MetaVerse (ETP) Analysis: Short/Mid Term Target $8.42 (167% Profit Potential)..New All Time Highs Ahead!! All Details in This Analysis!!



MetaVerse (ETP) is a hybrid as it partly belongs to the downward pointing bullish symmetrical triangle and partly to the Cup & Handle Altcoin species. Yes, cross breeding of Sentiment is common and expected! The chart below is a beauty to behold....a MUTT of a triangle! LOL! The circled white Elliott Waves provide the price pathway towards blue wave 1 and that target is $8.42 representing a potential 167% profit. That's NOT the end of it as the blue waves will also complete and so much higher highs expected.

I can't tell the difference between the above ETP/USD and the below ETP/BTC charts! When both currencies are outputing such BULLISH don't ignore it! This is amazing! The white circled Elliott Waves project $0.00143 BTC or higher targets. New All Time Highs are Ahead!

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Legal Mumbo Jumbo: This is only my opinion, make of it what you wish. What does this mean? It means it's not advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell anything! It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.**

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@haejin - great post resteemed - have you came across any big long term targets on small low market cap cryptos in your charting over the years. It would be interesting to your views and the views of others on which out of favour cryptos might one day enter the top 40 list.

Sent some sbd. Hyung. When you get a chance for bat token. Thanks.

Slowly but surely you will have profits beyond belief. tm. Lol

Nice post I just upvoted you,

Please Checkout my post and please upvote..

I am new in steemit..

Hi Haejin - Please do an update on BTC - I've got all my funds stuck in the blockchain queue - I was sending to an exchange so I could get out of the market in case of disaster - Sent it with a £50 fee and still won't go through :(

this is very nice haejin, great work

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🐾❤️🐈A CHILLY HELLO FROM CT.... When is BCH going to do it’s correction? At what level. What goes up should come down, but at what price...

Found ETP on my own, coach. My learning curve is going parabolic.

Thanks, I hope to learn a lot with you. :)

whatever happened to etp?

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Thanks Haejin .

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Another great found! Thanks.

Any one know why Ethereum Classic (ETC) keep going up?

Been following your posts for about two weeks and already learning so much. Your zen like attitude is a pleasure to listen to. Can you please to nxs (nexus). Thank you!

any update on this coin Haejin? Thanks!

Haejin, any update on this coin? Looks like it is breaking out now!

@haejin Any update on this maestro? Haven't commented much, but truly a long time fan - love what you do. I genuinely appreciate your time, insight, and sincerity.

Hi Haejin, could you do kmd and via?