ZCash (ZEC) Update: Altcoin Bullish Speciation places ZEC to the Cup & Handle BULL Species!!!

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ZCash (ZEC) belongs to the Cup & Handle Altcoin Species and to the double Cup& Handle sub species. When you get double of anything..it's that much more emphasis given; either bullish or bearis. My initial target was $907 for the wave 1 of the breakout..ZEC might have already put in Wave 1 and is now working on Wave 2. If so, the remaining waves 3,4 and 5 should allow $2,169 to be hit.

The ZEC/BTC also belongs to the Cup & Handle species of Altcoins. The very elongated handle formation has shown a price breakout!! This breakout is a confirmation of the bullish pattern which is also complete. The most probable direction from here will be up! A targt of 0.3057 BTC or higher can be expected.

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Cup handles

interesting idea

We have to upvote each other in community to be a stronger communityand support haejin with our steem power. I am going to add some steem power in coming days. @haejin I think if the haters are mentioned in your videos, they‘re getting more attention. Just focus on your posts, your messages, your lessons and philosophical teaches. Make aware of upvote don’t mention downvotes and your enemies anymore. You are doing great things for a greater reason, let them bark and do your mission without distracking on this people. Love for all, also for them who are not able to see or recognize light and love. In love - Rabenstein from Germany.


Thanks! I've made a list of posts of mine and others which are being downvoted. For those new here, one reason to downvote a post is because after its "payout" after seven days, if a post is negative, then the contents won't show up when someone clicks on a link.

Their goal is so that when future people come to look at a post describing their negative behavior, it will appear with text saying it's hidden due to downvoting, and a link to show it -- most people will think "this must have been hidden for a reason; moving on..." My goal is so that my posts will be visible once paid out, and, so that others' posts will have higher earnings.

I don't care about my earnings, only that my posts about Steemit tools to help new users, etc, are visible for those new users who will keep arriving here to follow @haejin. I've more than doubled my trading account thanks to @haejin's advice, training, and pointers to more info. I'm not to the point where I can do this fully myself, but I'm well on my way and I thank him so much for this!


I ve been putting my profits from other trades into ZCASH and PAY TOKENS! When ZCASH finally goes its going to be monumental!! ACCUMULATE!

Another great one. Thanks!


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@haejin, is this something YOU want us to do??? Because it might be a lot of work from what I understand and it could take time away from your work on the platform.


Done. Voted haejin for witness.

Thanks for sharing this important info

The market has been down for a few days, you should buy anything and everything you can possibly buy. Very good opportunity for everyone.
Happy Holidays

ZCash coin is nice proyect of coin lets wait for more profits with this coin!

나는 당신의 지지자다

Zcash value is absolutely underestimated. It should be worth more than $1k by now. Hence, it's likely to reach over $2K within next year or so...

Upvoted. Very grateful for this. Learn any chance I get.

I am a big fan of ZEC but it's been dragging it's feet for the past few months.

In the meantime I had to sell some of my ZECs for some beautiful Alts. I don't regret it.


The ones who wait ends up giving crazy results. It happened to me with ETH, Dash, XDN(really check the charts) and NEO.


Zec should be 1000 right now.
Very bizarre.


There are new coins that use similar privacy tech but also with a bunch of additional features. For an example zPIV in PIVX. My only problem is why isn't this happening with Buttcoin. Zcash is better than Buttcoin. I still stand by my sub $500 BTC by 2020 - https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@vimukthi/you-are-the-elites-financial-newsletter-review-and-how-you-are-secretly-smarter-than-veterans-my-outrageous-prediction-and-why

Thanks Haejin. I'm new to STEEM but have my Power Up 100% and Upvote!

Can you please do a TA on XRB? I'd love to hear your opinion on this new meteoric coin if you have the time!

Haejin you're the best! Could you also do an analysis on Zcoin? Seems to be an undervalued privacy coin.

Wish you happy holidays and all the best!

  ·  3년 전

You're definitely not the only one talking about Zcash right now. It is probably been the most talked about crypto today honestly. A lot of speculation.


what speculation ? from which website ?


@snrm. It's really not about Zcash. It's about the chart. Pick the chart that shows great potential. Whether it's Zcash, Dash or BTC...


Yes merry Christmas!

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Up... UP.... AND AWAY lol
That’s what you should call these
It goes up once. Up twice. And then away! LOL

Awesome! Thank you Haejin!


happy holidays . it's nice to find your analyze .
can you help to check zcl as well ? thanks

hi master! can u make a work for ICON ICX? its good to know when the 5 / V wave is. Thanks!

Bought some Steem Power because I believe in you Haejin!

Thanks for the update, this was really appreciated!

@haejin, heard your a guy that like math.. read this..

Article Link:
Did Bernie photoshop an image to deceive his followers? The curious case of the missing comma

Perhaps not all as it was made out to be, and perhaps an image was altered to incite hatred toward you. But you will have to read the article to find out.

Also I poke fun at everyone equally...:) I'm not biased by any means in my articles and they reflect that as you peruse my blog..

I'm actually a member of the club now as I have been downvote attacked for the article mentioned above..

Take care, I still think your rewards are excessive, but that is the system we have here. You used it to your advantage and I applaud you for that...

what do people think of the merits of ZCoin in comparison?

Solid advice. I have been of the same mindset with zcash. Though I feel the whole market is not very confident and quick to sell off. I think that Zcash is one that will have a good market rally when the Alt coins rally.


Essentially we need the BTC sell off to stabilize before any true upward movement will happen for zcash.

Great analysis. Can you do ta for rise @haejin?

Great coin, I'm mining and trading it

I always wanted to buy Zec , now i will certainly do !!

Haejin is the man but i got fucked the last 2 times i invested in his predictions. BTS and ZRX both did not go where he wanted them to. And i went down ... instead of up

Haejin. Please keep and share a spreadsheet with all your predictions / forecasts and the resultant outcome. That way we have transparency, an idea of your TA abilities, and a possible way to silence the haters. Philakone (youtube), who led me to your analysis for which I'm grateful, does it and it's great.