FREE Technical Analysis for ANYONE!! By a 15+ Year Veteran of Elliott Waves & Chart Pattern Recognition!!

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Since June, when I joined Steemit; the objective of this blog has been to help and do no harm. To that end, I have posted hundreds of Technical Analysis for hundreds of coins..ALL FREE and nearly 97% of the analysis were at the requests of followers, readers and passersbys. And using these blogs of mine, MANY have PROFITED!

I know someone who made $80,000 profit from the VERGE Bullish call alone which I analyzed in my blogs! A young 21 year old man has made his $65k portfolio into >$213K through my help and coaching. Another young man who lost almost everything of his starting $300k is now starting again but with my guidance. I can go on and on. My ardent and TRUE desire is to HELP and do no harm and my blog executes this precisely! What have I done wrong to have so many haters?

This is the Season of Giving and I've tried to give as much as I can all throughout the year. I've put together Tutorials which are ALL FREE and always listed at end of each of my blogs. I've made morning and evening video updates all aimed at teaching and helping others to also learn Technical Analysis. I've done as much coaching in the comments as possible to help others to discern future price pathways and profit.

And yet, when a heavy hitter happens to UpVote my blogs because he had found them so helpful, so profitable and had not seen such level of accuracy anywhere else...I get so many hate messages and unwarranted DownVotes. It makes me truly sad and hurt. But, I didn't live my 47 years of life to give up at the heckle of haters!

So, yet once again, as I've done many times before, I put out the call, LOUD and CLEAR as EVER, for ANYONE who would like help with their Cryptos to come to my blog and receive FREE Technical Analysis. If you are losing money because of FOMO and Panic Selling habits...I believe my Technical Analysis Methods can help. Please make your request at this site and I'll respond with a detailed Technical Analysis:

My evidence of performance is in my blogs. My calls are about 88% to 96% accurate! I've learned a valuable skill and I'd like to share this with others and teach others to learn it and use it for their benefits. What have I done wrong to get so much haters?

As always, I wish you MASSIVE profits!!
Even to ALL the Haters and DownVoters...God's Peace!

Kind Regards,

Haejin Lee

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Laddering Example with EOS
Tutorial on the use of Fibonacci & Elliott Waves
These Technical Analysis Books: Elliott Wave Priniciple & Technical Analysis of Stock Trends are highly recommended
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Bullshit. If it wasn't about the rewards you can feel free to decline them on any post. Don't pretend to be a man of the people when you're really just like everyone else.

Your analysis isn't FREE, it's now raping the Steem reward pool to the tune of 6%. Do you feel you deserve 6% of the total reward pool just for your posts and advice? That's quite a bold statement.


Keep it up berniesanders for what its worth I will down vote you and your buddies where ever I find you and I will now make it a point checking yours and your buddies posts daily so I can down vote anything you post.


I'm with you.


Lol go get that Troll!


Insane comment("raping?", oh please!), and most likely part of a gang of paid trollers who go around making rude comments on the best blogs and then upvoting each other, so as to say, "yeah lots of people feel this way!". Unfortunately this type of thing exists. Fortunately I see right through it. Agendas abound. Go troll somewhere else, Troll-man!


P.S. 49 upvotes my ass...


Oh wow, I just saw this- total manipulation of voting power for money.. ...and this link was posted by someone who upvoted the troll above.



This is 'Bernies' bot, THE OG!


Olivers-wilde is one of the fake accounts that is actually owned by Haejin.


Boy, you do have a lot of time to waste,don't you? And yet you can't prove anything! Pity...such is the life of haters. Now I will kindly mute you as I spent enough time on you, troll :)


He deserves it. Why not? He teaches and shares a lot of great interesting thing.

You are just jealous with him.


I'm confused. He's giving some legit quality calls with follow up posts to prove it. Not only that, but i'm sure multiple people on this blog including myself could say it's personally helped them make money.

You're now upset because he says "giving this analysis for free", but accepting upvotes for $$$ (Doesn't like 99% of the people on steemit allow upvotes and isn't that why 99% of us are here instead of facebook, twitter, we can get paid for what we love and help out others at the same time?)

Do you just prefer he says - Please upvote the crap out of my posts? Would that honestly change anything at the end of the day?

The system isn't perfect and if we want to give him upvotes for the data why shouldn't we be able to?

As far as I know he's not screwing with the "system", he's literally just posting what people want to see.

If he wants to collect upvote rewards for putting in the time to analyze the charts who are you to say he shouldn't?

If that's the case then I'm guilty as charged cause I'd GLADLY take a lot more upvotes for extra $$$ for my content cause right now I get about $0 payout for my crappy posts.

Why is it now your decision to decide who gets rewards and who shouldn't?

Lastly, why didn't you just turn off your earnings for the comment if you're not into getting extra $$$...

Help me understand what the real problem is here <---- (Honest question)

  ·  3년 전

I can't really find fault in @haejin and his supporters or in @berniesanders and anybody on the other side of things. You can't exactly blame a guy for pushing the system to the limit if he knows he can make >$8k a day off of it. Unfortunately, due to the way Steem is set up, any one user becoming that successful has a negative impact on all other users of the platform. Haejin's giant payouts mean less for everyone else, which may or may not be good for Steemit in the long run. If you don't think that some of these posts are worth $2k-3k USD, then flag them. If you think haejin deserves the money for producing quality calls, upvote. Simple as that.


You are a jealous dick head, who obviously does not have the mental capacity to compete in an open market.


i have personally profited over 100k in the last 6 weeks alone following Haejins blog and watching his videos. No other post on steemit or any other blog has done that for me, the same way Amazon deserves their 50%+ of the ecommerce market, Google deserves 70% of the search market, yes he deserves 6%+ of the pool and more. welcome to the world where creating value is rewarded aka capitalism.


Whining about how someone who produces actual value doesn't "deserve" the rewards freely granted by those who appreciate his work. I must say your Steem username couldn't be more spot-on.


@Berniesanders, you are what we in Australia call a real cunt. If you do not like and appreciate what he does for all of us then just move on.
Go get a life but then again your life must really suck if you have to go around and try and degrade every one around you. I say it again, YOU ARE A CUNT


I disagree on the 12 dollars you get by coming here and posting this nonconstructive BS! So as the Steem community general consensus dictates I flag you in hopes that it will bring balance to the amount you earn by disseminating crap!


youre a selfish person, cant imagine whats coming out of you, you really must be paid to do this. A man must reap the fruit of his labour, either good or bad. Haejin is reaping GOOD cuz he has sown GOOD, you definitely will reap whats due to you for these your rude statements.
Haejin keep it up.


Your post garnered the same earnings and it's full of hate. Please leave so adults can speak.


I can't remember you downvoting any of the posts your "buddy" made 6 months ago, he was earning multiple times more rewards and he had only 1/10th of the views haejin has and he mostly posted simple bullshit picture charts.

Now I see him (this ozchartart guy) all too eager to ally with you and downvote other people's post.

What's the deal you have?


Nice i just put flag on this post


I think the rewards for his posts should be much higher, because the impact he has on our economic and educational state. Haejin is the blessing from up ubove, so cool your nerves mate...


Haterz gonna hate faggots gonna fag. We love @haejin so subject closed.

  ·  3년 전

dude 8 posts in one day is unnecessary. hes taking over 6% of the reward pool. these posts could easily be consolidated to 1 to 3 posts. 8 is insane and GREEDY! at that rate he is making 600k a month. GREED!


You can do the same mate. (if you can) People like his posts and some ppl hate hate his success. Are you jelly? Please give me some more names like @haejin so we can follow them too. Maybe this could balance the pool share a bit.


How about you follow haejin? this will give much more rewards than rewards you are complaining about.


This guy is an idiot. Dan Larimer gave him $2 million in Steem, for nothing, and now thinks it’s ok to tell other people what they do and don’t deserve. Guess what bernie, real people and not bots are voting up haejin. You keep your little bots going you sad little boy. Until the likes of you are dealt with steemit will continue to be a complete and utter joke.

I do not understand 100% of your postings.

Because my native language is Hangul
Also, my English is not good.

But I have never seen anyone give accurate forecasting skills like you for free.

But who's down voting?
I can not understand.

Although my steem power is only 58,000

If you need it, please feel free to ask.
I am ready to respond to your request at any time.

I fully support you!


I fully support haejin and his skills are unbelievable! To haejin you are helping so many people like myself with your blog! I have a wife and 3 young children and your blog has had SO MUCH positive effect on my entire family! Your analysis has multiplied our families nest egg!! I have been. HODLER of bitcoin and eth for a long time.... but using your AMAZING GUIDANCE I have been able to grow it exponentially! I have also made investments for other family members! From where I stand you are a WONDERFUL PERSON AND I TRULY HOPE YOU CONTINUE YOUR EXCELLENT WORK FOR US ON STEEM!! Thanks from me and my family!!


I do understand, and I wish we all lived in your world. I fully support you. I am at your service, in the spirit of my living teacher, and coach.


Hangul saram nomu chuvasoio :D


Keep up the good work!


@solisrex You are a good person......Blessings and much love😇


Thank you for everything.
I've seen it all and know where things are going. I know how these people think and I know they are the biggest threat to steemit. I've repeatedly called for a constitution to get rid oft these self-rightous commies. Even their logic is 100% wrong. The reward pool is distributed according to the voting weight each person has received. upvote is a positive weight and flag is a negative one. "Reward pool rape" is a manufactured crime. Instead of putting a positive weight on other posts or flagging spam/plagiarists, These suckers just pick bunch of high values posts They deem unfairly rewarded and start flagging them.

You are not going to be able to do anything about these commies. They pick one fight and then move to another and then another...... I'm already sick and tired with this. There is only one path I see.

Get whales to keep upvoting the shifu and earn curation rewards while flaggers earn none.
Upvote the good people who got crushed fighting the good fight.


That's a one jealous TA and look what he has to say about @haejin's analysis. He also makes about $45 per post and @haejin used to make way less.


Yes! When I see this I think of paid trollers - Paid trolling exists and frequently has as its purpose stirring up controversy, creating a distraction, and just overall being a negative influence to the truth seekers of the world...They are frequently seen all over youtube in the "truther movement" video channels and blog sites. I think you are right about this being a manufactured crime(reeks of total bs). So why are they here?? I know corporations hire paid trollers- so take your pick of who might be at work here. Possibly because Steem itself is seen as a threat, as it slowly steals advertising dollars away from all the other social media sites? Just a guess, who knows.... I usually try not to engage (sigh, but I just couldn't help myself with that guy above!) Who would ever attack a guy like @haejin??


P.S. Sometimes I think they are bots...maybe not this bernie sanders guy, but some I think are...


Sorry to say this and i mean no offense. But you don't know shtick about these people. How does most gov legislation come? They are just manufactured crimes. Why are they there? Because some people are self- righteous scum. This isn't much about paid trolls. It's just commies (A fitting name- bernie) and what they want is control. What's happening here is exactly what happened with Bitcoin which was exactly what happened with Russian commie revolution.

It's people deciding on how things should be distributed paying zero atttention to the Non-Aggression-Principle.

If this was paid trolls, that would restore my faith in humanity. For someone who spend a lot of time in his head and read/watch psychological horror let me tell you that you are greatly underestimating human darkness.

It's people with power deciding what's best for the community. steemit is going the way of Bitcoin. Just know when to walk away when the Dash equivalent comes.


See the forest beyond the trees, it's beautiful. Haejin brought me there. I already see you, there, standing next to me.

  ·  3년 전

he should not be posting 8 times a day. it is reward pool rape and he only started doing this recently. ive been following him for a long time and love his work. but 8 posts in 24 hours is ridiculous. they could easily be consolidated into 2 or 3 posts.


Star Wars is making too much money crushing all the other movies in theater. We should redistribute some of it to the little guys; probably to some box office flop.

You know Fifty Shades of Grey (some real stupid trash of a book) sold over 100 million copies. That too much. That's a large percentage of yearly book sales. These buyers should be doing something else with their purchasing power (voting power) Somebody need to fix this.

USA claims too large a portion of global GDP. We should let Cuba and Venezuela have a piece of that.

Seriously man, don't go after manufactured crimes and become a commie.

  ·  3년 전

i dont see how any of that is relevent. 8 posts in one day getting votes from the same huge voters seems a little off putting. i have no problem with someone making their money. but something seems a little fishy here. this didnt start happening til very recently.

im far from a commie. commies deserve a buller.

also all of your examples arent receiving all their money from the same people every day every post either.

its fine he can continue on. but i definitely wont be upvoting 8+ posts a day thats for damn sure lol. all ive seen on my feed is haejin the last 2-3 days.


Says some who's selling all account functionalities for 0.1SBD

Crypto enthusiast. Send $0.1SBD for UPVOTE, FOLLOW, & RESTEEM! Post in memo!

That's just epic.

also all of your examples arent receiving all their money from the same people every day every post either.

Actually movies and books make a large portion of money from fans. Your argument is factually inaccurate. Your argument also implies that it's wrong to receive rewards from the same group of people over and over. Who the hell are you to tell people what they should be doing with their upvotes. What is the crime with someone repeatedly upvoting the same person. If I buy food from the same shop everyday without going to any other shops, how can that be a crime. Is it wrong because I decide to go to one shop always and never spend my money on any other shop? Does Other shops have a right to negate my payments to @haejin's or anyone else's shops on the basis that I spend it on one or 2 people instead of the entire community which I may not even find subjectively valuable.

If that isn't communism you are delusional.

all ive seen on my feed is haejin the last 2-3 days.

Do you know how to unfollow someone. It's an interesting function offered by the free market where you are selling your UPVOTE, FOLLOW, & RESTEEM on.

  ·  3년 전

Man your butt must be sore. What's wrong with selling upvotes and resteem? If you look at my profile it doesn't happen often because I curate the content for quality first.

I do know how to unfollow. I said I like his analysis and content for the 3rd time I don't like 8 posts a day that could easily be condensed because they aren't long posts.

You're just as bad as the side thats down voting him. I can't even reply to you anymore. You talk like a child. You act like I'm against haejin when I'm clearly not. But I'm not worshipping every post the guy makes like you are either.

Get a grip dude.


First of all how about addressing any of the facts and arguments I presented. You have adressed none and claims I'm no different from downvoters.

1)I haven't broken the NAP
2)I have presented facts and pointed out your inaccurate claims
3)I've made solid arguments using logic

Your main argument is "I don't like " which has zero facts in it and purely feelings based.
I refuse to accept that you have reached a reputation of 58 without noticing that the "follow" button turns into "unfollow" after you click on it. I see no clear reason why you don't know how to unfollow.

I'm not worshipping every post the guy makes like you are either.

Factually incorrect according to what's recorded on the blockchain. I don't upvote half of @haejin's posts because it depletes my tiny voting power too much. I only commnet on about 10% or at most 20% of his posts. I also follow other TAs and comment and upvote them.

I have nothing against vote selling. I use bots too. It's recorded on the blockchain. I mentioned that for the irony that you are against @haejin making 8 profitable calls a day calling it
2)reward pool rape
all because some people voted him without any coercion or additional incentive. All the while you are selling UPVOTE, FOLLOW, & RESTEEM for direct financial gain.

Next time think with logic and fundamentals instead of feelz.


Same to you Solisrex.

@haejin because of you i made a steemit account and this is my first post ever.
ive discoverd and have been following your steemit for about 5 days now and just finished the last tutorial. Both books will arrive this weekend i hope.

let this be a new chapter in my life!

thank you very much Haejin,

Behind every succesfull person lies a pack of haters.

H: Having
A: Anger
T: towards
E: everyone
R: reaching
S: success

“You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.”

― Winston S. Churchill


unfortunately churchill is a very unpleasant personality..

Sure stay away from bitcoin! Stay in the USD. You know that's a safe bet because it's backed by $100+ trillion in debt and a quadrillion worth of derivatives!


That's another way to look at it

I initially read this as technical analysis by a 15 year old. lol

That is unbelievable. You are offering free advice and people are hating on you. Don't let them get to you. I've learned a lot from your posts and videos and I feel that you are providing a great service to the Steemit community. Keep Posting!!! And Gain MASSIVE PROFITS!!!

Jeeez dawg, when i first found ur page you were getting under $1 of upvotes now u mad ballin, or should i say steemin!

Keep up the good work!

Please keep it on. Thanks for all your time sharing all your know how, teaching and following, and if you found the way to do it profitable claps on you!

while @haejin post was hide i posted this:

now i got my own downvote wave ... ..


Yeah I had 60 people downvote my only post, because I stood up to haejin. I got on this platform mostly to follow his work. I considered putting some effort into it and sharing some of my own content on the platform. But now I know how easily it is to leverage power and abuse people on this platform, I probably wont. Good luck to all who stick with it though.


Music marry as at cause party worth weeks.


Yeah, got smacked by them too simply because of disagreeing.


Don't worry, we will build you back up.


I hope that does not happen to my opinions as well. I HATE GROUP THINK. That is the fastest path to ruin I've seen on the Internet. When nobody is allowed to question the current theory, then EVERYBODY goes over the cliff together.


You said "But now that I know how easily it is to leverage power and abuse people...I probably wont." I believe this is exactly their purpose, to try and poison the environment -Paid trollers is a real thing(think who would have an agenda to try and scare people away from Steem? lots of guesses come to mind-aka competition). @interwovenfarm, Be true to yourself and share your ideas... Dont let the bad guys ruin it for you (and then anyone else who might want to hear what you have to say)...


Thanks. I'm sticking around, for now. Just made another post. I feel less annoyed about the whole thing today. Anyone know if the steemit deep state kicks off these bots and repays folks lost rep?


We got your back, always, this wasn't the first attack. I was taken down to lvl 4 in the past myself.

nice one, good information

Thank you Haejin I'm sorry for the way people are treating you, keep your head held high and keep fighting the good fight my friend. You have a soul of the purest form Thank you for all you do.

I'm extremely sad and really hurt with what happened today.

Until today I perceived whole steemit as a little messy, quite unstructured, but still, a great and positive place.

This brutal attack, made based on some self righteous, simply minded sheriff's "gut", changed my attitude towards this place.

If this decentralisation and new start means there can be people that can decide who's good and who's bad and even worse, there are hordes of others, that follow them, thinking, just like holy inquisition, they're doing right thing, then this new place will soon become Orwell's Animal Farm.

No one deserves it. Least of all You Haejin. I'm extremely sorry and hoping You'll find a strenght to shrug it all off.

All the best.


Haejin lee - You are the best. Because of you, I purchased large quantity of verge when it was more than half a cent and today I have made huge profit. God bless you...Seeing your prediction of verge on youtube, I got into Verge. I will always be thankful to you.


The way it works is your post is open for both open and down votes for 7 days. The down votes are flags. It isn't an attack although some of the comments were.


It was an organized attack, don't call it anything else.


I am enormously encouraged; Wave two must proceed massive wave three.

Don't worry about the haters, Haejin! Life will always have those :) The good outweighs the bad.

Ignore the haters @haejin you are a fantastic trader and your technical analysis is appreciated by a lot of people. Keep up the great work!

  ·  3년 전

@haejin I am a follower and love your work. but, you have made 8 posts in the last 24 hours. that is completely ridiculous and it is raping the reward pool and stealing from other content creators.

8 posts in completely unnecessary when these could be consolidated into 1 or 2 posts. please reconsider the amount of posts you make. i was on your side at first until i noticed you posting 8 times in one day. you know this is wrong as does everyone else.


Every post is related to a different topic (currency) and to different timelines. Put all of them together makes no sense. It would be a complete mess.

  ·  3년 전

how would it be a mess to talk about 2 or 3 different currencies in one post? "Currency 1, currecy 2, currency 3 look bullish"

His posts arent long. Wouldnt be a mess at all. lol.


He had posted a while ago that something huge is coming to altcoins from the aggressive bullish look and similarity of their patterns, most of these are updating the ones he mentioned earlier like, XVG, DGB, RDD and some others + the usual BTC update, I guess when someone if offering a free service, he is not bound to any of this, and everyone else with an experience should be able to do the same.

  ·  3년 전

Yes I know. I've been following him for quite some time now. and there are tons of people that put out their tech analysis free.

I just think its a bit ridiculous making 8 posts in 24 hours and racking up $64,000 in rewards from the same big voters. There's something about that that seems a little greedy and off-putting. If he continues this trend of 5+ posts a day I guess I'll just unfollow.


I do know how to unfollow.

You said the above statement 40mins ago on this very same post. This comment is over 2 hours old. Caught you lying and deceiving the community while accusing @haejin for his hard work and tell me :You talk like a child. for coming up with valid arguments against your factually inaccurate claims and proving your claims wrong with cold hard logic.

@libertyteeth @solisrex @tt-dogg @anarchrysalis @summertooth @scarlet7 @diverse

We have someone exposed. You can't lie and get away with it in blockchain. We will reward those who do good to us. You are nobody to tell us how to use our votes. We vote because we benefit. I'm sure @noly isn't following @haejin for no reason. I don't vote on all of @haejin's posts as I've mentioned earlier and anybody is allowed to do the same. Nobody is forced to vote just because somebody kept posting stuff that's normally behind a $3000 paywall per year.

I'm pretty sure this is just one case.

Also:Crypto enthusiast. Send $0.1SBD for UPVOTE, FOLLOW, & RESTEEM! Post in memo!
As a person who use bots I wonder why anybody would be against unpaid upvotes/follows/resteems. None of us are paid for any of those by @haejin or anyone else but those upvotes are hurting steemit because we don't know how to properly use our upvotes.

So would it be okay if we asked for bit of SBD before upvoting the content we subjectively find valuable :P

I can't believe people are downvoting you for your advice. I have never seen such jealousy before. But you keep up, you are the man.

haejin, i usually never post comments on anything! But you're teachings and posts have changed my life. Obviously, it's given me more financial wealth, but it has also given me the confidence to learn new things that will benefit my life. I have no doubt you have affected other peoples' lives positively. Keep up the good work and know that you're awesome!!!

Thank you for the enormous amounts of knowledge you're sharing everyday. It has helped me so much!

My upvotes aren't worth much if anything but I try to upvote you whenever I can. I am to new cryptocurrency investing but in the new year I plan to make bolder moves and will definitely take your advice.

Appreciate your work!

@haejin Man you are amazing at what you do. You are helping so many people. Keep doing what you do. You are very helpful. Thanks for your work!

You don't know me, but I consider you my mentor.

Love your posts've made me 60k in 10 days. UNREAL, you are the MAN!!!


I started my investment in July at 3k, two weeks later while failing to achieve anything, I saw the magical message appear on HitBTC trollbox by @scarlet7, something like "guys check a guy on Steemit by the name @haejin, he provides great Technical analysis and charts for many coins..."

So I went and Joined Steemit at the time and started following Haejins' posts, at first I still used to panic sell and lose because I haven't watched any tutorials and honestly just wanted to build a fast portfolio, that ofcorse failed. After watching the tutorials, and applying the masters' teachings to the provided posts, my portfolio has reached 40k and still going up faster than before. I do not drink Alcohol, so maybe I wont be buying you beers :D , but loads of Coffee and chocolates instead, I owe much to @haejin for the great dedication and golden posts, and @scarlet7 for spreading the word about the Master of Cryptos. Much is heading your way :) Thank you, from all my heart,

Haters are like a grain of salt in the ocean, will render ineffective as soon as it reaches water. Why do harm where it doesn't benefit you?

Came today: 20171219_191633.jpg


You will go far. This is just the beginning.


That's awesome, how much was Frost and Prechter btw? How many chapters or pages is the book? Many thanks in advance


I paid about $27 usd or 0.001554 Bitcoin

Thanks for all of your hard work! You are amazing! Don't let the haters get you down. They must be jealous I guess.
I learn something from each of your posts.

I have been following haejin for the past weeks, ever since then my daily reads and you-tube search will be into his channel for daily updates.

Haters will always hate! Forget them, the rest of us love you man. you're changing lives, word is spreading. You're the real deal. Onwards and upwards!

Haejin, myself and a group of friends of mine all love you videos, blogs and tutorials. Don't listen to the haters. You have helped us get started and now we are trying to develop the skills you've imparted. 100% thank you and please don't stop.

I have just recently found your posts so I have not made any money yet unfortunately but I'm not too worried about that. It will come in time. Your approach is excellent and what you do is very much appreciated. Don't let the haters get to you. It's very easy for people to hate when they're sitting behind a screen somewhere. It's obvious to me the wealth of knowledge that you have and the fact that you are willing to share it without being paid shows the type of person that you are. Those of us that understand what you are giving appreciate it. Thank you again.

We support you Haejin! You did great job and I'm glad that you keep doin' it! I'm with you brother!

@Haejin you have made yourself a focus of attention, with all of your best intentions, to help. I read in the comments of your blogs, so many people, including myself, who fully appreciate your knowledge, sincerity and drive to help others master your method. In my experience your generosity in what you give is truly amazing.

Now, as I come from Liverpool, England, I’m blessed with a cheeky sense of humor, so here goes... Now, get your Physics on Haejin... if you’re a positive then don’t be surprised if you attract some negative types. It’s just the way it is. Sad but true baby.

If it’s any consolation, I’ve learned more from you in the last two weeks than I have in the past twenty years!

Chin up Haejin

Ignore all the haters, they just hate them selves because they are loosers and haven’t achieved anything in this life! Please keep going with your blogs, they are amazing! I learned a lot from you and think you are the best in analysis!!!

Hey Haejin :D
Im watching BTC and sweating pretty hard over here, as it has dropped below the resistance, cld you give an update pls.
Dont know if to sell or to hold, im wondering if charting might not give the correct result here and other factors are coming into play :O


Hold! Have faith in the BTC. It has a bright future full of many higher gains.


They added Bitcoin Cash to Coinbase...selloff ensued


How is adding BCH to Coinbase causing a BTC correction? Do u think people are selling BTC to buy BCH on Coinbase due to all the FUD the founders have been pushing in the media while banking millions?


My humble opinion is that since Bitcoin Cash seeming stays closer to the intent of Satoshi and the Whitepaper, the question is which is the real Bitcoin? Adding it to Coinbase lends it more credibility and since that is the main fiat gateway, giving people a choice will naturally lead to money that may have gone into Bitcoin will funnel into Bitcoin Cash.


I'm staying always from the BTC family from now on. This is totally contrary to its original project. It's just gross.

I became a steem member just to follow you and upvote your post. Keep up the good work. Thanks so much..

Keep up the good works Haejin, haters gonna hate no matter what you do.
I suggest we all red flag their accounts because we are more in numbers, we'll beat them. Lets do it guys

Thank you for this.... Looking forward to learning some more....

you are giving to us a lesson! You share your amazing knowledge with us with passion. I appreciate your work. Top notch guy

I'm new to this too and I have learned so much. Thank you for everything you do for all of us just trying to learn and succeed!

el bitcoin es el oro digital

The saying goes “ haters gonna hate” that’s just what they do. I know I have benefited from your posts and you’ve helped me more than you know. Your light will continue to shine even when haters bring shade. I truly thank you sincerely! My life has been changing for the better and believe me my family appreciates it as well. “I WISH YOU MASSIVE MASSIVE PROFITS” thank you sincerely!

This downvoter might be a whale.

On a side note the market was gone completely red 3x today. Loads of money going into BCC...whats going on? Whales?


Rumor has it, coinbase adding BCH 1/1

Please update btc looks like it's dropped past your two probable wave counts and could be in a bigger correction? Or am I mistaken?

Thanks @Haejin. I am new to this world and I found your post insightful and informative. Don't be bother by a few negative people.

I would never down vote your effort haejin. I respect what you are attempting to do and I know many, including myself, appreciate it.

If I were to offer any criticism at all it would be to say that perhaps you are spreading yourself too thin.

You have a family, other work I presume, personal coaching, and alt-coin analysis after alt-coin analysis to boot. Where does it end?

Personally, I don't think I could juggle that many balls at one time. Perhaps you can. The phrase "Jack of all trades, master of none" comes to mind. My personality leads me towards trying to master one thing at a time, although I never do. lol. But I do understand how others want to do it all at the same time. If it works for you then I say job well done! I'd just hate to see other areas suffer because you get to the point where you can't focus on any one thing very well because you have to keep stirring every other pot just a little.

What the F@#$$%!! Forget the haters. I am reminded of the song by Taylor Swift, The Haters gonna hate hate hate hate, I'm just gonna shake shake... I am sending you energy and support as I have just found your blog and you are pure. It's easy to give anonymously, hateful comments, like a coward. THANK YOU HAEJIN LEE for all the future help and Merry Christmas.

Mr. Haejin! I can’t thank you enough, for contributing deeply in the growth of my financial wealth. Please, don’t waste one second of your time with haters. There is no human, being as good as he could ever be, that pleased everyone. There will be always haters, thats the way life goes. If you, deep in your heart, feel you are doing the right thing, for the right purpose, just keep on going. Wish you only good things! Thank you!!


I make eduardo's words, as mine.

Thankk Mr. Haejin.

How can you even down vote?? What Haejin do to you??

  ·  3년 전

I dont know why they did.
With me, you are so great, i always learn from you.
Hope you have good day and good healthiness :)

STEEM needs alot of work, as in been able to approve people, block people. have private groups etc. Im sure one day it will get there.

Haters are jsut sad people that have nothing better to do. Personal if i dont like something i simply stay away from it. Its not hard.

You have done great work and helped alot of people make alot of money which is hard in these times.

What goes around comes around. that all i can say. You do good you will do well.

Heajin you deserve every upvote we gave to you. Some people may do not like they do not have to give downvote they shuld skip to other analyser. Or other page. If they make down vote write bad comment this means they are jealous and malice.

I don't know who is giving you grief but I can assure you the emptiest can rattles the loudest. Only you could harm your well earned reputation and honor. I'm so tired of fools and ignorant know it all's that are so self centered. You give back so much and that is why you succeed.
Hard not to react to getting a pin prick, hurts for a second then you get back on with the day.

I always apreciate your afford to help people. Thanks for the tips.

Thanks for your help Haejin! How’s Bitcoin Gold looking?

Haejin, our Lord and Savior!

Haejin keep it up you are god of crypto


Haejin, you have made me 50k in the past 2 weeks. Following you and paying attention to your techniques has been the best investment of my life!


Well said shabeeb99. I’ve had the same experience with a far smaller starting stake. This man is a genius.

Thank you so so much, you have made a huge difference in my life.
Keep up the good work

Much appreciated.

People are actually throwing shade at you? That's ridiculous. Damn man. You're def one of the good guys on here. Such an absolute shame. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has said this to you but I've learned an incredible amount off your videos. Forget all the haters. Continue doing what your doing. You're awesome!

You are appreciated by so many people, I am glad you aren't letting the haters get to you. Haters gonna hate so take no notice.

  ·  3년 전

You're doing a great job Haejin, it's much appreciated! Thank you

@haejin You are doing no wrong. They are just miserable humans. Ignore them (I know its hard). Continue to do what you are doing. You have definitely increased our understanding of Crypto trading and saved us from a lot of bad trades. Cheers and do not worry 99% of us here love you :).

Mr. Haejin, thank you for the hard work and effort you put into your analysis. It has helped remove the FOMO and the fear that accompanied trading for me, and I have been making efforts as of late to learn Elliot wave principle.

dont let it f**k you up. you are doing a good Job here.


I have only been following you for a short while. But, I can honestly say, you are possibly the best at crypto TA I have seen in the few short months I've been in crypto and I am thankful that I found you! I hope one day to be able to learn a fraction of the skills and knowledge you possess. Please don't acknowledge the haters. What I like about what you do is you show the potential for each coin you recommend. The most challenging thing for me and for everyone is finding the best entry, but I have confidence and patience that your targets will be reached in time. This is a highly volatile space, and if they are looking for you to take the volatility out of the market, something nobody can do, then they are ignorant and misguided. What you are helping to do for many people is give highly technical advice and increase the odds of profiting in a volatile market by making more intelligent and calculated investments. You are greatly appreciated by me and I am sure many others. Please don't let them discourage you from your mission of helping others. I look forward to watching your training videos as you are my crypto Jedi Master! Thanks again for all that you do! By the way, I would love to know more about your background and how you learned these skills!

Thanks a lot haejin!!!! And please keep doing this, we are learning a lot and its very helpful.

Keep it up with the great work? Hang in there!

the haters are reacting accordingly as Master Lee leads us from the cave into the midday sun, their eyes hurt and legs cramped from staring at the shadows for so long.

I just started to follow you and yes I really enjoy your technical analysis. What are the haters complaining about? And why should you bother when there is no substance to it? I always appreciate good critique so I have the chance to learn another view of things.

thank you for everything you do

Haters going to hate. Keep your head up Haejin. Many of us here appreciate what you do.

Haejin, when you called BCH a few days ago, I thought 3200 USD was impossible. As I write this BCH is 3608 USD! Thanks for all your hard work, we are so lucky to have you here on Steem sharing your wisdom.

You are the boss HAEJIN I respect you ! <3

Everything you say is soo true! I got my profits because of your every day free technical analysis. I just started with nothing, no knowledge about exchange, markets and crypto. So far a learned a lot from your TA and i try to learn even more from @haejin. You are doing good things man ! Keep going and ignore the haters...They are jealous, this happens when somebody is sucessful. Thank you! All the best !!!

You are positive!!!!!!!!!

Haejin is the best!

  ·  3년 전

Big thanks to you man! Fk hates...

Thank you so much for all of your help! I wish my upvote was worth more for u! You have been a blessing, please dont stop.
They are hating because you are doing so well and not scamming people like them! I think u deserve every penny, you have a great heart, dont worry about them.. take care and god bless!

@haejin No weapon formed against you shall prosper.....Let the Prophets continue!

Blessings and much love😇

Sound like a guru... Please show me the way upward

We love you bro. You know this. Dont listen everybody and do what you do always.. you are our superman :)

@haejin People like you are now hard to find. Everyone can not be good intentions. Continue bro, every time...👍👍

@Haejin Just want to say many thanks for teaching us "how to fish" instead of just "giving us fish". All of your videos are invaluable not only because it accurately depicts the mysterious crypto market but there is much philosophy to be learned too. I also purchased the Elliot Waves and Market Fundamental books. I look forward for future videos - help and do no harm. That is exactly what you have been doing. Be strong and courageous. Many blessings to you and of course massive profits!

You're a true legend. Just want to thank you for all your help! I've learned so much from you and had great profits from your advice. Please keep this up!

Keep up the great work you done for us all. Thank you.

@Haejin The haters are just jealous people that want easy money by doing little work and are threatened by how much we like and trust you (as has been shown by posters on this thread).

I can honestly say that I only joined to follow your posts, and they have helped me A LOT. And when I say A LOT, I'm talking about those MASSIVE profits.

I watched all your tutorials several times and I bought the books that you recommended (hopefully I get them before the end of the week) and I can happily say that, although I'm a complete novice, I'm now more aware and sometimes I can see the patterns, I'm able to identify the triangles that cryptos love so much, and by doing so, I'm becoming able to predict the movement that a coin is going to have. That, to me, is already a victory. And I believe that with more and more training I'll have an easier time with the analysis.
And all of this is thanks to you, your teachings, the motivation that you give us.

I really wish you all the best and want to thank you again for the MASSIVE profits. Never stop doing what you do.

PS: To the haters. If you are threatened by/jealous of @Haejin, I suggest you start posting relevant content, because at this point it's like comparing GOLD(Haejin) to TRASH(Haters) in terms of content.

Tell us what we need to give so much we will form a bull flag and crush the resistance!!!

님 글 보고 있는데 제가 영어가 약해서
한글로 볼수 있는 방법은 없을까요? 스팀에 한글로 올리시는 것 같은데

Haejin, I think you're doing a wonderful job and you have inspired me like you would have not imagined. Keep it up and we are all very supportive and grateful of what you are doing to us.


Haejin, also want to say a few more words...
A recently have a newborn son, wife's out of work and I'm the only one supporting the family. I work in a decent job which doesn't get me a lot, and I'm probably about to go through a mid life crisis lol.
When I saw your work, and knowing that you're not even trying to sell us anything, is really inspiring. I have seen your results and you provide me with inspiration and determination to work towards. I want to one day be able to make calls like you. You've given drive and zeal to make this work. So thank you again. And please continue to do the awesome work!!!

Thanks @haejin :) you're doing a great job and steemit community needs a genuine person like you.
Please keep steeming your high quality content!

What's up with BTC plummeting, BCH goes up 30%? BCH campaign to replace BTC?

Could you take a look at BCH? Gone to 3800. Thanks. PPP and PPT if not too much to ask.

항상 응원합니다^^!!

Hey @haejin why they comment so angry about your ""posts and advice? That's quite a bold statement.""@berniesander.

You have done nothing wrong. Try to ignore the hate. The positivity out weighs the hate. Your a legend. You have helped me tremendously with our sessions.

It is an absolute disgrace that any one is down voting your posts. You have been so kind and generous and ask little in return. You have beome a daily ritual for me. Please dont stop your guidance haejin, ignore the haters

Thank you so much for everything Haejin

Those who are hurting others don't realise they hurting themself. I follow you now a quite long and sometimes I think you are the one who controlling all the waves! Can't thank you enough for your help, passing here everyday by and learning everyday more and more. Have give me more peace in my life! And cause of your help, I can help others to.

Thank you Haejin!

I have not really seen this accurate TA's so far, not even on paid 'professional' trading groups. You deserve every resteem and upvote that you received so far as it helped me as well to make around 2K so far through SPR (jumped out after the first pump) STEEM and Bitcoin Cash. Keep going. You are doing a good job.

Haejin, you have had more influence on me and my crypto journey than anyone, bar none! I randomly found the long YouTube video you made in October about BitShares, and I have been following your work ever since. A big THANK YOU! The small investment I made in BitShares at .06 is always in the back of my mind when I am feeling down...I think that one day it could be LIFE CHANGING.

If your long term analysis is correct, and it eventually reaches $300, my life will have turned around it will have been all because of your work. Even if BTS doesn't reach that high, it has been an absolute blast following your posts and having that investment. I wish you MASSIVE profits ;-)

Where on earth do you get someone willing to share such knowledge and skill sets? With a heart of gold and some of the best content ever! Learn and earn. Nothing is going to stop Haejin. Nothing.

We all love you ! :))And I wouldnt say its hate , Id say its envy because youre making someone feel inadequate by your warmth , and help .Your followers are growing every day because you are so genuine which may be disturbing for others, but thats THEIR problem, I wouldnt worry about it ,Let them burn in the fire they create, what goes around , comes arond

Haejin, thank you for all you do for us. I’m sorry you are having to deal with this bs. You deserve better. If there is anything we can do to help mitigate this annoyance please let us know.

  ·  3년 전


I think the problem is you have too much success and people get a steemit account just for your blog, like I did.
Anyway I learned a lot with you the last month, bought EW princ. and practiced on tradingiew. I should get 'analysis of stock trends' from amazon this week, and I'm a winner on a demo account on tradingview thanks to you so please just ignore the haters, next year I'll maybe try to put 1000$ that I can lose in cryptotrading (not much money for some, but a lot for others). Just to say that thanks to you people learn an try, and maybe will succeed. And if not at least we learned something valuable (even only some philosophy of life).

Haejin, you rock! checking your blog twice daily has become part of my routine since October! because of you, i opened a steem account. I've been studying the elliot wave book as well. Keep being kind, and keep doing things out of the goodness of your heart, and you will continue to be succesful

only haters trying to take your shine. you are truly legit. and have helped me go from 1k to 15k. cant wait to finish the books you recommended. thanks again and turn those down trend haters to up trend money makers!

I am sending you a breath of love and light to blow away the haters.

I love you! Much respect and blessings :) Have an amazing day and New Years

Please Keep up the good work! Thanks for everything!!

Whats really the point of holding any crypto currency if BCH is going to hurt it all. The manipulation with that coin is unreal. It goes against my ethical beliefs and totally makes me want to quit crypto.

Dear Mr. Haejin Lee,

I'm one of those who rarely post anything or comment on something, but I want you to know that you are one of the most undervalued technical analyst out in the crypto space. And for those of us with little knowledge or understanding of technical analysis, you are a treasure.

And we need you and appreciate you, and value greatly all you do to educate us.

So screw the HATERS. Ignorance never wins over knowledge.
Please share you knowledge with us, empowering us, giving us what the rich and powerful would never want us to have.

And from the bottom of my heart I thank you for what you do.


Zudd Bo.

I am so glad you do what you do! Your knowledge is vast and your heart is big!! Thank you sir!!!

F* those haterz, keep doing what your doing.

I have not been on Steemit long, but your post have been very helpful and very informative. If anyone is "losing money" i really have no clue what the hell they are reading.

Your signals have been amazing and explained with detail.

again f* those haterz. Let them wallow

Keep it up you are touching lives

All those that rise to do great things will face those that try and shoot them down. You sir are very much appreciated - so do not let anyone dishearten you - for the majority of people here will follow you into battle my friend. People from all walks of life and all nationalities. We all appreciate your efforts!

Hi Haejin,

I really appreciate your genuine analysis on these currencies and the ones that should be paid attention to few months ahead of time.

I have read some thought it was too long in the future or some were incapable of taking in all these kindness and thoughtfulness of yours.

I truly hope you continue with this while building a legacy in the community.

Haejin, I sincerely appreciate the information you put out. God bless you

Dude I have been following you for a long time and I don't know why anybody be hating on your posts brother. Your predictions have been great and I have grown to trust your charting. Don't let the haters ruin your day brother. You are doing great things and I know you will continue more.

Would you do a tech analysis for TenX (PAY)?

The Last Sage

You are a phenomenon!
@haejin what about BCH joining coinable? Do the predictions to BTC hold? Would you advise to hold? Thanks.

your my hero and i sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything that you do. your heart and sincerity shine through in all your posts. if theres anything i can do in return please do not hesitate. Thank you!!!!

Spreading FUD against Haejin, will not succeed. They spread FUD against Reggie Middleton and Veritaseum, they didn't win also. Only the best traders are able to help others for free. They make money from trading, not from selling services.

I hope to benefit from your posts..I will read 'em..thanks! :)

thanks for the info sir..

Thanks for the info, and im glad i came across this. I look forward to your posts.

@ haejin, how about Zclassic, seems to be formig a cup and handle?

Thank you so much Haejin. We've all learned so much from your videos and will continue to profit from those lessons for the rest of our lives.

Ignore the haters.. You are a legend in my eyes Haejin.

Let me shout out loud for you that I have not seen such a great analyst that is doing it free for all. I am learning from your blogs as well and will be adding elliot wave to my trading style soon.

keep up the good work @haejin! You deserve way better than those haters!!

Tq for sharing your knowledge ....useful @haejin

Oh @haejin, try and ignore the trolls, and hopefully your true followers/fans who love you will take care of them, LOL. Because we do love you!

I was thinking why is master caring about some petty stuff. But after reading I understand that they are some dark side in the steemit community. Well Haejin you are our Yoda and we are your Jedi!

Fight for whats right we will!

The force is strong with @haejin! Haters should learn how to listen instead if moaning. Steemit is a drop in the pond - his TA is worth 10 reward pools. It's all good. I am thankful. 🙏

To the haters and detractors:

Thank you @Haejin. You personally helped us recover all our losses and more! But what you have taught us has been far far more valuable.