Shifting technology's focus to sustainable economic activity.

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The United Nations passes resolutions on countless efforts. However, much of the spotlight is given to decisions that revolve around military activity; this often sidelines the attention that should be allocated to some of the most pressing problems of the modern era.

In 2015, members of the UN agreed to pursue a common set of goals to allocate necessary effort and resources to mitigate climate change, global hunger, homelessness, and other devastations that haunt or could haunt the lives of millions of people.

While technology has roared forward, providing some with an ever-improving quality of life, a large portion of mankind still struggles to survive. Moreover, in an insatiable pursuit of happiness, even the needs of our planet have been sidelined.

The 2015 resolution to put forth Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) is one of the most important steps taken by the UN. While it may not attract media headlines, SDG’s importance is unquestionable as its success will define the aggregate success of mankind in achieving widespread prosperity through sustainable means.

A Challenging Path

Development of a sustainable economic infrastructure requires long-term investments in novel pursuits. Such ventures, despite their importance, have attracted far less interest than expected. This can be allotted to a number of reasons.

  • Most established companies are public listed and thus are expected to prioritize the bottom line over sustainable operations.

  • Novel ventures can be risky and thus only attract only the most risk-averse investors.

  • As startup incubators are incentivized to push projects that can deliver a marketable product as soon as possible, products that focus on long-term sustainability, despite being the future of the economy, are often unsupported. This limits the networking capacity of startups that avoid prioritizing swift product delivery despite the environmental costs.

Given that the typical capital markets have provided limited room for sustainable ventures, many projects aiming to deliver products that align with the SDG have turned to platforms like GoFundMe. However, such platforms provide limited transparency over the capital that has been crowdfunded. This, naturally, leads to rampant scams at such a high scale that websites have been dedicated to reporting scam campaigns.

The lack of transparency over raised capital is also a major reason that limits VC participation in sustainable operations. Wherever there’s a problem due to lack of transparency, blockchain technology provides a native solution to remedy—or at least mitigate—the impact of the bad actors.

A Dedicated Platform

An upcoming startup, Klimatas, is developing the first blockchain-enabled platform that aims to pursue the delivery of the milestones set by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

By leveraging the blockchain, Klimatas provides a platform that can enable both crowdfunding participants and venture capitalists to gain direct insight into how capital is used by project leads. Rather than having to trust a project’s leadership to carry out operations with honesty and goodwill, Klimatas makes the direct monitoring of capital spending a reality.

Those interested or holding a stake in a project will be able to monitor progress along with the movement of funds to and from a project’s team. Thus, the opportunity to con crowdfunding participants or VCs is nullified.

Klimatas has set the delivery of 3D printers-for-good, climate solutions, and wider educational access as its first goal. The project is kicking off by focusing its efforts on the development of 3D printers that can print concrete. This project will tackle one of the longest standing challenges: homelessness.

Additionally, with access to printable concrete, individuals in even the weakest societal infrastructures will be able to access the resources to pursue economic activity of higher value. This provides a natural solution to the problem of hunger as giving people the tools to acquire wealth is the only sustainable means to end poverty.

Additionally, a supplementary effort by Klimatas focused on the creation of education packages. Education and access to economic tools is the key to empowering any society to reach its true potential.

Setting the Goal

Klimatas simply sets a vision that aligns with the UN’s SDG.

The platform is essentially a resource that allows developers and entrepreneurs who are passionate about sustainable development and business to seamlessly operate in a transparent manner. While the blockchain enables the transparency of capital flows, it provides the project to access incredible security for its data.

Thus, project leads can ensure VCs not only of real-time access to project development, but also of protection of proprietary information which is being acquired through the funding of venture capitalists.

The specific means and projects with which the SDG are met is at the discretion of the projects that operate on Klimatas. The system functions in a free environment, thereby upholding the core principles of the blockchain. Project leads will be able to pursue their development goals without interruption, be they willing to properly share development insights without infringing on any legal restrictions.

Network is Key

One of the titans of modern capitalism, Microsoft, owes its success to the relentless dedication Bill Gates gave to the success of his company. One important factor that helped Gates kick off Microsoft was the fact that his mother was on the same board as IBM’s CEO. With such a strong connection, Microsoft, a fresh startup, was quickly able to seal a partnership with one of the largest tech companies in the world. Few people have their mother on the same board as tech CEOs of major companies.

While Bill Gates may have benefitted from the exposure his mom provided him, most individuals across the world must develop their own network and reach. This can be particularly challenging if incubators focus primarily on projects that can be brought to market at a swift pace.

Klimatas recognizes the importance of partnerships and thus aims to provide important sustainability developments with the spotlight they deserve. Its entrepreneurial founders aim to leverage their industry connections to develop a network that can uphold the important development phases of projects that aim to deliver the milestones of the UN’s SDGs.

By providing exposure to teetering startups, Klimatas can enable young companies to settle important partnerships for the launch of their products, gaining exposure to their target market, establishing the support of governments, and even attracting the interest of incubators.

These factors will play an incredible role in ensuring more entrepreneurs feel confident in pursuing sustainable developments, and a greater number of socially responsible companies and individuals are able to connect with projects that align with their beliefs.

Platform Access

As Klimatas is a platform, it can properly function under a PoS mechanism. VCs and crowdfunding participants who aim to support their preferred projects will be granted access to the Klimatas platform only after they stake a master node. This ensures that participants of the platform have a vested interesting in the success of Klimatas and the projects operating atop it.

Additionally, ICO participants will be given a 20% share of the platform revenue. Given that the platform prides its transparency offering, the tracking of earned rewards will be a seamless process. Each master node is currently priced at 2 BTC.

Wrap-Up: Klimatas is one of the few blockchain-enabled developments utilizing the transparency provision of this cutting-edge technology to further the success of sustainability projects. The fulfillment of the milestones set by the SDG will play an important role in ensuring the progress of mankind benefits not a few, but all.

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@hatu, thank you for taking the time to write this post. Very informative. You brought some sensitive topics to light. And, highlighted some ineffective mainstream efforts. I intend to check out this new platform, @klimatas. Thanks again!


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Me parece interesante que hayan desarrolladores preocupados por la puesta en marcha de tecnologìa que persigan la transparencia a travès de BLOCKCHAIN, màs cuando se trata de objetivos de desarroollo sostenible, amparados por la Organizaciòn de las Naciones Unidas (ONU).

Well written @hatu, what an interesting concept of 3D printing, especially for concrete.

Yes networking is the key to an online business, it's not what you know but who you know they say. We are not all as lucky as Bill Gates to have a Mom on the inside, getting him a foot in the door. To succeed in this regard there is the story of Steven Spielberg, who became one of the top Hollywood directors by getting in through the "side door", and finding an inside man there to work with. So there is always more than one door to our goal.

  ·  2년 전

The concrete concept certainly sounds impressive.

Hi @hatu!
We are happy to see a member of the Steemit community chose to write about us, we’re honored! We'd like to offer all Steemians a special bonus:

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That's incredibly nice of you.
Thank you! :)

interesting Very interesting. I think the presence of networking platform plays significant role to the success

  ·  2년 전

Good point. The platform has a strong focus on enabling partnerships.

Please also talk about all the unregulated climate engineering that's been going on for decades which keeps being excluded from discussions around climate change. We wear ourselves out missing too many obvious things.

  ·  2년 전

Collaboration is the key to pinpoint all of these problems.


Definitely, but also common sense. More people need to be honest with themselves and others about the extent of engineering and affects on cycles and beauty of Nature.

I remembered the first time I'll hear of the SDG, o my, I give kudos to those world leaders should put this up and the amazing part is that no matter your work in life, you'll surely find yourself under one or two of the. I fall under zero Hunger, Healthy living and partnership for goals.

Concerning Klitmatas I really love its structured and checking them up 'cos this is my first time of knowing such project.

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  ·  2년 전

The project's pursuit is certainly honorable.

Mindblowing networking is our future.. I think everyone should want to concentrate

  ·  2년 전

True; hence, it is one of the core pursuits of the project.


you taught is good for next generationNaturalEnvironment.jpg

I think I understand

  ·  2년 전

Cheers to that!

Hi @hatu I know your post from @crypto.piort
I think this platform for the future will be more successful, with the support of the people here greetings from me😊

  ·  2년 전

Glad to hear so.

Outstanding! I'll watch for these changes rolling in on cleaner air right away!

Our planet every day is being destroyed by the unconsciousness of many people. I support this post because I think it is very important and the life of our mother earth depends on us all. I am a music lover and together with other teachers we have done a great job with the children, so that from an early age they can appreciate all the resources that can help us save our own life and our planet. Greetings friend, I'm your follower. when you can, enjoy my music on my blog. Many blessings for you and success.

  ·  2년 전

Thank you for sharing the vision.

This topic must be discussed most i think and being ignored by all of us.. sustainable energies with technology is must and India is researching most of it nowadays with the vision of our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi.

Jai Ho

Nice post sir, i never imagine there was such way to utilize blockchain, one aspect i adore from the Klimatas is encouraging social responsibility and improve networking.

hey there Hatu!

we have given a lot of thought to the issues in this article.

It would be very interesting to hear your thoughts on

Thank you for your time and most of all for contributing to the Steemit community!!!

  ·  2년 전

Glad to see you involved in similar efforts!

There is always great power in sustainability. Look forward to following this projects developments.

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I loved the introduction you gave to your post, dear @hatu.

Actually the space for companies of new capital and entrepreneurs has been drastically reduced.

As you put it in your writing, cooperation is necessary, as well as the expansion and evaluation of our contacts or as you say "our connections".

The concept gave me the idea of a kind of crowdfunding.

Thanks for sharing your valuable contribution.

All best, Piotr.

Technology should help sustain and restore the environment not the other way around.

@hatu Great post
You are the best

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  ·  2년 전

Thank you.

Your post is always good. I like your post very wellI. I love my farind.................images.jpeg

Recordé la primera vez que oiría de los SDG, o mi, felicito a aquellos líderes mundiales que deberían poner esto y la parte sorprendente es que no importa cuál sea su trabajo en la vida, seguramente se encontrará bajo uno o dos. del. Caigo bajo cero Hambre, Vida saludable y asociación para las metas.

Con respecto a Klitmatas, me encanta su estructura y revisarlas porque es la primera vez que conozco un proyecto de este tipo. Y POR FAVOR SIGANME Y VEAN

Hi @hatu ,

Your work inspires me to give some, much deserved value to the community.
In spite of have the so-called best of CEOs tech giants like IBM, HP are getting into loss . Hate to say, I was an architect in IBM and it went into such a deep loss!
Anyways, networking never ends though the companies END :)

Having said that, I've tried providing my 2 cents of value to the community with my video:!/v/exoticinvestment/xaho7ew7

Could you please provide some feedback, if this would help as I'm new to this community?

Thanks in advance.

Ashok | Exotic Investment

Dreams visualised to reality. This project would help the mother nature in return.


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Thank you @hatu Digital plant of future. green-data-center-intro-100719502-large.jpg

Good one and good luck to the project. Singularity University and HeroX are with a similar mandates of solving humanity’s grandest challenges. It’s good to see more initiatives in the space.


Thanks, good to see more and more people are aware

No doubt networking platform in our future. Excellent post. Thanks for this post.

Wow, your post is inspiring and the content herein is a very rich one. Love your post.

  ·  2년 전

Appreciate your support.

Me parece un tema Muy Interesante!!!!!

Hi @hatu Sir,

Thank you very much for pro

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This is nice

Nice info and nice project.. Goodluck and @hatu

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Good Luck!!

Great opportunity and solution for future . Keep build and growth

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  ·  2년 전

Thank you.

To introduce blockchain technology in control over harmful emissions

  ·  2년 전

That is the pursuit.

Products that focus on a long term sustainability takes years to be completed. Howevery, when they are fully established, the profer and dupport almost all the faucet of the economy of a particular nation. Let's wait and see what Klimatas will really offer.

Opportunity my steemit account was lost, I made a new one... Thanks for pay attention to me

thanks for sharing, great work and written such a useful article

Sürdürülebilir kalkınma için istihdamda yenilikçi yaklaşımlara uyum sağlanması bakımından eğitimin merkezi rolü teslim edilmelidir.

It is really stimulating to see a platform where a community like steemit can show how networking platforms make the difference. Excellent, keep doing this at present and forever. Thank you

  ·  2년 전

Yes, STEEM's Utopian is a good example. However, the focus with STEEM and other blockchain projects is on tech enhancement. Klimatas has a core focus on pressing sustainability issues.

An interesting topic

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perfect.. is a very educative article.

Very interesting topic of your post. Actually i think networking platform can do Shifting technology's focus to sustainable economic activity.Good job for posting this topic thanks.

  ·  2년 전

Yes, enabling meaningful partnerships will play a critical role.

Congratulations @hatu!
You raised your level and are now a Dolphin!

Support SteemitBoard's project! Vote for its witness and get one more award!

Sustainability agenda = NWO agenda, last thing needed is promoting that

exhaustive interesting information at the highest level, thank you very much

  ·  2년 전

greatest blog ... worth voting and restrem

  ·  2년 전

Thank you.

Es agradable saber y darse cuenta de que se hable de lo importante que es la sostenibilidad de los recursos naturales puesto que son el pulmón de nuestro planeta.

Diesen Artikel sollten einige Auswendig lernen,anstatt um voten zu betteln.
Befasst Euch mit dem Inhalt und überlegt einfach mal, ob und wie man das alles zum Besseren wenden könnte.

Jeder weiß, wann der Becher voll ist. Was ist mit unserem Planeten?
Es gibt nur eine ultimative, richtige Antwort, um auf Zeit etwas zu retten:

Wir sollten weniger neue Menschen erschaffen. Jedem muss klar sein, das wir uns selbst den Platz nehmen.
Die Aussage der Älteren unter uns, dass kommende Kriege das sowieso bereinigen zählt nicht.

hi @hatu
vary's possible.

Actually, your work is so inspiring!@hatu

Exhilarating topic.

Posted using Partiko iOS

  ·  2년 전

Good to see that people are concerned about sustainability.

Thank you! I this is awesome, most of all because of the scams that other sites tend to have... I will give it a try.

Hi @hatu Sir,

Thank you very much for providing us with invaluable info that gave us insight into a controlled, constructive chain reaction.

  1. We need to know where to go(thanks to UN for their SDGs).
  2. Now we need money to travel this long journey to achieve SDGs.
  3. To undertake this tough journey, we need public support (which we achieve through crowdfunding).
  4. Now we need a very important factor to finish this complicated task. I. e., transparency. Albeit GoFundMe is lagging behind in this factor, Klimatas start-up(platform) is based mainly on this factor.
  5. This single factor is enough to achieve the SDGs.
  6. Previously also, we knew the goals, had the platform, did the rowdfunding, but the entire process went haywire due to the lack of transparency.
  7. Now since the "transparency" factor is playing an active role, there will be 100% crowdfunding, 100% funds usage for the right purpose and 100% achievement of SDGs in the near future.
  8. Hats off to you, Klimatas. Because your presence will result in achieving a positive climax in regards to the achievement of SDGs, which is nothing but an end result of this controlled, constructive chain reaction!

You can trade the Klimatas [KTS] coin on the MCT+ Platform. This is the only place to trade this coin right now. FYI.

You have brought some sensitive topics to light. And, highlighted some ineffective mainstream efforts. Thanks for the post , and also it is a part of our life

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