How to start a career in crypto

4년 전

Here is what you can do now to get started.

The number 1 thing to do is to invest in conferences. Often the tickets are not expensive or you get free tickets with discount codes. Watch out for conferences that are sponsored by big names like exchanges and are cheap as they are primarily meant to be a marketing tool and often incentivise participants further with free token for games at the exhibition booths.

It really doesn't matter what conference you attend because the main objective is collecting connections Take some time to follow up with contacts you make during the conference. Watch out for parties before, during and after the conference and try to sneak in to all of them. Often they are private or secret or just not widely announced but if you ask around with the people you meet during the day you have a reason to get their contact and get invites.

That said it's probably a good idea to not fall for all the food and drinks that are provided for free since its easy to get too much and feel sleepy or miss out on interesting opportunities for having lunch or dinner outside including a private chat. All the connections you make first of all will tell you what you are good at since people will give you a sense of why they are interested in you. This can be developed into a brand or set your immediate next goals that you can work on to sharpen your profile.

Be open as most people do not know what to contribute since they are no developers and do not have much experience with crypo. Experience is also really not needed since everyone can make a meaningful contribution to the space, including community builders, photographers or psychologists. Use the remainders of your time between the conferences to study the fields that you identified as your valuable assets and try to put them to use to make some money at the side.

That said it's possible to pay most things you need using your crypto holdings by teaming up with people that have cash and return crypto to them. It's also easy to get invitations for a cab ride, a dinner or a workshop since there are a lot of rich people that are happy to give back some of their crypto wealth for a good cause (you). It's easy to get some crypto by participating in airdrops and mini games or by attending hackathons and events around the crypto conferences.

Since the knowledge level is low and most of the participants of these events do not have a primary motivation to earn money by collecting freebies or participating in competitions with the primary objective to learn and make contacts, it's surprisingly easy to win if you are serious and prepared. The most important preparation for a hackathon is a idea what to implement. If it is original you will find the team members to implement your idea among the participants that attend alone without a team.

Outside of hackathons you can team up with interesting people to participate in bounties that are regularily announced in threads on bitcointalk or reddit by crypto projects that want to grow their community. It can be as easy as making a video showing how to use a wallet or copying something that exists as open source on Ethereum over to some other platform to earn $1000 in token. The people you meet on the way know what to do but need someone to join and motivate them.

Don't go home and keep on going. There is always the next conference and as long as you didn't find your place you just keep on developing yourself. You get more attention as people recognize you from other conferences. You can try to force that by displaying a unique style in haircut or clothes. A beard can go a long way especially in asia. A suit might be a good choice if you are the only one wearing one, but generally important characters like to stay casual.

Collecting and wearing free T-Shirts is a good idea to find people that attended the same conferences as you before. You will recognize them even outside of the conferences randomly on the street and always have a opener ready. Give everyone you meet at least 30 minutes time to find out more about their purpose. The most interesting contatcs are the people that are to shy to shine.

You can start today and you will never have to worry about your future as this space will carry you. The beauty of crypto is that it pays everyone for contributing. In general all the projects in crypto print their own money, which means they got it for free and attribute value to it by sharing it with people like you. The logic behing this is that by sharing their token these projects recruite you as their advocate and grow their community and their market cap which results in them havng more money to spend then without paying you.

Do jobs but don't lock yourself in. The next opportunity comes faster than the last one and you want to be free to take it. But don't turn down ever offer just because you don't believe in the idea or the people as the experience you gain and the people you meet will make you better prepared for the net project. Also it's a good idea to get your hands dirty as most of the people in the space are just talking and you want to connect to people who are actually building even if their first ideas are not the best ones.

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