Bitcoin (BTC) Morning Update: Higher Highs Are Needed!!

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Bitcoin (BTC) overnight price action was uneventful. What is needed next is a higher high to confirm the resumption of uptrend. The chart below shows the white subewaves of circled blue 3. A higher high past $16,455 would confirm the decisive execution of white wave 3 of circled blue 3. Note that blue circled wave 3 is targeted for $23k and wave 5 is targeted for $26k. Following these, a requisite correction is expected, as usual, and then onwards up towards $30k or higher.

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Looks like we are going to 8-9k, currently on subwave 3 downwards"

I am not sure whats going to happen. BernieSanders just put out a blog threatening anyone that supports @Haejin. Be ready for a massive bot attack. Bastard can't call it quits and leave us alone to make this money!!

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Yes and i will start to bring you down worst indicator followers ever.

Because of the south korea regulations, buts that not going to be the problem, its going to raise again

Thank you so much.
What do you think about that alternate scenario?


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Please, don't forget that markets are volume driven and unfortunately bitcoin's underlying technology cannot support a huge growth in transaction amount(as we can witness today). Since bitcoin is most certainly most popular crypto today, more volumes will come ignoring growing transaction fees and obviously bitcoin price will follow that volume up. But please, invest into bitcoin responsibly and do not blindly follow a technical analysis fan. Try to divers your crypto-portfolio and seek for coins/tokens with real technological advantages.

Thank you for the information @haejin....have a great day ahead.


Hey my friend! Is this anything to worry about???BTC.png

Thanks for your upadate on BTC, super helpful! Can you post an analysis on Reddcoin and Humaniq?

BTC is getting close to its Apex. :)

hayirlisi ile yükselmeye başlasaydı
başarılı paylasşim teşekkür

Bring down this elliott wave followers!

welcome back. pls talk about altcoins!!

Thank you Haejin for all you do for us.

Hi Haejin, Thank you for the helpful update. Can you please do an update on Reddcoin and Human IQ?


Thank you!

thank you for the update! Super helpful. Can you please do Reddcoin and Human IQ?

@haejin is there a H&S forming in that blue wave?

Congratulations @haejin!
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u called 23k at the very wrong time earlier .... :(

so I guess it's time to shout out this to the world


BTC up ALTS down ?

Thank you.

  ·  4년 전

I hope you're right and it isn't a giant head and shoulders...


Half out half hodl, and some cash to buy more in case it drops very hard. Anyway can only go up wathever the path.

Master @haejin, could you please update us on $BTG? Thanks

Thanks for your predictions I always keep an eye on your messages @haejin