Bitshares (BTS) Target Updates: $0.91 and then $1.06...find out how in my Analysis!!

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Here is my darling Bitshares (BTS) putting in such a beautiful a,b,c,d,e triangle. For this to remain correct, the d and e waves need to be completed. Often, patterns morph. When you at first forward discern an ascending right triangle, that could easily morph into an a,b,c,d,e triangle. The nay sayers will say the forecast was wrong and so pack your bags and go home. No! Only the idiots and the innocents think that way. NOT my blog followers! Should the a,b,c,d,e complete, I expect $0.91 and then $1.06 which represents about a 100% profit potential!! The earlier targets of $0.11, 0.21 and 0.42 have been filled. Note the Fractals!! The first triangle of a,b,c,d,e rocketed prices from $0.19 to $0.68. The current, larger fractal should bring prices $1 above the $0.58 which is where the apex resides. The second fractal is at least twic as large so 2x of travel UP is expected. I remain on record that the long term target for BitShares is $342 or HIGHER. So, BTS current prices are clearly at an infancy.

The below chart is the BTS/BTC pair. With the recent decline of Bitcoin (BTC), it has had a breakout to complete what looks like wave 1 up. Once wave 2 corrects, price should make orgasmic lunges upwards towards 10,431 and 12,289 Satoshi. Recall, that I've said there are two ways a /BTC pair could rise. The first is if BTC falls and second, the demand for /BTC pair exceeds the rise of BTC. I believe the latter will be what causes the BTS/BTC to rocket up! Look at the HUGE Cup & Handle potential!!

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These Technical Analysis Books: Elliott Wave Priniciple & Technical Analysis of Stock Trends are highly recommended
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Essay: Is Technical Analysis a Quantum Event?

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Legal Mumbo Jumbo: This is only my opinion, make of it what you wish. What does this mean? It means it's not advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell anything! It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.**

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I have setup an SMS messaging service to allow users to know when @Haejin has posted a new Crypto Elliot Wave review so you can help him by logging in and immediately upvoting him and resteeming his post to help battle the bernie bots.
Then you can help your self by following his instructions.

If you would like to receive these SMS to your phone I need you to do two things.

1) send 1 SBD to @Libertyranger

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Be sure to send your complete SMS address

Example :

You may also send your SMS number in the SBD payment but PLEASE start your message with a # so it is incrypted.
I do not want everyone having access to your SMS address and the pound sign encrypts it so only you and I can see it.

Sending encrypted memos

In closing I want to thank @haejin for quadrupling my portfolio value.


That's awesome my friend! What's the time period the 1 SBD purchases?

Great job! I love it when we rise to the occasion and make plans to stop attacks. That's justice.

I commented this separately, but want to add it to your solution as well -- I wrote two "solution" posts yesterday which are under attack:

I wrote two articles to help the three thousand new users who came here because of @haejin in the past week.

They've both been attacked by the angry whale troll army. The first is about Steemit tools that can help you here; the second is about witnesses and my recent experience with a nasty one. The first is visible, but I'd appreciate some upvotes on the second so that it regains visibility after their attacks.


Keep fighting the good fight!


In addition, I wrote this post today, in support of @haejin and his followers, indicating my current intentions:




Excellent work. Many thanks and upvoted. Also, don't forget to upvote the guys who got flagged. Most of my voting power ended up going to them.


thumbs up!! we will not to bullied!

I wrote two articles to help the three thousand new users who came here because of @haejin in the past week.

They've both been attacked by the angry whale troll army. The first is about Steemit tools that can help you here; the second is about witnesses and my recent experience with a nasty one. The first is visible, but I'd appreciate some upvotes on the second so that it regains visibility after their attacks.

BTS to become the GOLDEN STANDARD!



Nice summary of what is comimg

Thanks merry xmas! I wish you and your family a merry xmas!

Thank You Haejin. Just a little example on how you are helping everyday people with your blog. Happy Holidays!
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Most of this stuff is going to end up swimming in the ocean


my goodness who needs all this... :D I'm saving for my own house :)


All of them are presents for my family. I was able to get everyone exactly what they wanted thanks to the information that Haejin was putting out. I hope you are able to save enough to buy your dream home!


that's so sweet, I'm really happy for you and wish you and your family best of luck! I'm confident that 2018 is going to be awesome!

Could you please do an update on EOS?

Great post

Well, now that you mentioned it, I think I'll put some of my eggs into the BTS basket. What exchanges currently support BTS?


You open an account at, download the software. you can get an online or an offline wallet.
After setting this up on your machine, you go to and create a transfer, they want to know what you will send, and to where they should send it. So you tell them its gonna be 2 ETH (I recommend using ether), and what your bitshares user name is. They will give you an eth address to send the funds to. You now withdraw 2 eth from the place where you are keeping them and send them to said address, and blocktrades will send them on. Takes about 10 minutes and is very reliable, from my experience. Maybe you already tried out the process with STEEM.
In other words, who cares what exchange - I think Poloniex trades in BTS.

· is a great site and you are supporting the coin by using it. Plus there is a level in anonymity that you don't get with the centralized exchanges.


Bts is a decentralized exchange. A good one:) use their software to get your bts

· easy, fast, secure and this is not promotion lol


Just an fyi check binanace. I bought my bts there for 150 Satoshi less then it was on bitshares exhange. No KYC under 2 bitcoin.


@johnesan. 1.When you choose either account mode or wallet mode. Be sure you know and remember which mode you choose. 2.When I did it, there is a part that "Automatically" generate password. Save that long password. You lose it, you can't get back in. 3.The next thing is you need to exchange your BTC to BTS. Make sure you do that step. Otherwise your acct is sitting at BTC with the value of BTS, not BTS itself. I said it cause I had made these mistakes. Others have problems with it too and there are people charge you $500 minimum to recover your acct. I find this link useful.


where can I find those people to help me with my account?


I've been trading on the #Bitshares DEX for a few months now. Very good experience and results!

The other comments with mentions of the website are good places to start. Let me know if you have any Bitshares questions and I'll do what I can to help.

Awesome! Thanks! Just need patience.


I made some money off Burst in the summer, so I took a look and applied Haejin's teachings in the last couple of weeks. Here's my analysis: wave circled i done, after breaking our of down-sloping triangle currently correcting. If you are not in yet, it is approaching the theoretical buy zone (previous wave iii-iv).

Still waiting here :D

Hey Haejin, big fan of you and your analysis. Thanks to you I started learning about Elliott Waves and it's truly useful.

I was wondering, are you looking at the chart of the cryptocurrencies as a whole ? Because it is following the exact same pattern as every "bubble burst" of Bitcoin and the cryptos. Moreover, I seem to discern a zigzag pattern, where we just finished the wave B and are starting wave C.
I came to this conclusion reading "Elliott Waves principal : key to market behavior", on the bigger picture, we'd be in wave 2 of an impulse, and as said in the book zigzag is a very common factor of wave 2 in an impulse.

If you have the time and see this comment I'd like to have your opinion on it, as I'm only a beginner in trading and chart patterns.

Thanks a lot, and happy trading !

Edit : Here are some screenshots of bitcoin "bursts" to show my point, I might be (and probably am) wrong.

Thanks man for the lovely Insight !

Short term right?

Very good information and very useful, I like your post it could be a good motivation for me. Thanks for sharing :)

I saw your Twitter message about the haters and upvoted all of your blogs for the past week.
For my experience, BTS has been your best call. The 342 dollar LT target is mesmerizing. I can't wait.

Dear Haejin you predicted for bts/btc downwards around 2000 satoshi on the first then upwards to12289 satoshi. Did i understandto12289 satoshi. Did i understand it correct ?
Than you for your predictions.

Sweet, a good friend suggest I get them almost 4 days ago. This gives me a lot more confidence to hold one for bigger numbers. Also what is your thoughts long term on BTS? I'm thinking sell off a fair bit when it peaks, keeping a portion long term, but buying back in on a possible correction. Sorry if I explained that horribly, I'm still really new, and mostly self taught. Oddly, I found you thanks to Bernies hateful post, so oddly as bad as it seems, he's getting you even more attention. Also anyone who doesn't read into what you are doing, and just hate on you because he told them to be mad, are some of the dumbest kind of people out there! So hopefully none of that crap has been getting to you. Thanks for doing what you do @haejin

Thankyou for the update..

Good job friend I want to like you because very much vote

Here's my latest attempt at projecting the bitshares path. My ascending right triangle puts us exactly at the $0.91 target from this post!

Oh @haejin, hope to see you soon!Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 4.11.51 PM.png


nice one I came up with the same! there are several alts undergoing a triangle breakout right now! best of luck to you and keep practicing!


Thank you! I am hoping for many more lessons from the master and hoping that the quiet over the last couple days is just a holiday thing...


I've used the little break to summarize his tutorials and getting into the books, I believe the real value is found in the path that he pointed to us. Thats why I'm always excited to see his followers posting their own TA, keep it up!

Thanks for a nice pick.

Your opinion might not goes that much wrong bro

yes i agree , bithsares is a great coin

Thank you for the update

Can we expect the bull run to end in mid february ? Is yout chart somewhat time accurate? Thanks.


It is almost impossible to chart time, he has written a post about it some time back. It is still on his blog but it requires a lot of scrolling to find :)

Thank you very much for giving me very useful information @haejin

Many thanks for this update. Please also guide about white coin. It is already 10x from suggested level in USD while 3x in BTC terms. I want to buy it for your long term target of USD 5.5.

Thanks @haejin! I already got a few BTS... But i really don't know how to short this with USD. Maybe somebody got an easy tutorial for that. I also use the openleder DEX and i don't like the Interface, got the BTS Wallet a better user experience ? Thanks, Happy X-MAS + Massive Profits !

i ve buy more BTS

BTS just hit 63 cents nice!


Thank you! This is how you said to me "Merry Christmas" :)

We love Haejin Lee, analyst and man! I earn a lot of wealth with his kind free posts and i am forever grateful. Please UPVOTE HAEJIN!

I Really appreciate to your valuable information

Yes! My analysis was similar, but I omitted the possibility of the triangle being wider! This is very likely to happen.

So, when will be the best time to buy?
Sorry, I am quite new at this.

Hello @haejiin,

thanks for your posts. Can you tell me something about Dentacoin?
Have a great day!

twas the night before Christmas... only a NEM is stirring.


Awesome Christmas Sale!


My thoughts exactly! :)

Thank you!