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Bitcoin and the alts seem to be stuck in a narrow range. Looking for the news to cause the next breakout....either way.

And it's breached ... yay. hodl hodl hodl... hope everyone laddered in at the bottom.

We need BTC to break above the 0.03 Aventador resistance!



Very expensive for a 1:46 scale. 😂


This must be the best indicator ever!


I would take a Tesla P100D over this thing any day. Who agrees with me?


I expect during the next recession, likely 2020, when TESLA can no longer sucker anyone into giving them billions more to "operate" and their $12B in bonds start coming due, they will file for bankruptcy. Whoever owns a Tesla will have a hard time if any service is required.


Can not wait for a nice btc break thru


The Common Problem

BTC should follow ABC correction as indicated

  • Expect UPWARDS movement to $11,200 range [*Date is Tuesday February 20]
  • Wednesday Feb 21 expect BTC PRICE CRASH into month end
  • Start preparing portfolio to accommodate SELL
  • Buy back Feb 28/29

Very colorful chart. Did not understand a thing on it. 😀


That's quite the precision recipe. To the very day... How are you defining your boxes? I also don't understand much of it. Are you somehow following RSI?

If this is indeed an inverse H&S indicating a price reversal, shouldn't we be seeing volume confirmation of the forming right shoulder? I'm noticing the volume is actually decreasing.

thank's for your update sir

With all due respect, please instruct your followers, once again, to srop harrassing Haejin and his followers. I rhink there is plenty of room for multiple perspectives.

Still there is some movement which is making us worried.If that becomes crypto market's normal trend then common people is going to leave the market.Because common people don't know such calculation and they don't like this kinds of ups and down.Let's hope for some stability.Thank's for the post which is learning us some very important things.@upvoted and resteemed


Then the common people would have left the stock market long time ago. Greed and Fear will always keep them in the market.


Thank's for your response sir @haejin,but there is a difference in stock market or crypto market stock market psychically exist and stock market exist for a long time.Problem with crypto market is it doesn't exist psychically and it is very new to the common people.As time will go people will be back.Thank you for your reply it encourages people like me a lot.

Thanks for the update. Let's watch out

@haejin, thank you very much for your analisys. Learning a lot with them:) I think KMD is finishing a hughe Cup & Handle, could take a look at it? Thank you again!

Thanks @haejin. Did you notice XLM today? I'd be interested in your analysis of Stellar.

Thank you for this.
it is drastically increasing.


Drastically increasing? That’s a 0.6% movement on that chart.

Bearish movement to $8.3k.....then either keep going down from there or bounce at $8.3K ?
This is how I understand your video....or what I see happening by This Friday.

please voteback..

indie game crypto pets???

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What happened to your prediction of BTC falling to $6500 and then rising to $18000?

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Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 12.37.43 PM.png
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