Bitcoin (BTC) Evening Update: Primary & Alternate

4년 전


The below chart is the most recent update that was posted during today's mid-day post. I believe wave B doesn't need to touch the upper white trend line and instead, a smaller bounce from wave A would suffice. The correction is still expected to be an abc type.

Bitcoin (BTC) has likely completed the a,b waves and has already started on wave c. The wedge pattern is also quite uncanny and the five waves of the C wave are marked in blue. Once the 5th wave is complete; the $10,142 could be the target zone.

However, I see a minor Head & Shoulders top and the Left Shoulder and Right Shoulder are labeled. The blue Neckline is also drawn. IF this pattern is correct and complete as well as confirms; then the minimum price run is projected to be $9,643 or so. Having this in the awareness would be valuable should this alternate become primary.

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From April it is expected BTC will gain


I am seeing so many little hints of "April" being thrown around in tweets and comment sections of various media sites. Is there insider information? Does someone know of a flood of investors (Wall Street and/or other whales in cahoots) that will drive the market in April? Or is this all merely the guess of the folks who I hear saying "April?" I'm genuinely curious.

While my TA skills are amateur at best, I do sense patterns quite well, and I've been noticing that many alts are bleeding out slowly, especially as Bitcoin awaits confirmation, thus upping Bitcoin dominance as long as it stays flat. If I'm right about this pattern, I'm wondering just how low some of these alts will get if they need to endure another month of a flat Bitcoin. Just to pull one example out, let's take AST Airswap. It's lower today than it was during that market dip that we had below 300 billion. One step forward, two steps back.

I'm only about 4 months new into crypto, but I've done many times over, my "due diligence," researched the hell out of coins/tokens, and spent hours learning TA, but there is one critical lesson that I missed that would have made all the difference in the world, and that is to keep fiat on hand to buy the dips. Of course I will never sell out with weak hands, unless it's strictly to buy back and fill my bags, but damn it would be so great to be making profits on the few newer projects that are booming right now as the rest of the alts bleed.

Sorry my comment/question was so long, but I feel maybe it's good to read for someone else who may be in a similar position, for a bit of comfort. All in all, I love cryptos and nave no doubt that it's a "when," not an "if," they will fly high.


Regarding the April rumors its a past trend, if you look back at the last few years BTC has always been bearish around Feb-March.
I think once we get to Easter time it will start to grow (Hopefully)

Alts are all bleeding as many are taking profits and moving into BTC and also lots of ICOS have been released in the last month alone.

Buy the dips and HODL is my best advice :-)

Regarding have additional fiat for dips the best thing to do is have several different incomes coming in (Ideal world I know)

Currently I have minning which ticks along nicely and other bits and then invest as much as possible on the dips, although the dip has pretty much been 2018 so far in my opinion.


I know what you mean, I'm one of those in the same position as you. I'm not selling either. The good thing is you have the time to research the coins, their not going anywhere now. You can judge them objectively without looking at the speed of growth, since there all bleeding right now.

Good luck!


Wall street is coming.


BTC is waving around 8-11k at the moment I would expect to see a big pump soon maybe April like you say


I am not an expert but looking over the past data I believe it will happen

don't know why your posts are flagged as low rating sometimes. i find them incredibly helpful and insightful. thank you for all that you do. They get an upvote from me every time i read one.


its all due to jealous trolls trying to drive users away from @haejin and to themselves. you can actually make money with steemit so they do whatever is necessary. internet trolls are everywhere but they seem to hit haejin especially hard

I've noticed that DigixDao DGD seems to be acting in a non phasic manner to bitcoin. I would be interested in seeing an update on this coin.


DGD is supposed to be linked to physical assets (gold). Their white paper and website promote a stable value coin linked to physical assets.

Does not act like one to me.

On the way up nobody complains. On the way down everyone will cry


What a shameless use of bots to get 2 cents.

Hey @haejin, great info on Bitcoin! Thanks for sharing. The markets are fun right now and it's great to have the updates from good content here on Steemit. Cheers!

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I like that you are making alternate pathway awareness, but I don't see the volume support for the H&S top.


Yes I commented the same thing a few days ago when he first brought up the possibility. No volume whatsoever.


We're on the same page, and it's breaching resistance now.

Did you guys see ZCL today!!!!!! holy shit...what an epic meltdown...yikes..crashed to almost zero...well not zero but from $200 to $11 is pretty much almost zero to me :-)...same thing happened to Titanium Blockchain :-(

  ·  4년 전

Many people lost a lot of money...


Time to buy? I don't know anything about this coin. But I smell blood in the streets.


Titanium is having problems but ZCL wow


I was visiting a friend of the family I had never met today to talk crypto and I asked him what coins he was bullish on. ZCL was the first and only coin he mentioned. He didn't even know it had dropped. I told him I hoped he wasn't holding any yesterday because it lost almost 90% in 2 minutes overnight. He said he hadn't, but was really quiet for the rest of our conversation. Ultimately it got really awkward and I decided to leave, but before I left he asked me to let him know about any python development jobs that come my way (I'm a frontend dev). LOL, poor bastard. );


Oh man.....that sucks big time man...that was literally a surprise to me..i mean i could have seen it drop 30-40% after news, but just doesn't make sense...all of these TA's and shillers on Twitter were raving about it for months...not saying this was the case, but it seems really suspicous to me

nice very much informative thanks

thanks for the information

I have an kind of in-between count on your counts

Target of correction 9957$.

Would hit 0.618 Fib & Trendline of Wave 1 (6k - 9,2k) perfectly.

Whats your opinion on that?

its the big powers at be don't want it to succeed its a threat to them to transparent.

Thx!!! resteeeeem~~:)

U have thorough knowledge about bit coin

The changes in the wave c could shoot up to the range of $12000 post march, i hope, it will come to pass.

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비트코인 분석과 전망!!!!
타의 추종을 불허하는군요
경의와 찬사를 보냅니다!!!!!!

thanks given information of bitcoin .

  ·  4년 전

good information .....
thanks for share

Very nice post good job dear haejin

¡Excelente información sobre Bitcoin! Los mercados son diversos en este momento al tratar temas relacionados... Saludos

I am no expert but I was under the impression that elliott waves are ABC on the way down and ABCDE on the way up. Your last screenshot shows a 5 wave downward. Hmmmm

I always see your post before buying or selling BTC, Thaks a lot

Will definitely keep an eye out for the BTC movements. Keep up the great work, sharing the information with the STEEMIT community

Good post. Keep posting. Love 💗 you

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