Trading Journey#3 I have been following this Korean Bitcoin trader for a while. BTC going down.

2년 전

I see pretty good methods in trading Bitcoin from this Korean trader who puts up videos about his trading methods and analysis.

He thinks possible bitcoin price going down to $10,130.24.

What are your opinions about his Bearish move. Could BTC move down further than $10,130.24

How I broke down his Bearish movement....

see below image.....

Looking at below 4 hr chart, could Bitcoin price go down as far as $9,900

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interesting it will be to follow up


The BTC price finally did go down past $10,130 today this morning. So, the Korean trader projected pretty closely based on TA.btc death cross waiting MA 55 and EMA 200 cross on 4h chart looking 30 min chart  9-9-19.png