BITCOIN (BTC) Mid-Day Update: Ladies & Gentlemen, We Have a BREAKOUT!!!

4년 전


The upper line of the wedge pattern has been BREACHED!! So far, the BREAKOUT looks DECISIVE!! This is always an exciting time to witness the birth of a breakout....makes me feel like a new Daddy all over again!

I've added the micro-subwaves (blue) and price should hit around $8,856 before the 5th wave completes. These blue waves would be the subwaves of the higher degree of trend wave 3 (white).

Legal Disclaimer: This is only my opinion, make of it what you wish. What does this mean? It means it's not advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell anything! It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.

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Uncertainty in the stock market is causing money to migrate from stocks back into cryptos. This more than anything is lifting the price in the space.

That's great, hope the breakout can maintain.

I did an analysis on Tron and wanted to comment on your other post but saw that it's been invaded with downvoters so got a little afraid.

I'm seeing an even longer correction on Tron, what do you think?

Tron (TRX) - Analysis

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 17.57.00.png


I believe it will follow Bitcoin. Once Bitcoin starts making higher highs; TRX is expected to follow. The inverse would be true.


Ok thank you sir!

Who Let The Bulls Out?🙈 🚀

Sounds Goooood !!


very nice follow you blog and vote thanks...


Now, I'm BULLISH =)

Turning the corner..

Hey guys..i try to post useful stuff...i came across this interview and it really explains the current market and why large investors haven't been able to get in yet...we haven't seen nothing yet...hope everyone is well


Good interview! Trace sees Bitcoin 20/20


totally agree haejin...i was particularly interested to hear his views on the large money managers and hedge me in my mind it just didn't seem plausible that all that money was already in the market...many have a fiduciary obligation to invest in regulated investments..but without ETF's and other vehicles -and seeing that we were due for a major pullback, tells me they are foaming at the mouth right about now and laddering in

im not sure about this yet.....but lets hope so!

Maybe all the waiting made me a little negative lol

It's a very nice change when you wake up and see BTC is climbing for the first time in weeks.

So, are you telling us it's time to buy?


buy or sell that has to be your decision. No one can tell you that.

CHEERS! To everyone who held on to all the crypto they had and even bought more. It's time to enjoy the price skyrocket! Thanks Haejin I will now really enjoy my friday night!

Once more, @Haejin. Thank you for your great work!



Who is this guy?


ive been wondering the same. is it Park Hae-Jin? looks like him to me, or maybe im just kinda racist... 😂


Vigilance, Trample, Haste, and def a Planeswalker!

Nice! Thank you for the update!

The daily inside bar is also starting to break bullish. This is a good sign.

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 1.22.47 PM.png

Do you still feel like there is a lower low? Reading through your posts and comments over a few days I see a breakout talked about going up to 12K then down to $3800 (then off to $50K....)


I hope so! I would buy BTC a bit lower. At these prices I won't because I already have BTC around this price.


If two rounds of full impulse complete, the bottom could likely be in.


This is a good point. You’ve posted it’s broken the wedge, but what about the resistance above?

Great, is it going to take Ethereum and Litecoin with it to?

it is informative and also a source of guidance. i am interested in post and satisfied.

so green signal is on btc. hope your prediction will happen. thanks for updating us

Why did you say that? BREAKOUT!!!



If the 5th wave hit then how much damage it can do to the market?People are already very scared about crypto market.Specially who were convinced by other people now they are in shock and scared.If another wave hit the market then they will lost all their hope and they will panic sell that will cause more damage to the market.Sir i always appreciate your post,thank's a lot and lets hope for the best.@upvoted and resteemed


Thank's to you sir.

Great post.i like your posts very much.


Steem dollarssss please go upppp!!

Off to the moon we go!

Thanks for the update. So after blue wave 5, would there be a ABC correction or it would proceed to white wave 3?

it looks so close to reality

Happy green friday!!

nice post
keep it up

Very good

Yes, this is for entertainment only, very interesting words @haejin, thank you have to share.

Yes, this is awesome!

Mind Blowing stuff!

It seems that moste of coins are having a breakout


Sweet! Lets go!


Someone help! I cannot post anything :(


Because you powered down, you are low on bandwidth probably. You have to keep some steem power to post @boston99g

The bullish is finally starting to show its strength!!! I hope to see bitcoin breaking the $20k mark in the months to come

FINALLY. long correction is over

thanks your analyzes are very useful to make decisions in our investments.

Atleast we have a breakout,this is good

Hi, @haejin
what is your opinion about bitcoin price goes up to $10000 in February or goes down to 6000 .please guide me .


I haven't put out targets yet.


We are all anxiously awaiting them when you do. Thank you Haejin.

That's some handsome info brav. Pity that everytime someone gives out some good information must have a disclaimer saying it is not an advice or recommendation,


It's all about the law in the US. No pity necessary. Protecting yourself, your assets, and your brand is always a top priority. It's worth it!

This is fabulous news, thank you so much for the update!



Thank you Haejin... Please could you do an update for OMG


Iam very certain this breakout would be massive...

Looks bitcoin is struggeling.

$2 trillion has exited just the US stock market in the last week. Money is moving to the sidelines and as people start to see their gains reduce, they will look to diversify.
The next crypto move will happen very suddenly, but I believe the market will go to 1-2T within a matter of days once it starts. Now is the time to purchase more as you wait for your portfolio to 5-6x.

  ·  4년 전

bullish ...bullish ...bullish!

I agree with Haejin opinion. Thank you all the time.
My thoughts are here.


Wooohooo!! Bullish!!

Awesome breakout! To the moon!

BTC is the best

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