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We really appreciate your regular updates and talking through your analysis. Keep up the great work. Thank you!

Bitcoin and the alts seem to be stuck in a narrow range. Looking for the news to cause the next breakout....either way.

thank you. that answered some of my questions.

i agree that it doesn't look like an impulse.

Buuut wave 1 of an impulse can be a leading diagonal? right?

aaand if it breaks the neckline wave 3 should have the impulse form with no overlap... no?


Btw, a nice avatar would be a good solution to notice your comments in this spam ocean. 🙌

I thought your next post would be about the run on LTC to $182.50, thought that was interesting because it usually moves as a compliment to BTC movement, but this time is breaking through resistance while BTC hasn’t. Maybe this is related to recent litepay launch or the Litecoin Cash harfork even though I don’t think anything is special about LTC cash.


LTC needs to break resistence first. at 185-190. Theeen TTM!


plus a double butt ^^ with 220 target



All his post are complete GARBAGE!!! Just search #Haejin


It’s because of the announcement that litepay will launch Feb 26th

  ·  3년 전

please increase your recording frame per second : we can't follow your mouse mouvement while you are speaking.


Is that what it is, or is it because his mouse is still broken? But yes, either way the lag is making the TA hard to follow.


There is an option of increasing video speed by 1.5x.

Good post Haejin
The average bearish market for bitcoin over the years is 72 days.
We are on 58th day.
We should hopefully see bullish signs in 2 weeks.
Fingers crossed

Any thoughts on how the Chinese lunar holidays from Feb 16 will affect the broader market?


This holiday will effect the broader market in certain crypto pairs only.....imo BTC and ETH will be effected by Asian traders in Japan and Korea since they celebrate this holiday. Not sure, Bullish or Bearish...which way do you think market will go?


From planetary perspective there could be some changes in trades, but I believe that after this date the new better times are coming for sure. 🙏

Amazing head and shoulders! Thoughts on bear pattern?

I think If bitcoin cross 10300 then bearish trend will be end.

you are great man heajin .its very helpfull ..

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Great review!

Good luck guys!
Best Regards,


Haejin said "Do not advertise your blog in here."


Just removed it!
Thank you!

excellent!! finger crossed!

I've been seeing this as a pattern for the last 24 hours, but it's all due to master Haejin teachings. Remember the chart is a reflection of sentiment and investors are weary after such a fall with people even calling for 4k. This market has the bulls by the horns and we're about to go for a ride! Wishing you blessings

Love your posts. Trying to learn Elliot Wave from your posts. The next 8 hours are going to be key for Bitcoin BTC on the 4 hour chart. A number of analyst called for a downtrend to start roughly 12 hours ago but our analysis called for a holding pattern with a slight uptrend.

Thanks @haejin for all the time you've put in. It's great to have some liquidity during these these corrections and i'm looking forward to some higher highs later in the year. Is there any chance of looking at NAV (NAV) Coin again? Quite substantial gains over the last 48hours. Is the bottom in and is it going to impulse up?

would it come down to $8.3k by this weekend?

Wave 2 cannot be a triangle, this is a rule in Elliott. Triangles occur only in waves B, X and 4.

Thank you Master Haejin!!

Haejin , Great analyses as usual !

Please make an update on "Market Cap" I'm very curious, since it is all about market cap eventually.. I think the support line has also nearly broken upwards.

Thanks in advance.

Thank you master haejin! But where is the written technical analysis? :( I'm at work, thus, I can't watch the video. I might miss another great opportunity if I wait to get home before knowing your TA :( Anyways, thank you always! Cheers!

thanks for all

Love your posts. Trying to learn Elliot Wave from your posts. The next 8 hours are going to be key for Bitcoin BTC on the 4 hour chart. A number of analyst called for a downtrend to start roughly 12 hours ago but our analysis called for a holding pattern with a slight uptrend.

  ·  3년 전

Good post, Thanks @haejin

Were on track @Haejin Thanks for all the TA, Learning something new every day.

What happened of BTC?
Why be Like that ?

I HAS RESTEEM That?!/v/anongmo/ym7ca06e

indie game crypto pets???

I actually love you Haejin, God I love you so much. Your TA's are spot-on!

I think market is moving slowly up with in between down ....better to hold ...non need to panic ..
Me too confused ..but still holding ....

This looks like i nice breach of neck line to me. Cant wait next update which will probably be soon(within 2 hours). :)

Interesting article!

Checkout @cryptobroye for more bitcoin info and analysis. Im sure there's a lot we can learn from each other!

I am not really a believer in technical analysis, but I really hope you are right. Crypto was relatively boring in the last few days..

The study revealed Litecoin to be the second most dominant currency among dark marketplaces – with LTC payment systems being implemented on 30% of the platforms analyzed in the study.

Cool video! Funnily enough, despite market volatility, Nigeria has soared to become the third country with the highest​ Bitcoin holdings as %GDP. Check it out: