BitShares (BTS) Short Term Target $0.147 before $0.21; Enjoy the MASSIVE PROFITS!!

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Here is Bitshares (BTS/USD) and the bull flag is quite aboslute! The white Elliott Waves reach towards $0.21 or higher.

The blue waves are subwaves of the first wave 1 towards $0.21 and its target is $0.147 or so.

Check out how the BTS/BTC pair is almost exact match to the BTS/USD. I'm no leaning towards that when both pairs have such high similarity index, it confirms the direction even more so!

The FCT/BTC is as bullish and a bit behind the MCO/USD with regards to breaout. Damn! The Bullish Downward Pointing Symmetrical Triangle is delicious and I've targeted 0.0099 BTC for a 266% return!

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Factom is loooooking good !


Excellent news. I was looking to ladder out some profits but I am going to hang on for a while now.

Good, looks like i'll recover the money that blocktrades "feecked" me at the end of wave 5 :/

@haejin, could this be a good oppurtunity to get into SNC before it finishes a cup formation?

Whats the likelihood of this not completing its formation?

@haejin - resteemed, have you done any long term charting on Bitshares, going out say 5 years, do you think it could ever crack a dollar long term?


Yes, $342 is the 3-7 yr target


@haejin - wow that would be great - would love to see some of your thoughts on your long term targets say 5 years for some of the popular cryptos, like Ethereum, Verge, Steem, EOS etc. I think such a post would be pretty interesting, to have that long term big picture context.


@haejin, thank you for the article, hope you're right. But don't you think that the huge number of circulating coins (3.6 billions) could prevent price to rise too much? Is 342$ a realistic target ?

there all post see and comment and now this poat awesome....i see all post and all post fantastics creation@haejin

Another Ark of Wealth!

Hi Haejin, what about XVG, do you see any update from your last analisys ?

Thank you, I have gained some knowledge of your Bitcoin post

Could you do ZEN, it seems to have completed leg one as you have predicted.

@haejin, I noticed that the BTS charts on Poloniex are 2c lower than what is on Binance and Bitshares DEX.


That's quite normal and can flip flop between exchanges

I love Bitshares and I would love to see them rise to higher levels :) Btw, what's your opinion on IOTA & OMG lately?

Hey, thanks for your analysis of the bts.

Could you run an analysis on iconomy (icn) please? I made a quick one. Do you agree with that one?

  ·  3년 전

@Haejin, please consider analyzing Myriad. Thanks

Yeah my master! going straight to the

Haejin I appreciate your posts so much!! Is it possible to get some more in-depth tutorials on Elliot waves?


I offer private coaching. Please let me know if this is some you'd like to get and I'll send the rates.


Hajin, where can I send you a private message as regards your private coaching please?

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Consider using DEX,

Thank you!

Up voted and resteemed

I know I'm a little bit off topic, but regarding EOS, would you say that BTC/EOS will follow the same pathway as EOS/USD when it reaches $2.75? It looks like BTC/EOC is less "advanced" in its bullish trend, if you see what I mean.


If you want to watch the mass exodus from @Poloniex just visit this site and watch the live action. Click on the "Activity" tab.