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Ethereum Dark (ETHD) had a sideways price moving start which was still wave countable as a shallow a,b,c correction. Wave 1,2,3,4,5 were clean and crips and now the correction is likely to show a triangle phenotype in the form of a,b,c,d,e waves.

The other likely price pathway for this correction is the a,b,c zig zag (5,3,5). Recall that the zig zag has five subwaves in the first a wave while a flat has three subwaves. The c wave always has five subwaves and the white waves delineate these. The blue trend line could show a resting area of the correction and likely where the c wave could bottom. As will be shown in tomorrow's post, ETHD is not following the ETH price pathway.

Legal Disclaimer: This is only my opinion, make of it what you wish. What does this mean? It means it's not advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell anything! It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.

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Although readers are advised to treat the information as purely informative or entertaining, yet I consider it as instructive. This is because it is based on well-reasoned out opinion, what is commonly called an intelligent opinion.

Thank you for this wise counsel.


Agree with you


Guys open your eyes. I am not promoting anyone. But @salahuddin2004 deserve respect for his TA. Look at haejin new drama


But do keep in mind you should always do your own research. I've been part of pump and dumps, and have sold too late. Which always keeps me skeptical about these post.

Does etherium have the potential to become another Bitcoin




Haejin cant predict target and date. Haejin TA Weak. Expert @salahuddin2004 predicts date and target.Screenshot_20180124-132653.jpg


Haejin cant predict target and date. Haejin TA Weak. Expert @salahuddin2004 predicts date and target.Screenshot_20180124-132653.jpg

I recently bought some Ethereum Dark. The supply is so small, steady volume, and if it ETHD achieves Token swaps, it could be huge. Really undervalued IMO

Great quick technical opinion on Ethereum Dark. The techchat team is very interested in what Ethereum has to offer. Ethereum's smart contracts make it closely applicable to so many industries. Consider this...

The Internet of Things is going to be very relevant in your life here pretty soon. Imagine you order a package off of the Internet. With sensors every step of the way tracking your package to safety the sensors forms its own node on a blockchain and Smart contracts can record “possession” of the device to each individual sensor (and subsequent location). A barcorde / NFC chip / other tracking devices on the package will be read at each sensor on the way to your house. Each time it is read by a new sensor, it’s location is broadcast to and agreed on by all the IoT participants on the blockchain.

We look forward to following Ethereum closely.

Very interesting article.

Thanks for sharing with us our analysis.good post
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Even if this is not advice or reccomendation to either buy or sell anything,i like your article,you always explain it very well.

nice and informative post mate thank s for sharing

I am Haejin's favorite rapper. . .

great job man. you have so much to learn from we

It's way less of a scam than any coin with an ico out there though. This was airdropped and mined through POS. The only thing you could say about this coin is that the devs kept a bunch of coins. But they were honest about that and said they will sell some now and then.
With the total supply of 4.5 million and the way it's handled, it seems about as scammy as litecoin, not at all. @haejin

What does ethereum dark have to do with ethereum, other then the name?

Go to the hell with your EW. It's not working at all. You just monetize your posts becase people don't want to read whitepapers a do some research. I do it and I write about it. M.

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Should of stayed in this one from the start, can win then all

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Again Nice sharing my friend @haejin

Muchas gracias por compartir tus análisis

This site is interesting, by their estimation, that could be way off,
DTube currently worth $868,000
Steemit $97,000,000
YouTube $102,650,332,250
I do think Steemit could be worth $1T in the future but there's a long way to go just to catch up with YouTube. Hopefully the masses will see the advantages of Steemit and DTube over the traditional sites.

if the price of bitcoin will be $ 20,000 tomorrow, I will give it to everyone 0.1 BTC HEHE ;)