Time New Bank (TNB): Rising OUT of a Completed Correction; $0.275 Target (84% Profit Potential)

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Time New Bank (TNB) has completed an a,b,c correction which was a zig zag (5,3,5) type. The earliest sign of a trend reversal is a set of impulse waves 1,2,3,4,5. The subwaves are labeled accordingly. The blue Elliott Waves show the trend reversal and the target is $0.275. This is with the caveat that Bitcoin (BTC) behaves itself white this target is hit!

I almost didn't show the TNB/BTC pair as it is quite similar to the TNB/USD pair. The target is 2071 Satoshi once the imulse waves complete the 5th.

Legal Disclaimer: This is only my opinion, make of it what you wish. What does this mean? It means it's not advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell anything! It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.

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i like your all article and Support you with my heart but can you Tell me about Steem and SBD Price ?? Dip or up in future ?

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Guys open your eyes. I am not promoting anyone. But @salahuddin2004 deserve respect for his TA. Look at haejin new drama


@berniesanders You were right about haejin..Haejin cant predict target and date. Haejin TA Weak. Expert @salahuddin2004 predicts date and target.Screenshot_20180124-132653.jpg


Haejin cant predict target and date. Haejin TA Weak. Expert @salahuddin2004 predicts date and target.Screenshot_20180124-132653.jpg


Guys open your eyes. I am not promoting anyone. But @salahuddin2004 deserve respect for his TA. Look at haejin new drama


Guys open your eyes. I am not promoting anyone. But @salahuddin2004 deserve respect for his TA. Look at haejin new drama

What's your predictions about steem price ?


The techchat team are strong believers in Steem. We have shifted our focus from evaluating steem short-term and looking at it long term. The beauty about Steem is how it allows developers and entrepreneurs to build apps by directly accessing the Steem blockchain.

Think about these various applications like lenses looking at the Steem blockchain. For example, Steemit is just a lens on the Steem blockchain that shows a social media platform that curates content based off of votes and reputation. Steem has a tremendous amount of room to grow and if executed correctly - we believe there will be tens of thousands of applications that can be looking at the Steem blockchain.

As a reference, in August of 2016 Ned Scott, CEO and co-founder, declared to CoinDesk that entrepreneurs and developers have already created 50 different tools over the Steem blockchain network, like Catch a Whale, which tracks where whales have recently voted, and SteemMarket, which lets users buy, sell and rent goods with Steem. Ned said: "The people showing up to use this are going directly to the blockchain. We don't have the authority to tell them not to. In fact, we implore it. What we set out to do is build an ecosystem and that’s exactly what’s happening".

Thanks for the update! I'm running a portfolio experiment that could be interesting to you. The experiment is based around the question: What will happen if I invest a 1000$ in each top 100 coins based on market cap.
I've build 7 portfolios a top 100,50,25,10, 5 and 2 others to compare with each other.
anyway the full explanation and updates are here: https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@armtrack/the-experiment-explained

awesome like always !!
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@haejin Do you think that Elliot Waves will apply in the next days for BitCoin and the main cryptocurrencies of the market?


I wonder the same thing especially with the futures contracts getting ready to expire at the end of this week.

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Muchas gracias por compartir tus análisis

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The main idea is to collect as many bitcoins possible as in the near future the block reward is expected to be halved. While steam might be a good platform there are many others ways to stay well ahead in the crypto race . I shall be covering all crypocurunncices and the easiest ways to buy them. Thank you for your support. Have a blessed day friends! Great content.

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i cannot find that coin on bittrex :(

Hi Haejin, Is Stellarlumen vs Btc XLMBTC forming a cup and handle pattern? Looking forward to your thoughts on it. https://www.tradingview.com/x/TlROz2ez/

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this information is very useful for us.. thanks for your information @haejin..

I definitely like #tnb and have been holding it for a few weeks now. Hoping it's going to break out because I snagged before the last upswing and set my sell a little too high. Maybe I'll hit my target this time around..

Is there any reason you use the #btc chart instead of the #eth ?

Personally I like #ethereum because the mining fees on the trade are usually lower.

Thanks for sharing

I'm expecting same theory for bitcoin in next coming days..

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1: Steemit
#2: $20
#3: ein anderer Grund
#4: ja
#5: keinen
#6: nein
#7: 8 (habe meinen Acc. approval erst seit Samstag)
#8: etwas anderes
#9: Etherium
#10: Steemit DACH

This might be wrong and as far as my judgement, TNB will stop at .20

regards familiar .. i like with your analysis .. hopefully i can also learn from you to be a good analyst in analyzing gold ..Screenshot_2018-01-24-11-16-20-73.png

Wow this blog is very nice …Impressive!

Thanks for your information.

I bought me some BNB as soon as this article released, and then realized you were talking about TNB. :/


You did better buying bnb by accident than following @haejin suggestion. Lately he had been often wrong

When the everything bubble that is the current US economy comes crashing down, cryptos will rise from the burning ashes

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it's really confused to buy or sell, a very difficult choice, hopefully not the wrong choice .... thanks for the information @haejin

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@haejin your information is the best anyone could ask for or find on the web. Thank you for being an excellent Fellow Steemian.

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Hi Haejin,

Would you be willing to do a post summarizing your current thoughts on Reddcoin (RDD)? Here is my analysis; feel free to tear it up!

Thank you for all your thoughtful commentary and education!

To be truthful, I have read your post three times without being able to make head or tail out of it. I greatly admire you guys that are able to understand these stuff and make intelligent reports on it.

I am following you. Hopefully someday I will understand these things.

Well done!


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Can you do an update on 0x (ZRX)?