT. Thank you for everything @haejin. You have helped me so much in my quest to better understand cryptos!! In debt to you!

shiiieeet! @grumpycat stop being grumpy! haejin is the real thing

I drew this out this morning but did not post. Could this be an ending diagonal? I projected 17,208 on the break down of the triangle but it went even further to 16,800. Could this be the top of wave 5 instead of Wave 3 as we expected? I tried to recount the bigger waves to get to this point and I can't really tell where Wave 1 starts on the large cycle.

This drawing is using the Coinbase chart at 30 minutes

We support you @haejin, and we will overcome the downvoters with our upvotes. Please continue to grace us with your service.

Also, @berniesanders owns @randowhale who downvoted theis post. If you support @haejin, please do not use the randowhale voting service.

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