Bitcoin (BTC) Evening Update: Three Rules to Count By....Find Out in This Blog!!

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This video was made very instructive and didactive, please consider viewing it.
The chart below shows that Bitcoin (BTC) has been carving out an a,b,c correction. A FLAT correction, to be specific. This flat consists of 3,3,5 subwaves. As drawn out, the 3,3,5 subwaves are labeled onto the prices. The video has tons more details.

The below chart shows the an impulse towards $23,000 but this impulse must obey three rules: First, wave 2 can't be equal to or below the start of wave 1. Second, wave 4 can't overlap with the top of wave 1. Three, wave three can't be the shortest amongst 1,3,5 waves. It doesn't say the it has to be the longest; thought, it often is the extended one. For cryptos, the fifth wave is the extended wave on a daily scale. These three rules need to be memorized and practiced.

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  ·  3년 전

Ah yes, but will you sell or will you hold through the token freeze next June?


I'm trying to ignore news and fundamentals, and control emotional attachment to coins, but I just love EOS.

  ·  3년 전

I agree with that but if you hold your EOS through the freeze and haven't registered an EOS Key with your ETH address you will end up empty handed.


That's a great question.
I might sell a couple of days before that.

Master @haejin is way to kind with his time

I have more than doubled the value of my portfolio since carefully watching @haejin.
Thank you very much for your wisdom sir.

Expect a call from the guys at @badcrypto podcast/

I have made multiple request to them to get in touch with you to do an interview. @Libertyteeth has had nothing but glowing accolades about your advice. I must also agree.

I would LOVE to hear you on that show.


That would be really great. We could take 6K followers for @haejin for new year.

People tend to rush. I'm quite sure a majority of them don't even watch video. Chart + text is enough. It's quick and simple check "should I be worried or not".

And it's not them being disrespectful. It's just how browsing looks. Attention span is extremely short.

Gif with "Upvote Follow Resteem" is nice, but nowadays we all have banner blindness.

I think You should put it in plain text: (1) right after title "Summary" and (2) always right after analysis, but before video or chart image. Make it more unavoidable.

Clear 1-2 short sentences, no additional title, just something like "Please Upvote if You find this analysis helpful. It's really important for me."

And change this sentence slightly every two weeks or so. Changing first words is important.

You may think it's too much. It's not. Your followers won't mind (I surely won't). It won't be super effective, but from my experience, it will work nicely as a supplement to methods You're using now.


In Luke 17 about a time that Jesus gave an amazing gift to ten men. And while all ten of them may have been happy that they received a gift, only one of them chose to show his thankfulness to Jesus. Some things never change. I thank you for sharing your talent and time.


They were all drunk because Jesus had turned too much wine into water, and too much wine doesn't become the human being


"because Jesus had turned too much wine into water"
Well I think you're the one who were too much drunk writing this post.


They were sick with leprosy, they were outcast of society, they could not work to buy the wine, besides there is nothing wrong in consuming wine with moderation, of course.

TY for sharing Haejin "I See Triangles" everywhere ♨
Seriously though it seems best to play out alt patterns ie: playing chess?


nice pull

@haejin Nothing but respect to you for your scientific approach to the matter! Upvoted and Resteemed!

Highest Regards

On your 5 wave red c (5 of 3,3,5) the wave 2 is higher than wave 1, isn’t it breaking the first rule?


I've been listening religiously ever since thanksgiving when I went full crypto. You've given me so much insight and belief. Thank you for all that you do :)


I'm wondering the same. It seems to be breaking rule one. @haejin

logarithmic target $747


I am believer of ARK but your number doesnt sound right..74.7 though but possible..747 is not

I think I'm addicted to your technical analysis!


I think I'm addicted to my Exodus Wallet! 🚀

@Haejin - The reason I think you don't see so many upvotes is because people don't know how to do it. This is not well versed platform as youtube, so please add a few secs footage at the end of your videos showing how to upvote on steam. Thanks again for kick ass analysis!!!


Not to mention changing how much of an up vote you do like 100% up vote. I still don't know how to do that.


you don't get to do it until your reputation score hits a certain level, not sure what it is. Then you get the slider bar


Once you have over 500 in Steem Power you get a little slider for your account that shows up when you click the upvote.


Thanks for the specific clarification

You’ve got my vote Haejin.

XVG is on a mission right now, $0.0274 and counting. Unbelievable... for someone would not have read Haejin's blog. Thank you Haejin !

  ·  3년 전

XVG itself is also so great. I think you don't want to close your position when after you learn about it,

Hello Haejin, I think you would get more upvotes if you could do review user submitted charts so that you can rate and agree or disagree with. I want to learn to fish not just be spoon fed my updates. Plus I may want to follow different coins or have a slightly different strategy so I need to understand the patterning better. Thank you for enlightening us!

Awesome, your thoughts on this litecoin chart?


Had it slightly off but I see a big jump in litecoin in the next hour or so. Nobody listen just in case I am wrong. Just want some feedback on it.

I'm glad that somebody understands the cryptocurrency world, because I sure do not.

Thank you as always. Aggressive ETF weekly update? Maybe it should be every two weeks (which would be easier on you). Also, for those of us actually trying the system who don't have a large investment it would mean fewer fees.

Thank you for everything @haejin!

Enjoy the evening and the movie :)

On the issue of up votes I was wondering if maybe your large viewership is not stable in that while the number of viewers is increasing nicely there may not be a very large constant core element. In other words, people come and take a peek (and maybe two, three or four peeks), but ultimately move on as they question their ability to learn the techniques you are teaching. You may be saying things that are unintentionally aiding that result. You often say that self-learning is difficult for many as a preface to making your generous offer to coach people. This may have the effect of causing people to doubt whether they should buy the Elliott Wave and TA books in the first instance. If they don't buy the books they aren't probably going to try to teach themselves enough to ever ask you for coaching help. So a large number of people may just watch the videos for a while and move on. They're failure to nevertheless give you an up vote after benefiting from your valuable information is beyond me. I am similarly puzzled as to why your core viewers don't hit that up vote button more. You ask for their up votes in the most respectful way. You underscore that the reason you are asking for their up vote is to reach a broader audience so that more people can be helped by learning what you have to pass on. The only thing I can think of is that having found you, some people are loathe to let others in on such a good thing and want to keep it for themselves. Please don't be discouraged. Maybe these things just take more time. There are a lot of us who are learning daily the rules of TA by osmosis simply through watching your videos. I believe you are helping a great number of people their low numbers of up votes notwithstanding. Keep the faith. :)

Waiting for this one tonight, thanks!!

Super quality signals thanks

Nice educational video, thanks.

Binance has also hit the target :) Kaboom!!!!

Haejin Technical Master!

You're the bomb Haejin... I spent time in MA.. Had a Kimchi making roommate at University and studied Korean Martial Arts in Framingham too... 100% and resteem always.. I will respond to your email.. just adjusting.. happiest holidays. What do you think of HMQ.. Wow up 500 then 100% today.

Haijen, you should consider showing people how to upvote. Im pretty internet savvy and it was difficult to find the thing to upvote. Should be some big button, not a tiny arrow.

Thanks for the videos buddy.

Thank you!!!!!

Hey H, whatsup with SUBSTRATUM? Now with net neutrality gone, I'm keen to back this project. I still haven't learned to draw Elliot waves myself, too much to do. What does it look like?

Thank you!

Thanks @haejin for the hands on tutorial on corrections, much appreciated to know that you read and react to comments and suggestions! Will keep spreading your word to bring in more followers!

  ·  3년 전

Screenshot-2017-12-16 SYSBTC 0 00002516 ▲+4 44% — TradingView.png

how do you guys think?

Just after some advice if you can help me out. Whats going on with safex at the moment. My exchange just put a halt on trades, supposedly in line with other international exchanges. Can you explain for me? or do you know any exchanges still currently trading it?
Thanks in advance

I can imagin that the long registration process brings up the difference between views and upvotes (I think views are counted also if the person is not registered)

you are counting want you want, this first descending wave A have 5 sub-waves. So this is a zig zag (5,3,5).


dont you see it?

descarga (5).png

Haejin, just wanted to say thank you!

When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is check crypto prices and then check your blog (then normally meditate for one hour).

Ive put 3 people onto it this week..hopefully they will benefit as I am.

Also any chance of a TA update on ETC, not sure if that one has been discussed recently.

I am slowly learning myself, but not easy to catch up on many years experience in such a short time, thank you!! :)

p.s did your kids enjoy the last Jedi? seen it twice and loved it!

@haejin to get more upvotes haejin, I think you can try asking for upvotes at the beginning of your posts, not at the very end. Do it for both text and video. I think many people might be watching the video to the very end and simply never get to that part. You will see many youtubers using this tactic.I'm sure you have a large group of regular viewers and they would happily hit the upvote if reminded at the begining of th epost.

Are you Korean?haejin?


No he is an alien came down to earth to save his followers!

Bithumb 1 hour

Bull flag. Ascending right triangle. Symmetrical triangle


Coinbase 1 hour

Nice post.

I honestly cant explain how much these videos are doing for me. learning so much thank u soooo sooo much i literally look forward to your videos everyday. listening to the the end of the video about what else we'd like to see. i mean if u did nothing else i would be perfectly content. but maybe just a longer term view on the big 3. i know u have a 600 price target on LTC but is that the end or there s no way to know?

Thanks again haejin or a BTC update, not everyone knows where to click for upvote, show where it is at the end of each video, and have a screen shot of where it is with a circle around the place to click, and ask people to upvote if they watched. I will be happy to share profits with you when I sell my position and so will my brothers and friends who are following. Thanks and blessings.