WINGS Need to Land Before Flying

3년 전


WINGS completed two rounds of triangle pattern formation. Then impulsed five waves up. Following such impulse, there is a requisite correction and that is currently in progress. The WINGS/USD pair chart shows a clear a,b,c route and the subwaves of the c wave is shown as 1,2,3,4,5 (white).

WINGS/BTC has decisively broken out of a large, long forming descending triangle. This indicates bullish next steps as shown in the chart. The white waves have impulsed to complete five and after a brief minor correction, is likely to continue upwards. This upwards movement could indicate the one more lower low pathway of Bitcoin.

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Okay you lost me there with the wings. Is it a pattern your looking at? This kind of looks like BTC USD.

Seriously, i don't understand what has been happening for the past days now. i keep loosing my money on crypto.

What do you think about ABJCOIN?


BTFD Buy the Freakin’ Dip. Just bought some more BTC, BCH, and DNT at firesale prices. Diversify into Peer-to-Peer loans at and or add precious metals to the portfolio if this volatility is too stressful


Although I hate all experts, @salahuddin2004 is much better than him. Ironically, you have sent compliments to him. But the incisive question is what he has done so far. It's my conviction that you are no other than Haejin yourself.


Your spam is awesome!


Are you also versed in the steem charts? I would like to hear your opinion :)

Steem on!

Boom. The rocket is firing up! Held tbis for some time now so lets see the hodl pay off.


I was first my friend !


Lol yes you were :)


Is hard to see any comment anyway cause of 1 spammer lol.