Bitcoin (BTC) Morning Update: Minor ABCDE Correction Has Only Wave E to Complete



Overnight price action for Bitcoin (BTC) has put in the a,b,c and d waves in the symmetrical triangle consolidation. It's likely that most of today will be spent in completing wave e. Once the triangle is complete its breakout could provide the onset of a smaller wave 3. The fives waves up earlier represent subwaves of a higher degree of trend wav 1 and this correction could be a wave 2 and so a breakout would allow wave 3 to start. The later mid-day update will focus on potential targets and pathways.

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As always great analysis Haejin


Nice upvote you gave yourself, I see you have learned a lot from master H.

The movement of bitcoin Marketing is very slow these days. Wonder why not such a good investment is going so down. Crypto market should be going up.

Since we closed above the daily trend line and if we close above $8625 (yellow line), these are good indications of a potential reversal to go long.

Daily Chart

The more conservative approach is to wait for price to take out the sell orders at $9250, then buy on a pull back to go long with a target at $12000.

4 Hr Chart

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Always being attracted by your excellent analysis on the waves and trends of the price of BTC. Look forward for further pathway and momentum consideration. In addition, it would be good for reader to get some taste of the trend in other coin pairs such as EOS/USDT. Thank you very much.

I like wave 3 option, I do not want to se D and E completed!!
Just moon ;)


haha those days are over :-p


Of course those days are over, what with the vast majority of the world already having adopted cryptocurrency there just isn't a market anymore.


"there just isn't a market anymore".


Please sell then, and don't look back. No remorse, no regret, weak hands out.

Update BitShares?

@haejin Thank you for all the info I really enjoy the posts.

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Thank you so much for this summary

Using a 50 and 200 day Moving average. It looks that wave E could land on the crossover which meets the lower trendline of the a,b,c,d,e correctionf7z0h0Wc.png
If the moving averages do indeed cross?

@haejin, you first introduced me to steemit through your YouTube videos and I joined because of you. Now I’m fully engaged on the platform. Sorry to see all the recent backlash. Hope people also recognize how you’ve helped add people to the community.

I still think it looks more like a bear flag forming, but we'll see soon enough, it's still time to sell low and buy high.

Sorry I cant vote right now


You mean sell high and buy low.


I meant for someone to come sell to me low and buy from me high ofc :)


there will already be two possibilities :)

Good content, it was enjoyable reading it.

Please visit my blog and check out my ideas! Let's exchange opinions for better analysis!

keep post bro ^^

you are the best!

  ·  지난달

A thumbs up for all the work you put into your charts.

Here is my thoughts on Bitcoin as of yesterday's close:
If Bitcoin flips the 30 Day forecast indicator up - game on...

Since math was discovered and not created, we cannot assume that others methods are incorrect, only that they do not follow the specific rules that we understand. Some TA s lash out at Haejin for his free hand style but, he understands the world differently then we do: He sees fractals where we follow Elliot rules... perhaps there is something Mr Elliot missed. To invalidate Mr. Lee method is to invalidate the discovery of gravity or to doubt that the earth is round.giphy.gif

Please fix your recording codec. No lagging sensei please.

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